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my beloved I want to be the focal point

of your thoughts make a lifelong

commitment to me today and you will see

how my presence transforms your life

that emptiness you felt that longing to

be filled invite me into your heart and

watch as everything changes those who

have hurt you will seek forgiveness

closed doors will swing open and those

who once rejected you will value you I

will bring new genuine friends into your

life banishing loneliness and sadness

feel what I’m saying deep within your

soul my words have the power to change

things for your benefit to turn the tide

on the challenges you face don’t be

frightened by unexpected obstacles don’t

let hurtful words bring you down and

don’t weep over

misunderstandings ignore the criticism

and insults of your enemies I will

shield you from their attacks awaken

each day with my words on your lips you

dwell under the shadow of the Almighty

sheltered by the arms of your heavenly

father you seek my help because you know

my love for you is unwavering and my

promises are true rest assured I will

indeed help you face life with strength

peace and the joy of knowing I am by

your side even in moments of weakness

when you think you failed remember my

boundless Grace and unconditional Mercy

I’ve never failed you before and I won’t

fail you now when you need me most when

your heart a aches and your soul cries

wake up each morning with hope listen to

my voice once more and you will find the

strength to face the day believe in me

for I have a future of peace and joy for

you hold on to my love with all your

might you must live you must keep moving

forward keep walking despite the

obstacles fix your Gaze on my promises

and don’t be discouraged when challenges

arise when problems surface remain UND

daunted in moments of threat recall the

courage you have in me believe with all

your heart great spiritual and eternal

riches will emerge from the lessons

you’ve learned where you are I will

bless you with prosperity because I have

chosen you seek me in prayer humble your

heart daily and Delight in my presence I

will grant the desires that reside

within you you’ve heard these words for

a reason remember and never forget this

is your time

seize this moment I will bless you and

your family today I will lay my mighty

hand upon your life mending every wound

and soothing every sad memory in your

heart you remained steadfast through

every trial the enemy attempted to seow

Discord in your family your work your

home but you held on Resolute in your

determination not to give up I

understand that these trials are complex

and challenging often leaving wounds

within you affecting your emotions

weakening your thoughts and draining

your resolve to move

forward that is why I am here today to

mend all that has been broken in your

life you must continue to walk to stand

tall and to hold your head high the

enemy tried time and time again to halt

your progress but if you are still

standing today it is because my grace

strengthens you my dear child You are

not alone I am here to rest restore what

was lost to rebuild what was shattered

and to renew what was taken from you

have faith stay strong and walk boldly

in the knowledge that I am your God The

Winds of the world may try to erase the

moments when I came to your aid but I

command those winds and storms to be

still I love you deeply I have never

failed you and I will never delay I am

here ready to extend my hand and rescue

you in the depths of your journey

through every trial and tribulation I

want you to know that this is not the

end for you you won’t lose this battle I

promise even when it feels like the

whole world has turned its back on you

remember I’m here with my mighty hand

and a legion of Angels by my side and I

say unto you rise I’ve heard your

prayers every single one of them your

life is about to change in ways you

can’t even imagine I know it can be

tough and I see that many doubt me

despite witnessing Miracles every day

some still question my existence my love

and my power but you my dear you are not

one of them my word alone has the power

to heal you the supernatural power that

flows from my lips can breathe life into

you and lift you up you might think

you’re Unworthy of my presence in your

home but right now I want to enter not

just your dwelling but your heart as

well there I will inscribe the words

that bring healing there I will break

the chains that bind you with a Simple

Touch of my hand I will take away your

pain your fears your anxieties and your

afflictions will flee even the heavens

themselves obey the sound of my voice

I’m speaking to you in simple words

because I want to see you happy I

understand your pain the feeling when

those you trusted turn into adversaries

piercing your soul with the nails of

hatred and lashing your back with the

whip of

mercilessness I comprehend the depth of

love the willingness to give your heart

even when it’s met with

disdain I know precisely what you’re

going through know this my dear one you

matter when tears flow like a spring and

your soul is heavy with sadness and

anxiety I don’t judge you for your

moments of weakness you must understand

that only I can truly help when danger

looms cast aside thoughts of defeat and

de the darkness has Departed

and you can now walk with unwavering

confidence on this day I have renewed

your joy strengthen need your faith and

it should Promises of trust upon your

heart I given you a new vision a fresh

desire built upon my word don’t waste

precious time trying to convince those

who seek to discourage you their hearts

may be closed to your perspective and

faith and they may mock you once more

but you don’t need their approval on

this path

for you are moving towards Victory while

they March towards defeat they have

already chosen their Destiny if

loneliness surrounds you if you yearn

for support remember that you have me

trust and be patient for I will send the

right people into your life you are not

insignificant to me you are of great

interest I cherish you care for you and

love you deeply today you’ve opened your

heart to me rekindling the Covenant we

share you offer me your Faith trust in

the fullness of your hope and trust that

I hear your please let go of the weight

of anxiety that might make you think

your words do not reach the heavens from

the very day you cried out an angel

departed from my Celestial Throne

holding the key to your Liberation you

are a special Soul engaged in a

Celestial battle for your life the

adversary seeks to drag you down to wish

for your failure but my heavenly armies

wage war against these forces of evil

the challenges that have befallen You

Are Not Mere coincidences they serve a

purpose it was my choice to die on a

cross and I rose from the dead on the

third day so that you can also rise and

have a full life right now you might not

fully understand it but I can do a lot

more than you can want or understand I’m

going to touch your heart and show you

what’s inside it you’ll have a strong

conviction that will will help you make

decisions that will change your life now

is the time to do something about the

supernatural power that lives in your

life people shouldn’t think less of you

because of your age or your past people

who don’t believe in you will be amazed

at the fruits you bear because they will

see that my spirit has been working in

you everyone can have this beautiful and

holy love the world only gives limited

love that is often conditional and wants

something in return in the end and it

can lead to lying betrayal pain and

being alone I do not want you to have to

go through such pain instead I’m here to

hold you in my loving arms and heal your

wounds let go of your sadness it will go

away I really love you and I want you to

tell me you love me too your time is

coming and the good things I have

planned for you can’t be stopped by a

closed door say it out loud confirm it

in your mind

and write it down say that you believe

in me and are ready to accept this word

of comfort and encouragement from Heaven

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