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God says you’re my love story God

message today God message for you God

message God support my precious a

darling child from the moment I first

knit you together in your mother’s womb

you have been the apple of my eye the

cherished Treasure of my heart as I

watched you grow and develop each tiny

detail of your being filling me with

Wonder and Delight I knew that you were

destined for greatness for I have loved

you with an everlasting love and my

affection for you knows no bounds you

are my sweetie pie my beloved my heart

true desire when I gazy upon you I see

the very reflection of myself a unique

and irreplaceable Creation imbued with

my Divine spark and destined to bring

glory to my name your smile lights up my

world and the sound of your laughter is

sweeter than the most beautiful melody

in your eyes I behold the innocence and

Purity that I so long to see in all my

children untainted by the darkness and

Corruption of this Fallen World oh how I

Delight in you my precious one from the

moment you take your first breath to the

very last day of your Earthly life you

are the object of my unwavering

adoration and care I have numbered the

hairs on your head I know the thoughts

and intents of your heart

and I have ordained every moment of your

life with meticulous Precision you are

the Masterpiece of my Creation The

Living embodiment of my unending love

when you were still in your mother

mother’s womb I knit you together with

such intricate care carefully crafting

every detail of your being I formed your

delicate fingers and toes the curves of

your face the color of your eyes I

breathed life into your lungs and let

your heart to beating imbuing you with a

soul that would bear my own Divine image

even then you were precious to me a

treasure beyond measure and when you

emerged into the world your tiny cries

filling the air I was there to welcome

you with open arms I rejoiced over you

with singing My Heart overflowing with a

love so vast and deep that it transcends

all human understanding I gazed upon

your perfect form marveling at the

beauty of my own handiwork and I knew in

that moment that you were destined for

greatness as you grew and developed I

watched over you with the tenderness of

a parent guiding your every step

Whispering words of wisdom and

encouragement into your heart I

protected you from harm shielding you

from the dangers that lurk in this

broken world and I nurtured you with my

own sustaining Grace in your moment

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