God Says, You Will Regret Tomorrow Definitely If You Ignore This Now!

God says you will regret

tomorrow definitely if you ignore this

now my delight in you now pales in

comparison to the joy that awaits when

you join me in glory the happiness

you’ll experience in heaven transcends

Earthly Pleasures an inheritance that

will never Decay spoil or Fade Away know

that I have witnessed your tears

shedding them alongside you your pain is

mine and I’m here to offer comfort and

strength always ready to help and defend

music you even when you feel weary my

heavenly armies watch over you shielding

you from Myriad trials in moments of

exhaustion I’ll unveil the supernatural

allowing you to perceive my warrior

Angels fiercely battling on your behalf

I’ve safeguarded you from accidents

Stillness is criminals and the assault

of your Soul’s enemy my love for you

remains unwavering ensuring your safety

and enveloping you in love so when

challenges arise resist the urge to fret

or fear remember the trust you’ve placed

in me promising not to be swayed by the

hurtful words or actions of others you

are positioned at the Pinnacle of faith

and wisdom refrain from allow allowing

disputes slander or Discord to rob you

of your peace of mind guard your

thoughts and emotions against the

intrusion of lies and and music

negativity instead embrace my peace

seeking Solace and quiet moments of

communion with me speak my word aloud or

silently for the power of my promises

breaks the chains that bind you you

release your stress and worrying into my

care and I will liberate you believe in

the truths you’ve heard maintaining

composure and adversity strikes no with

certainty that I am with you speaking to

the depths of your soul reject the

claims of those who assail you insisting

that you lack protection their words may

sting but guard against allowing

falsehoods and slander to infiltrate

your heart and mind a fortify you to

overcome these adversaries and should

you stumble I’ll tenderly tend to your

Wounded Heart remember happiness and

blessings abound when you steer clear of

error and negative influences choose

your beliefs

wisely understanding that while you are

a human I am Divine your faith coupled

with my power empowers you to navigate

life’s challenges trust in my provision

and divine plan for your music Life

share these truths with your loved ones

assuring them that I am intimately

acquainted with every aspect of their

lives encourage them to embrace my word

and cling to my promises as

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