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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end my beloved child I am

Jesus Christ your Eternal Savior and

Redeemer today I desire to impart to you

a profound truth about the unwavering

unchanging nature of our Heavenly Father

which I call God’s Eternal constancy in

the world we inhabit the only constant

is change the seasons shift and

transform people evolve and alter their

perspectives and situations

fluctuate however amidst this


landscape there exists one thing that

remains steadfast and unyielding God’s

unwavering love and unshakable

faithfulness God our heavenly father is

an eternal constant the same yesterday

today and forever more his deep-seated

love for you is a constant that remains

unaffected by the past message of time

and the evolution of

circumstances type Tri in the comments

if you

believe the constancy of God is Not only

evidenced in his immutable nature but

also in the reliability of his promises

each promise he has put forth in his

word he is committed to fulfilling his

word serves as a dependable and

trustworthy anchor mirroring his own

faithfulness and Truth when the world

around you feels uncertain or you feel

lost remember his promis

cling to them and take solace in their

unwavering certainty just as an Earthly

father expresses compassion towards his

children so too does the Lord extend

compassion towards those who rever him

he is aware of our human

frailties mindful of the fact that we

are but dust his steadfast love is

ceaseless his mercies are

unending they are renewed each morning

reflecting the greatness of his

faithfulness if you need God’s blessings

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another aspect of God’s constancy is

seen in his Justice he is a righteous

judge an omniscient Observer who sees

everything he will not allow the wicked

to go unpunished nor will he permit the

righteous to suffer unjustly if you have

been wronged place your trust in his

Justice he will vindicate you and bring


righteousness the constancy of God is

also displayed in his provision he is

our provider our

sustainer he is aware of your needs even

before you voice them he provides for

the birds in the sky and the flowers in

the field how much more will he provide

for you his cherished

child if you want God’s grace always


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world that is in a constant state of

flux it is a source of immense Comfort

to know that we serve a God who is

unchanging his love his promises his

Justice and his provision are constants

that we can depend on this provides us

with a sense of security and a profound

Peace So my dear child in times of

change and

uncertainty anchor yourself to the

constancy of God his love for you is

unchanging his promises are

Dependable his Justice is certain his

provision is

constant trust in his constancy and you

will stand unshaken amidst the shifting

sands of time remember you are a child

of the Eternal unchanging God live in

the radiant light of his love walk in

the unwavering truth of his word trust

in the certainty of his Justice and rest

in the Assurance of his provision for he

is our God and we are his people the

Sheep of his

pasture may you always experience the

constancy of God’s love the certainty of

his promises the justice of his

judgments and the provision of his hand

and may you live in the light of his

presence now and

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