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my child I have cherished you with an

everlasting love contemplate this

glorious truth I Am With You Always you

can build the entirety of your life upon

this unshakable Foundation the world you

inhabit is in a constant state of flux

it offers no Solid Ground upon which to

thus I challenge you to remain attune to

my presence as you journey through your

day you may not achieve this perfectly

but when you ask I shall Aid you pray

Jesus Keep Me conscious of your presence

and let these words resonate within your

heart and mind drawing you back to me

whenever your thoughts wander the more

of me you invite into your life by

staying close to me the more joy you

shall find and the more I can bless

others through you love is patient note

that the very first attribute the

Apostle Paul uses to describe love is

patience I hold this quality dear in the

hearts of my followers even though it

may not always be prominently displayed

in the portrayals of love in the st

century patient individuals maintain

their composure while enduring extended

weights or confronting challenging

people in

situations I encourage you to introspect

observing how you respond to moments of

waiting and adversity this

self-examination will serve as a

barometer of your patience which is in

essence an expression of Love patience

is ranked fourth among the fruits of the

spirit my spirit stands ready to nurture

this crucial character trait within you

especially as you beseech him some

Believers may be hesitant to pray for

patience fearing that I will respond by

subjecting them to severe suffering and

trials however suffering serves a noble

purpose in my kingdom and trials are a

part of the journey they come to prove

the authenticity of your faith resulting

in Praise Glory and Honor unto me allow

my peace to safeguard your heart and

mind remember I am near and rejoice in

my enduring presence dedicate ample time

to be with me presenting your request

with a heart filled with gratitude this

is the path to receiving my peace the

peace that surpasses all all

understanding it is a collaborative

effort one in which you and I work

together you never confront life’s

challenges alone for those who believe

in me Solitude is an illusion a perilous

one that may lead to despondency or

self-pity the adversary along with his

minions Endeavors tirelessly to obscure

your awareness of my presence it is

imperative that you recognize and resist

their assaults this battle with my

potent word which is alive and dynamic

read it ponder it commit it to memory

and speak it aloud even in moments when

you feel alone rest assured that you can

converse freely with me trusting that I

am always by your side the more you

engage in dialogue with me the more

convinced you shall become of my

proximity resist the devil and he will

flee from you draw near to me and I

shall draw near to you if I am on your

side who can stand against you beloved I

assure you I am unquestionably on your

side for you are my devoted follower

understand that this does not imply that

no one will ever oppose you rather it

signifies that having me on your side is

the most pivotal truth of your existence

regardless of the circumstances life may

throw your way you reside in the realm

of Victory I have already triumphed

through my death and Resurrection I am

the Eternal Victor and you partake in my

Conquest no matter the adversity you

encounter on your journey toward Heaven

recognizing the absolute security of

your future can revolutionize your

perspective instead of living

defensively constantly guarding against

suffering you learn to follow me boldly

Wherever I May lead I am training you

not only to seek my face and heed my

guidance but also to Revel in the thrill

of surrendering yourself to me remember

I am your unwavering help in times of

trouble my presence shall accompany you

and I shall Grant you reprieve

regardless of your whereabouts or the

path you tread this Proclamation may

seem astonishing yet it is undeniably

true my unseen presence is more

substantial than the people who surround

You In the Flesh to perceive me you must

look with the eyes of your heart and

communicate with me through prayer

confident that I truly he and care I

assure you your prayers hold great

significance even though you may not

always witness their immediate impact or

fulfillment according to your

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