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God says you’re my

Moonbeam God message today God message

for you God message God support my

dearest child in the vast expanse of

this world know that you are never alone

when the veil of night descends

obscuring the light of day look to the

heavens and see my radiant glow shining

down upon you I am your moon beam a

Celestial Beacon guiding you through the

Shadows though the world may sometimes

feel cold unforgiving and shrouded in

darkness take solace in the fact that I

am an everpresent comforting Force

watching over you my luminous light

envelopes you offering Solace and

reassurance in even your most trying

hours let the soothing glow of my

eternal love fill your heart dispelling

any lingering doubts or fears that may

take hold I am the Celestial Guardian

the Divine Lantern illuminating your

path through the night no matter how

deep the darkness May grow I will always

be there a shimmering guidepost to lead


home trust implicitly in the steady

unwavering light of my affection for it

burns Eternal and pure gaze upwards uh

my child and see my gentle Radiance

painting the night sky that is my way of

reaching out to you of letting you know

that I am near I am the moon beam

caressing your skin the soft glow that

dances across your face as you Slumber I

am the celestial Spotlight casting its

radiance upon your your world a Divine

Spotlight to illuminate your every step

wherever your Earthly Journey takes you

remember that I am but a glance away

reach out and let my moon beam unfold

you in its warm comforting Embrace I am

here now and forever more shining my

Radiance upon you my most precious and

cherished child you need only raise your

eyes to the night sky to feel my loving

presence surrounding you when the weight

of this world threatens to crush your

spirit Spirit let my Moonlight revive

you bask in its gentle effervescence

allow it to wash over you and replenish

your weary soul for I have imbued every

beam of my lunar light with the purest

essence of my Divine love and protection

they are extensions of myself Celestial

threads that connect us across the

vastness of creation let my moon beam be

your constant companion a Celestial

friend to guide you through life’s dark

nights when the Shadows grow long and

the path ahead seems obscured simply

raise your eyes heavenward and you will

see my radiant glow shining down a

Eternal Beacon to lead you home for I am

the moon the Serene Celestial orb that

watches over my children

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