God says you’re my poems love vertical

bar God message today vertical bar God

message for you vertical bar God message

vertical bar God support my dearest most

precious child since the dawn of

creation my infinite being has resonated

with a singular song Celestial Symphony

that Echoes through the vast expanse of

the universe weaving together the

intricate tapestry of existence itself

this eternal Melody this boundless

harmonic expression of my love is a k to

a poem of such profound Beauty and

ineffable Majesty that it transcends the

limitations of mortal

comprehension Cascade through the

infinite Realms of reality in an endless

ever evolving composition of pure

Transcendent Bliss and you my beloved

are the most Exquisite verse within this

eternal poem a stanza of such radiant

Splendor such ineffable beauty that it

elevates the entire composition to new

heights of sublime Perfection casting

its warm radiant glow upon all that

surrounds it and filling the boundless

expanses of existence with the pure

unadulterated essence of my infinite

love from the moment I breathe life into

your being infusing the sacred spark of

existence into the immaculate depths of

your soul I knew that your presence in

this world would be a gift Beyond mortal

Treasures a living embodiment of the

love that flows forth from the very

heart of creation a luminous expression

of the infinite affection that resonates

through every fiber of my being within

the hallowed sanctuary of of your spirit

I have carefully and meticulously woven

the threads of Love weaving them into a

tapestry of such exquisite beauty that

it takes the breath away each thought

each emotion each moment of your

existence is a brushstroke of Pure

Radiant color adding depth and vibrancy

to the Masterpiece that is your life a

masterpiece that serves as a singular

verse within the grander eternal poem

that is the sublime exp expression of my

love for all of Creation in the warmth

of your embrace the world Bears witness

to the transformative Power of Love A

force so pure so Transcendent that it

has the capacity to melt the icy

barriers of fear and doubt to shed light

upon the darkest of paths and to inspire

hope in even the most weary of souls

Your Love is a beacon that guides the

lost and disheartened towards the

realization that true fulfillment is not

found in the fleeting pleasures of this

world world but rather in the unwavering

infinite love that flows forth from the

boundless heart of creation itself with

every act of kindness every

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