God is coming to your house in s minutes

God’s Urgent Message for you I appear

before you my beloved child as the

messenger of your Victory a Heavenly

presence is at work right now molding a

destiny that is distinctively yours now

that the time has arrived I have made

preparations within my presence to allow

great events to emerge a wave of

benefits is washing over you ready to

transform your lives in fundamental ways

the seemingly insurmountable doors will

swing open as you stand on the brink and

the unthinkable will to transform into a

world of possibilities nothing is Out Of

Reach for me and I am weaving a

masterpiece into the fabric of your life

during these pivotal moments we are

reimagining the path once obscured by

shortage a new chapter is about to begin

for you right now the burdens that have

been weighing you down and the shackles

that have in circled you will begin to

loosen under my careful

supervision my passionate decision is a

great way to embrace a life full of

happiness completeness and lack of

anxiety I will uncover the love and

knowledge that have eluded you you are

deeply loved and appreciated you are

more than just my baby I’ve been there

for you through all of your struggles

and I know how hard it is on your heart

listening to your thoughts at times of

sadness allows me to understand your

whole being the hardships you face the

criticisms that shape you and your

anguish I don’t lose sight of my kid

because you are a part of me I pay close

attention to detail all your

shortcomings will become apparent to you

my love for you is complete my promises

will come true and the Apparently

endless pain you’ve endured will

eventually go away if you open your

heart and stay persistent even when

things don’t go the way you want them to

I promise you that you will rise above

and succeed

my darling take comfort in these words I

woo for you like a tap of heavenly

Assurance woven From the Ashes of

hardship as you walk the path that I the

almighty have carefully planned for you

may the reverberations of Courage

resonate inside you and may the infusion

of Faith strengthen your Vitality the

time of abundance is upon you so hold

true to your principles drought days are

over and troubles malnourished

cattle will no longer roam your life’s

pastures in the coming hours a

technology that has long baffled

Humanity will finally unveil a path to

wealth tailored just for you and your

loved ones the mystery that has so far

remained unsolveable

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