GOD TOLD ME- “WARNING YOU’RE BEING WATCHED BY…” I God’s Message Now Today | God Helps

God told me warning your being watched

by I God’s

message now today God helps my beloved

child I want you to know that I have

incredible plans in store for you plans

to bless you abundantly and give you a

future bright with hope the good things

I have prepared for you go far beyond

anything you could dream up or imagine

these amazing blessings and Promises

aren’t for everyone that they are

specially reserved for my faithful

children who have remained true to me

through thick and thin the ones who

didn’t give up or turn away when times

got tough or Temptation came knocking so

if this message strikes a chord deep

within your spirit pay attention I am

confirming something I’ve already placed

on your heart you know I’ve called you

to be a Channel of my financial

blessings anointed to generously pour

resources into my Kingdom’s work this

isn’t just about getting wealth for your

own benefit no this is about taking back

ground the enemy has stolen and using

wealth to advance my purposes Financial

abundance will flow through willing

vessels like you who will Steward it

well and selflessly invest it right back

into the ministry I will begin to bless

you in remarkable ways my child you will

see my Supernatural favor manifest in

your life like never before I’m going to

increase your talents and abilities

enabling you to excel in your Pursuits I

will fill your mind with inspired ideas

that will produce extraordinary results

as You Follow My specific plan for you

step by step as you continue to put me

first above money or possessions

passionately pursuing my presence I will

add all these other things to you as

well people around you even those who

don’t know me will be amazed by the

blessings I place on your life

they won’t be able to help but notice

the evidence of my favor on you my glory

will increasingly shine through you

causing you to stand out you will become

a Showcase of my goodness and power a

living testimony that points others to

me because your motives have stayed pure

Desiring to use prosperity to help

others in need rather than indulging

yourself I know I can keep entrusting

you with more you’ve passed the test

proving you’ll generous ly share the

blessings I give you this brings me

great joy your generosity moves me to

pour out even greater blessings on you

like I abundantly blessed Solomon with

wealth and honor because he asked for

wisdom above riches I will also shower

you with blessings because you’ve put my

kingdom fee

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