God Says, You Can Definitely Skip Me If You Don’t Love Me My Child

God says you can definitely skip me if

you don’t love me my child super thanks

for your devotion for your unwavering

belief in my love and guidance join our

Channel membership for daily

affirmations and personalized guidance

on your journey to fulfillment and joy

so fret not my beloved child for I am

with you now and forever more together

let us walk hand in hand towards a

future filled with promise and endless

possibilities and as You Close Your Eyes

in prayer tonight know that I am with

you cradling you in the palm of my my

hand until the dawn of a new day breaks

forth and the Light Of Hope shines once

more Super thanks for your faithfulness

for your love and for your dedication to

our shared Journey join our Channel

membership for exclusive act access to

transformative content and personalized

guidance on your path to spiritual

growth and Enlightenment my cherish it

child today as you navigated the

intricated Journey of life I see the

fervent Faith burning within you

illuminating your path in this moment

embrace the opportunity to release the

burdens of the past and step into the

light of love peace and joy that awaits

you you are not alone I am with you

every step of the way guiding you

towards a life filled with abundance and

blessings I am delighted that you have

chosen to confide in me to share the

deepest Troubles of your heart by doing

so you are not only savoring the beauty

of life but also confronting the hidden

burdens within your soul know that

speaking with me daily will Infuse you

with strength fortify y your faith and

free you from the heavy burdens that

weigh you down your spirit will soar and

Jay will overflow within you as you

continue to seek affection and

nourishment through my words if there is

still concerns weigh on your heart

remember that I am here for you life’s

challenges may leave you breathless but

each morning come to me in prayer and

together we will mend your circumstances

allowing you to face life with renewed

Happiness unburdened by the weight you

no longer need to carry reflect my child

on the greater things that require your

attention to not frat over scenarios

that may never come to pass for I am

watching over you have faith and uplift

your spirits for I possess the power to

move mountains of Sorrow dismantle

barriers of evil and shatter chains of

sin Vice and destructive habits ask of

me all that is good sweet kind and

uplifting even if it seems impossible


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