GOD TOLD ME- “What He REALLY Thinks About YOU” I God’s Message Now Today | God Helps

God told me what he really thinks about

you I God’s message now today God helps

my beloved child you stand strong in the

face of adversity great things are in

store for you the blessings coming your

way are immense through difficult days

bitter moments and nights when I gently

consoled your heart giving you Heavenly

peace that strengthened your spirit for

the next day I have shown you my love in

so many ways is helping you understand

your incredible purpose and wonderful

Destiny your amazing faith is why I am

pouring out Spirit UL renewal into your

life and the lives of your family now is

the moment to be healed to enter my

presence and set down Grievances and

unforgiveness it’s time to put

differences aside and welcome a

beautiful Rich compassion if you receive

this blessing allow me to work through

you I will give you wisdom to build your


expand your understanding of my word and

equip you to lead those you cherish many

in your home may not yet walk with me

but they will have a change of heart

when they witness the Transformations my

love and power are bringing about in you

do not be afraid you won’t face

embarrassment if anyone mocks or

troubles you respond with kindness for I

will take care of it keep your words

free of complaints instead soak in my

teachings immerse yourself in my word

feed your soul and love and value

yourself as I love and value you extend

to your family and all others the same

patience I have extended to you act now

and you will soon witness the Miracles

you’ve longed for the stubborn will

change their minds the Lost will return

home when they come back I want them to

look to you as an example to never fear

coming to you but to sense your love

knowing they will be met with compassion

not judgment from you completely forgive

their mistakes even if you disagree with

their choices errors or behaviors

remember judging is not your role I

haven’t called you to condemn but to

love just as I have loved you you’ve AED

many times but I never disowned you for

it I have patiently forgiven you again

and again and will keep doing so because

that’s who I am my faithfulness is

boundless my grace unending I always

pardon you but realize your errors can

result in hurt so be more cautious

you’ve grasped this truth recognize you

are alive and forgiven by my grace and

love thanks to the patience I’ve had

with you I’ve never punished you as

severely as your mistakes might deserve

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