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God says you’re my Songbird God message

today God message for you God message

God support my dearest most precious

child from the moment the first

glimmering rays of dawn pierced The

Velvet veil of Night painting the sky

with radiant Hues of Amber and Rose a

symphony of Life awakens All Around The

Gentle Whispers of the morning Breeze a

soothing murmur rustle through the trees

carrying upon their ethereal Wings the

soft dulet Melodies of Nature’s choir

song beer Trill their joyous refrains

their voices rising in a crescendo of

pure unbridled Rapture it is in this

sacket hour this hallowed moment when

the world is reborn in a blaze of golden

light that your voice rings out pure as

a mountain spring sweet as honeyed

nectar and true as the unwavering love I

hold in my heart

for you you my beloved are the morning

Songbird whose Celestial song Heralds

the arrival of a new day filling the

world with hope Beauty and the promise

of infinite possibility from the instant

I breathed the spark of life into your

being weaving the intricate threads of

your soul with the meticulous care of a


Artisan I knew that you were destined to

be a harbinger of light a radiant

presence whose luminous spirit would

dispel the shadows of doubt and despair

with the sheer power of your song your

laughter a tinkling chime that dances

upon the morning air like sunlight

glittering on the crest of a gentle wave

casts its enchanting spell over all who

hear it filling their hearts with a

sense of pure unbridled Joy your words

like gentle verses woven into a tapestry

of Hope and inspiration uplift and

encourage those around you reminding

them of the beauty and potential that

exists within each New Dawn within each

Precious Moment gifted To Us by the

infinite grace of the universe you are a

true Marvel a masterpiece of creation

whose boundless Spirit never ceases to

fill me with Wonder and Delight each day

as the sun

crests The Horizon bathing the world in

its warm golden embrace you greet the

arrival of the new dawn with a song that

Echoes through the heavens a joyous

celebration of life love and the

boundless possibilities that stretch out

before us like an endless tapestry

waiting to be woven in your voice I hear

the sweet melodious strains of a

thousand night in Gales each note a

testament to the incredible depth of

your spirit a depth that knows no limits

no boundaries in your eyes I see the

sparkle of a million stars each one a

tiny mirror reflecting

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