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today God wants to talk to you my child

with an open and calm heart I begin by

celebrating the greatness and pure

goodness that enrich my life with a

happy sigh I take a moment to deeply

appreciate the Wonders and blessings

that God generously gives us every day

each new date is a win a sweet victory

over challenges that once seemed

impossible a sincere request to the

heavenly father that every seed of

failure every hint to feeling down

hidden within me be undone I pray that

the tricky tactics used by opposing

forces trying to change my path and slow

down my progress be stopped if you have

faith respond with God beside me no harm

shall succeed I trust in the healing

power of the blood of Jesus sure that

under his care a shield of prosperity

and achievements will cover me I ask for

understanding and strength to walk

confidently to be the support for those

who depend on me and for those who

lovingly Call My Name show your thanks

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support our community of God In This

Moment of connection I ask that brave

Angels stand by my side ready to fight

the battles unfolding beyond what we can

see breaking the ranks of the enemy

Shining Light on Darkness they Lead Me

to Victory declare with confidence I

walk with bravery for God is my guide

with the authority given to me in the

name of Jesus I raise my life to the

Heavenly path set for me and in return

for this heartfelt talk I only ask and

give thanks if you share this faith and

believe in the words spoken in this

prayer feel free to seal it by typing a

sincere amen God says when you take time

to think it is important to appreciate

the good things in our daily lives I’m

grateful for every detail from Health to

moments of success and realize that

these are the results of positive

actions and unwavering faith in the face

of difficulties it is encouraging to

know that with each new day there is a

chance to progress and Thrive show your

loyalty by leaving alike and sharing to

help spread God’s message I ask for

clarity to see obstacles and wisdom to

deal with them I also ask that negative

influences whether from inside or

outside lose their power and don’t stop

personal and group progress the goal is

a future where well-being wins and

failure and discouragement have no place

with hope type Jesus is the way the

truth and the life I understand the

importance of being a source of support

for friends and family and with that had

in mind I seek strength to be reliable

and consistent I hope this support goes

both ways making our support network

stronger lastly I hope that each of us

can reach our goals with courage and

determination making our lives more

meaningful and fulfilling my children I

want to share a message from God today

to all of you who are here with me right

now keep nurturing faith and positivity

in your life

remember that each day is a chance to

create something good for yourself and

those around you stay determined in your

goals and believe in yourself show your

loyalty by commenting for God nothing is

impossible if you found this message

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