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my dearly beloved child I come to you today with a profound and heartfelt message that flows from the very depths

of my heart a message written and sealed with the power of my unwavering boundless

love this message holds the key to forgiveness the soothing balm that can heal your troubled soul and the Beacon

of Hope you have been yearning for so desperately it is your long- awaited sign etched in the very essence of my

being and signed with the Crimson ink of my own blood symbolized Iz ing the boundless sacrifice I made to Grant you

forgiveness for all your sins as you read these sacred words understand that they carry the

immense weight of divine grace and the warmth of my Everlasting unconditional

affection receive this message as you would a precious gift for it is a gift of boundless fatherly

love open your heart and accept the loving Embrace of forgiveness that flows through these words this is a profound

day of divine encouragement ment and Reconciliation when the immense burdens you have carried for so long can finally

be laid to rest I see the doors you have tirelessly knocked upon the doors that seemed

utterly immovable and Resolute in their Defiance know that today by my divine

power which knows no bounds these very doors have swung open wide for you my

power has shattered the chains that bound you obliterated the bonds that held you captive and cast aside every

obstacle that stood in your path you are free free to rise up to fight and to

escape the deep pit of utter despair in which you found yourself today you stand

liberated from the oppressive shackles of suffering every ounce of pain and

anguish you have endured is acknowledged and seen by my loving eyes you asked for a sign and here it is my own message to

you I urge you to release the immense weight of past failures for those who

once witnessed your struggles will soon bear witness to your triumphant Ascent the arduous chapter of your trials is

drawing to a close and every concern that has mercilessly burdened your heart

I will resolve continue steadfastly on your journey for I Am With You Always I

invite you to come closer to kneel humbly before my divine presence with unwavering faith I ask that you refrain

from relying solely on your limited human wisdom for the decision you make in communion with me shall be abundantly

blessed do not turn a blind eye to my Commandments for they are The Guiding Light illuminating your path open the

sacred pages of your Bible and let each holy word resonate within the very depths of your soul for they are

inspired by my Holy Spirit as you read you will feel my voice speaking directly

to your heart and your spiritual vision will open revealing the supernatural

protection I’ve woven around your home I understand the immense challenges you face in this Fallen World and I know

that life is far from Easy where you stand however within the sacred pages of

my word you will discover promises that will fortify your faith offering you the

courage and serenity to remain resilient even in the darkest times of Despair remember that I am by your side

unwavering in both good times and trying times alike resist the everpresent temptation to fixate on negativity when

it suddenly looms before you fear not the Myriad threats that encircle you and

do not blindly follow the fearful crowd as it flees in trepidation stand Resolute in your

position neither veering to the left nor to the right and Safeguard the sanctity

of your home and family do not betray the sacred Trust of those you hold most dear I urge you to approach me with deep

humility un bended knee and with unw ing Faith lay before me all your needs for I

am your provider I shall fling wide the very doors and windows of Heaven itself

showering you with Abundant Blessings Beyond Comprehension be mindful however of the

fruits of your labor for they are hard-earned guard against the alluring temptation of borrowing or descending

into Wicked and destructive debts I do not wish for you to fall into the snares set by those who would exploit your very

needs for for their own selfish gain when the deceitful World offers you the fleeting temptation of easy riches I

beseech you do not surrender to their entangling chains my child type Amen in

the comment box do not be deceived by their empty toque of hollow promises summon forth your inner

strength and embrace true courage knock persistently on the doors of

opportunity labor with unwavering persistence and unfaltering honesty

cry out to me and I shall answer you with blessings so abundant that you will have an overflowing Surplus to share

generously with others take these words to heart and remember this sign my

solemn promise to you I send you forth fully equipped to rise up and conquer

the promised land that now unfolds before you never underestimate any opportunity no matter how humble or

unassuming it may outwardly appear when you remain faithful and labor with all your strength you shall

be met with astonishing wondrous surprises I make this promise clear I

shall richly bless your every Endeavor and multiply exponentially the impact of your Deeds when you act in obedience to

my holy word now is the time my dear child it is time to fulfill the sacred

mission for which I have chosen you I desire to rekindle the fervent fire and zealous enthusiasm that once burned so

brightly within your heart do not squander Precious Moments dwelling on past failur

or the troubles that once ens snared you in this very moment a blazing flame

ignites within you consuming your imperfections and dispelling the clouds of frustration that obscured your vision

rise forth my child in triumphant Spirit do not confine yourself to a solitary

Corner mourning over the mistakes that lie in your wake I shall Place individuals on your path who will open

wide the doors of abundant opportunity and bless you with their valued friendship those who seek only to quench your

spirit and snuff out your flame I shall remove from your life I will relieve you

of burdens enabling you to walk unburdened towards the Victorious triumphs that await you in my name

always remember you are never alone you are cherished invaluable and deeply

loved lean your weary Soul upon my shoulder cast aside the painful thoughts

that would deceive you into believing the LIE that you are unloved and abandoned for deep within you know this

to be utterly untrue receive my words as a warm and comforting Embrace in this very moment know that

you shall not falter nor shall you be disheartened by conflicts or suffering regardless of what may come place your

unwavering trust in me surrender your pain and allow me to pour forth Divine consolation upon your troubled heart If

Tears Must Fall know that I am here ever ready ready to listen with infinite patience as you pour out your heart and

share your deepest feelings lastly relinquish those feelings of failure and

defeat to me I am with you m my child every single

day I Stand By Your Side in the morning light in the afternoon’s Embrace and in

the Stillness of the night I am here to provide you with comfort and unwavering

support to convey just how deeply and immeasurably I cherish you my infinite

love encompasses you completely and my mighty hand watches over you protectively today rise from glorious

Victory to Victory confront the adversarial armies that may arise against you scale the walls of conflicts

and Vanquish the forces of Darkness anchored in the Eternal strength of my word as each day draws to a close

approach me once more kneel in humility and entrust your fear fears and weaknesses to me I will be ever ready to

heal you with my Divine love mending the Deep wounds inflicted upon you by this Fallen

World moreover I shall Empower you to raise your arms in Victory as we celebrate

your triumphs together I shall Place upon your brow a Crown of Life and strength preparing you for the journey

that lies ahead even when you stand upon the highest peaks of success I shall be

there to celebrate alongside you sharing in your profound Joy regardless of where

life’s path may lead you always remember that my boundless love for you is eternal and unchanging I shall forever

stand ready to support you in all that you require a multitude of unimaginable blessings awaits you and I shall uncover

new and wondrous ways to inspire and encourage you to persevere through every trial do not heed the Grievances of

those who have tragically lost all hope who Lament The deteriorating state of this Fallen World while the masses flee

in abject fear know that I am your impenetrable shield protecting you and shielding your family beneath the

Eternal shelter of my unfailing love my child like the video now I shall

Encompass you with abundance Divine provision da health and Supernatural

protection do not tremble if you encounter temporary material losses for the obstacles to your true happiness are

but fleeting Shadows soon to dissipate trust that everything unfolds within a Eternal purpose ordained by my loving

hand I watch over those I cherish with meticulous care and each challenge that

comes your way shall be transformed into a source of greater blessing I shall distance those who align themselves with

malevolence and seek to sabotage your future thus undermining my divine plan

they are deceived unaware of the inevitable fate that awaits them falsely

believing they possess more power than your heavenly father who loves you with an unconditional

Everlasting Love stand Resolute in your faith do not waver pay no heed to the critics and

attackers who may cross your path fix your heart and mind singularly on preparing to receive and wisely manage

the multitude of blessings I have in store for you I am your true father the

one who loves you unconditionally with a perfect love each day as the sun ascends

I eagerly await to meet with you my beloved child let these words resonate

deeply within your heart feel my Transcendent presence as you read them

today bow your head in reverence before me allow yourself a tranquil moment of

Stillness close your eyes and surrender to the loving Embrace for which you were

created let not your tears be restrained any longer for they shall wash away the doubts and utter despair that have clung

so tenaciously to your spirit rise my beloved shake off the dust of past years

and stretch your arms toward the heavens letting your joyful shout of triumphant praise reverberate across the Earth

victory is yours and as you move forward into this new era never forget the

triumphs of your past for you have entrusted your very life to me and submitted to my will from this day forth

you shall achieve even greater Feats for my glory know that I love you deeply infolding you in a warm and affectionate

embrace you shall neither be defeated nor overwhelmed for I am your Victorious

Conquest fill your spirit with Resolute courage and declare your unwavering belief in me for your faith ignites the

very essence of our profound connection just as the words in this message resonate deeply I hope they have

touched your heart and spirit the sacred Journey we have shared today is a testament to the infinite power of

Faith love and perseverance if you felt a Divine connection or ing within or were

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Reflections or any personal experiences you would like to share my love is ever

present and available to any who earnestly seek it my beloved I see that you have been going

through extremely difficult times struggling with situations that seem to have no solution day by day your soul

feels heavy and burdened I know you are battling an illness and you might

believe it is insurmountable but I want you to know that I am with you and I will never leave you or forsake you even

before you were born I knew you intimately I carefully wo you together

in your mother’s womb every fiber of your being is a Living testament to my love and my purpose for you today I want

you to listen carefully for I have an important message for you your Miracle

the one you have been fervently praying for will happen that Supernatural sign

will manifest in your life because I your father will unleash my divine power

at the most unexpected moment so please do not despair trust in me for your

Miracle will come to pass this is the time my

child to believe in my promises and put your faith into action allow my presence to surround you

like a cloak of Grace and strength let my divine power restore every cell in your body healing every

corner of your being so that you can receive what you have been waiting for my child type yes if you agree with me I

know you have been praying and seeking answers to your situation for a long time a Divine sign to dispel all fear

within you well today your time has come and I want you to know that I have heard

your prayers in the midst of the darkness I am bringing a light that will

dispel all doubts and fears within you your perseverance through the storms has not gone

unnoticed your tears were not in vain nothing escapes my notice which is why I tell you that your

Harvest Time Has Arrived you will receive a miracle in your life and my

blessings are ready to overflow upon you the dark days are coming to an end so

lift your head and cast off the burdens that have weighed you down I have prepared a table for you in the presence

of your adversaries and your cup will overflow with joy and abundance your long-held

dreams and desires will be fulfilled build beyond your imagination have the courage to grow my child and do not let

circumstances limit you do not allow doubt or the enemy’s voice to extinguish your faith remember that I am the god of

the impossible and in my hands all things are possible what appears

unreachable you will reach it will become your reality because I will restore all you have

lost and what has been broken in your life will be healed and renewed do not

fear it my child for my love and my power are greater than any obstacle you

may face embrace my promise and trust me wholeheartedly for there are no limits

to what I can do in your life when you place your trust in me doors will open

paths will be cleared and the impossible will become living testimonies to my glory keep your

heart open and ready to receive the miracle you have been waiting for prepare to be amaz Amazed by my grace

and love allow me to enter every area of your life and transform it according to my perfect plan always remember my child

that the miracle you are about to receive is not just for your personal benefit do not keep the Wonders I will

perform in your life to yourself when your Miracle happens share

it give testimony to my power in your life be a voice of Hope a Channel of

blessing and encouragement to those who are still waiting for their Miracle prepare to be an instrument of my love

and power let me flow through you pouring out healing comfort and hope upon those

in need may your story be a beacon of light in the darkness showing that with me all things are

possible also remember that my timing is perfect you may not understand it but

trust that everything is in my sovereign hands do not despair or be discouraged

if you do not see the immediate fulfillment of my promises keep persevering in faith

because I am working in your favor for your well-being and happiness keep your eyes fixed on me on my word and on my

promise do not let the distractions of the world divert your attention I am your loving father and I am willing to

restore heal and bless you abundantly never forget my beloved

that in me you will find guidance wisdom and comfort in the midst

of any difficulty I will never leave you for even a moment today I want you to

always remember that I am with you no matter how long it takes to wait no matter how dark the path may seem trust

that everything you do with integrity and wisdom will prosper I am by your side upholding you and giving you

strength You are not alone in this journey just have faith and trust in my promises

without doubt do not be discouraged if you do not see immediate results in the

least expected moment in the perfect time your Miracle will manifest until

then walk in obedience and communion with me knowing that my love and grace are with you until the end come to me

and let me carry your burdens and worries I see that you have been carrying a heavy load on your shoulders

and it has been affecting your life and well-being but you do not have to carry it alone anymore I am here waiting for

you to come to me and give me all that troubles you I am with you always ready to assist you in whatever you need no

matter how big your problems may seem or how difficult the situation appears I can provide a solution and lighten your

load you do not have to worry about the future or things that are beyond your control my child type – in the

comment box trust in me and let me take control of your life let me take the Reigns of your

Affairs because I have seen your struggles and concerns I have seen how everything has overwhelmed and drained

you that is why I want you to know that you are not alone I am here with you and nothing can

separate you from my love and protection for no matter how insurmountable your challenges may

seem remember that nothing is impossible for me I can do all things

even conquer the greatest challenges so please do not despair trust in me and

let me carry your burdens and worries do not give up on your dreams and goals because of the problems that weigh on

you you do not have to worry about anything because I am with you I will help you I promise I will not leave you

alone on this journey I will be by your side whenever you need me and I will help you overcome

any obstacle you can count on my love and mercy at alltimes times remember that you are my child and

you are precious to me please do not be ashamed or afraid to come to me and confide in me your

problems I am here to listen and assist you no matter how small or big the problem is I assure you I will help you

with everything do not forget that I am your strength and your rock you can trust me at all times and I will always

guide you on the right path and give you the strength you need to overcome any obstacle my beloved child please do not

give up trust in me and in my love for you I assure you that if you do you will

find rest joy peace and Tranquility because I will be with you holding all

your burdens and easing your concerns I will never leave you alone I will lift you up every time you

fall because I love you with an unconditional and eternal love so now is the time to surrender all

your worries and concerns to to me let my hands carry you let my love surround

you and let it give you the peace and Tranquility you need do not worry about how I will help

you solve all your problems for I have already planned everything and among my plans there is

well-being blessings and prosperity for you all you have to do is trust me and

follow my lead I will guide you on the right path and take you where you need to be you just need to have faith in my

love my child for it is all you need to be happy I promise I will never leave you

alone and I will always be here for you I will hold all your burdens and

ease your concerns I will never let you down for I am your God and your father and I will

always be with you until the end of times my dear you know well that all my promises are secure and

true everything I say in my word is true so do not fear do not be distressed and

do not give in to despair for I am always with you ready to help you with

whatever you ask of me never forget I am your father and I will never fail

you you know that my love for you is boundless no matter how difficult your situation may

be rest assured that I will always be by your side even when you feel like you have

strayed from me in the past or you find yourself lost confused and without hope

do not worry anymore my child for I am here ready to forgive you and welcome

you back into my loving arms so please do not allow fear and despair to consume you trust in me and in my

love remember that nothing is impossible for me and I will always find a way to

help you never doubt what I am telling you believe me trust in my word

and I will give you genuine happiness where there will be no place for fear or distress for I your father will be

working in your favor bringing Grace and blessings into your life therefore do

not hesitate to ask for my help at any time for I am listening to your prayers and I’m aware of all your

needs I know when you are sad and when you feel that your strength is failing but in those moments come to me

and leave all your bird burdens worries and fears with me I will give you the

peace and strength you need to move forward with my help you can achieve all

your goals and realize your projects and if you ever find yourself in the midst of

Darkness let me tell you that the light of my word will shine upon you showing

you the way to Salvation success and happiness my child do not fear the

future for any reason for I have already seen it and I know that great blessings

and a great purpose in life await you trust in me and in my plans for you and

you will see that everything that happens in your life will be for your well-being joy and

happiness so once again I tell you do not despair or give up for I am with you

I will always be here to help you protect you and love you for I am your

God and your father and I will always be with you until the end of time amen my

child you have been tested by the depths of life’s trials but now it is your time

to be blessed you have endured so much learning valuable lessons from every

twist and turn in your journey your courage has Shone brightly as you faced afflictions you never

anticipated but these were not consequences of your actions they were the enemy’s attempts to shake you like

the wind rustling through wheat in moments of Despair You released

your seeds moistened by the tears you shed in your pain but open your eyes with faith for

the earth trembles a green shoot arises and you can already see it know this

deep in your heart this year a Bountiful Harvest will be yours the seeds you

thought had withered have sprung back to life and they will return to you transformed into beautiful blessings

both great and true these blessings will enrich your spiritual life and carry no sorrow with them they won’t be burdened

with tension and problems I have placed you precisely where you can flourish but

remember I am your Shepherd and your provision comes when you treat others kindly and trust in me but do not put

your complete trust in any mortal being obey my Commandments leave doubt and

pessimism behind and rise with un wavering Faith with your faith I can

work miracles and wonders on a grand scale it is possible if you believe it

is done when you see it with your faith but remember this isn’t a game of luck

or magic I speak of my holy word the one that always comes to fruition in perfect timing in accordance with my will you

desire change success prosperity for your family

compassion wisdom and Truth in their lives you long for a transformation with

all your heart and I want to assure you that I can transform you I have the

power to change hearts and Minds overnight but I always require your faith you are stepping into a new land

one you will soon witness leave behind what’s P and reach forward with faith hold on to the

blessings I shall place before you the trial is over Your Time Has Come Today I

will work beautiful miracles in your life and your family’s life you will not be distressed by the door that has just

closed speak to me affirm your thoughts write it down now and tell me you

believe in receiving this word of comfort and accept this holy encouragement from above if one door

closes it’s no reason for despair another grander door will open soon

bringing something even better there is a spiritual battle in the celestial realm for your life and faith

many adversaries oppose your growth attacking you from without and hurting you from within even if you can’t see

them I will place individuals with Divine knowledge in your path to assist you accept their advice with humility

dedicate time to prayer and much more I will reveal to you you will emerge

victorious in this battle all obstacles will be destroyed it’s true that I can deliver

you in an instant but I need you to value your faith Talent and

Gifts learn that victories are not achieved alone if you discard my word and

renounce your faith the enemy will tear you apart and leave you in the mud you

will go far you will bless many your family will also grow in

wisdom and humility of heart prospering in all aspects but we must walk together

give me your hand you are prepared to ascend to that spiritual level where where the future

is decided and lives are changed so many good things and beautiful Works await you this day while you listen the

foundations for your home are being laid upon Solid Rock and future Generations will know me and serve me each will

receive a gift a talent a profession the desire to study and

prepare dream beyond what you see what you imagine and even further than what

you can believe today my child type Amen in the comment box

you and your family are not meant to live in spiritual poverty emotional confusion or struggling from one place

to another burdened by debt no my child

accept what I say learn to dream I will increase your faith and help you even

more so that you can confidently receive and manage this blessing that is about to come I will transform your Affliction

into blessing your sadness into strength and I will remove your pain healing your

heart with my love I want you to feel this tender Embrace wherever you are

even if you are busy and surrounded by people take a few seconds and receive this gift by faith it will bring calm to

your soul and peace to your mind I give you the power to control those roaring emotions that stir in your head the news

you receive alarms you exhausts you and makes you feel weak but my child believe

me again I am here nothing is happening your life

continues this too shall pass and your future is sealed with a blessing from

above your blessing will not be depleted by any enemy seeking to discourage you I

can turn every opposition into a blessing every lack into abundance and

every illness in your family can be healed I have the power and my eternal

desire is for you to receive all these wonders I have been promising you I am God not a mere human I do not lie my

purpose Remains the Same as it has been since the beginning of time I have come to save you to give you eternal life to

guide you on the right path I am the way the truth your

life I am your solution and your way out so I ask you with love to hold fast to

my promises to to not divert your gaze to the lies of this world it pleases me to

see you trust in me to see you pay no attention to the threats posed by provocators they want to steal your

peace fill your mind with anger and confusion with false ideas and erroneous feelings they want you to make mistakes

in your daily life to be filled with guilt and ultimately to distance yourself from the truth my love and my

presence so now you know their intentions I know you love me and won’t allow

anyone to take you away from the place where you are today surrounded by affection and supreme love unparalleled

in your life you’ve endured much Solitude a lack of tenderness but now I

embrace you console you with Divine strength and encouragement because I love you deeply my child you were so

frightened I heard your cries for help you begged urgently for my mighty hand

to intervene believing I was angry with you and unwilling to assist I want you

to understand that you will always need me even when everything is going

well even when Prosperity surrounds you you must never forget this do not

lower your guard for the enemy seeks to make you neglectful to destroy your faith to ruin your plans and wound your

soul I will help you in this matter you face today it moves me to see you sad and

distressed and it is not my will for you to live in torment I do not want you to feel this

way so instead of dwelling on the same thoughts over and over in your head stop

give me all your thoughts if defeat crosses your mind don’t believe it it’s

impossible you will not be defeated because you believe in the omnipotent God if discouragement tugs at your heart

do not open its doors or you will make a grave mistake

one who believes in my power and awaits my blessing cannot be disheartened if the will to live slips

from your grasp use your faith you believe and serve a mighty

Sovereign God he will ignite the fire of divine love in your heart and fill you with a wonderful desire to keep

fighting hold on to the promises I am giving you grasp on to these words I am

speaking to you your enemies belittle you daily shouting that you do not deserve of life but you should no longer

listen to them I want you to live regardless of your situation very soon you will once again

Savor feel and receive my blessing your situation will improve the matters that

trouble you will soon be resolved please dear one not if you’ve listened this far

it’s not by chance tell me that you believe in me that you will keep fighting Despite All

Odds and that you will always love me my child click on the join button to

join us as a cherished member of our community your future is destined to

change for the better I will intervene in your life in a supernatural way and

with your own eyes you will soon witness a clear solution to your troubles don’t be one of those who place

their trust in negativity or the opinions of those who choose to dwell forever ever in spiritual misery if

you’re hearing or reading these words it’s because I’ve granted you the intelligence you’ve grown you’re ready

the door will soon open I am not a false god who exists solely in your

imagination you know me you know who I am do not doubt my word any longer every

time you found yourself in trouble I’ve come to rescue you with My Loving Hands

I’ve embraced you with love I’ve given you life even when your past was a

disaster after I rescued you your present was always better allow this

fire in your heart to burn the dream I planted is growing and it will become a tree that provides shade provision and

abundance for you and those you care for with love hold on to the life I’ve given you

fill yourself with even more joy because there are so many things I will soon do that will change your perspective you

will understand better everything I’ve planned plan for you that’s why even though you’ve stumbled before I’ve

always been with you I forgave you lifted you up and never never left you

broken or abandoned new days are coming your sorrow will depart and your heart will

be filled with boundless happiness you’ll soon witness the miracle with your own eyes declare your faith and

commitment now and tell me I believe and as I always say I love you I have great

things in store for you give me your hand step by step you

will find peace and happiness it’s not about how quickly you arrive but about being steadfast and

persistent let your faith remain Serene and strong do not look to the sides focus on me and keep your gaze forward

you will get there it’s not an eternity away though your mind and body may tell you that days are dragging on and you’re

tired of waiting but you’ve grown you don’t let your emotions dictate your

life you know I desire to bless your family and clear the path for them to face whatever comes without fear or

dread enemies will be defeated obstacles will be overcome I don’t promise an easy life

but I assure you that faith and strength will never be lacking fill yourself with courage knowing that your Victory is

guaranteed receive receive my sacred promises which bring healing to your body peace to your mind and strength to

your heart I want to break the chains of discouragement and depression the discouragement weighing heavily on your

shoulders making you doubt my words that deceptive friendship pulling you toward failure will disappear today

a powerful Miracle will occur if you commit to obey me and hold on to my love but do not be like others who prefer to

wallow in the mud and accept the lies of their destroy they chase after false promises seek

material wealth vain positions corrupt control and Mortal

Fame they think my presence and power are with those who publicly display everything they do how they spend what

they wear and what they eat what a Sinister lie what a cruel

deception they despise my word they don’t accept me as I am as the one who

came into the world as a servant and gave his life on a cross but you have opened your heart to me and I want to do

wonderful things in you clothe your soul in humility reject the offerings of the

devour I will assist you I will give you more peace and wisdom so that you won’t Tire of waiting so that complaints and

doubts won’t taint your lips destroying your faith and happiness tell me now

with all your heart my God I believe in you I trust you

and with patience I await my blessing I promise you that what you’ve

asked for will come you’ve always believed in me and you know that all your prayers in the name of Jesus will

be answered I must announce to you New Times abundant

rains Open Heavens blessings overflowing filling every corner of your

life in your home you and your family will overflow with peace and happiness all of this is possible for

those who believe in me who keep my word in their hearts and wait for the blessing without fainting or retreating

my child type in the comment box I only ask that you be aware that you need

to remain steadfast and patient it takes months for a life to be born a seed

must fall into fertile ground be broken and transformed before it can germinate

and grow your blessings are valuable and Powerful it takes time and effort for

everything to align for your good I know you understand and you won’t lose heart

keep your Gaze on the horizon as you walk step by step you will leave the place where you currently reside do not

fear the changes everything is for your good I want you surrounded by people and

resources that help you grow if you walk with me no one can defeat you accuse you

or judge you because I will defend you oh dear one if only you could see with

your spiritual eyes the Heavenly armies encamped around you if you could perceive my Divine Light illuminating

your path and how your enemies fall if you could understand how everything around you is working in your favor like

the sky and Earth moving in your favor soon I will reveal to you in dreams such magnificent things that you will taste a

piece of heaven on Earth I can move the entire universe for your blessing that’s

what I do when I see sincere Faith Like Yours fully devoted loving me with all

your heart and soul I admire your courageous Faith that’s why I respond to you every day with a different message

but I remain the same each day will bring its own challenges but my love

will cover you and never change before you go about your daily tasks I like to tell you that I love you

but I desire to hear it from your own lips I want to hear you say my beloved

Jesus I love you too and there’s nothing you ask that my love cannot give you I

will restore what belongs to you your dignity and the place you

deserve I have a better life for you if you give me your heart and accept the healing and forgiveness my sweet love

offers the promises are already written you carry them in your heart so if

you’re going to believe me do it with all the strength of your soul and mind don’t be like those who talk about my

love but don’t truly believe it they pay more attention to people’s judgments and submit to the punishments and disdain of

others many want to subject you to their selfish way of thinking and claim to love you but seek to steal from you they

impose impossible rules that they themselves do not follow they dress in Robes of righteousness and false

Holiness claiming to be better than you whatever you do you end up being the

villain the guilty one in their eyes I am calling you to complete

freedom to sleep in peace tonight my holy spirit will speak to you

he will heal your soul and mind he will break all the chains you still carry and

in the morning when you wake up you will be free forever your happiness will no longer

depend on people’s opinions at last you will be who you truly

are my daughter my son wise and intelligent with a gentle character

person perseverance and courageous with a fervent powerful and strong faith hold

on to me in your worst moments when people offend you and your feelings are hurt when everything around you darkens

and you think there’s no reason to go on remember you are mine and you must aspire to greater

things do not settle for living forever in a corner crying under that roof where

you only suffered disrespect but I love you I help you forgive you restore you and

can give you a better future powerful gifts and talents peace joy and health

take your place stand with dignity you are a princess a prince forever

protected by your Mighty Heavenly Father tell me with your lips I Believe In You beloved

father I have a miracle with your name in my hand hands that matter that you and I know will be

resolved even your own family will be surprised many acted around you

secretly underestimating you and openly criticizing you they will kneel asking

for forgiveness for hurting you they didn’t respect you but they lost the

opportunity they were seeking when they discarded you I will take you to a better

environment raise you to a higher spiritual level where there are no quarrels or Envy

where true love still exists there they will appreciate the gifts and talents I’ve given you they

will support you in your growth and prosperity don’t fear Prosperity only Wicked Hearts immediately think of

material wealth I’m talking about provision peace happiness health and

family Harmony no debts no Sorrows from where I’m standing I see your miracle

and it’s so Grand and beautiful that when you see it you will acknowledge that all the suffering you went through

was worth it your family will understand that you were not wrong you were right

when you told them to trust the God who loves them so much they will cry with repentance for sinning against me when

you prayed for patience and strength and they laughed at you thinking you were making a mistake

losing your mind but when they see my powerful response to your prayer they will ask

you for forgiveness I chose you for something special to be a true blessing to your

family and your nation not to make you rich and popular or like those who waste their time seeking the approval of

others and are willing to do anything just to receive Applause and praise you are on a different level don’t stoop to

eat crumbs as they watch look up my Throne is where you belong with the

perseverance and Faith you have you will reach and see how all the promises I’ve made to you come true I will work

miracles through you but never expect anything in return from people be content with my love knowing

that I am always by your side and with the peace I give you no matter what troubles or difficulties

arise I Am With You Always though the path may seem long and arduous at times

fear not for I will guide your every step have faith that I will never

abandon you even in your darkest hours my love for you is eternal and

unwavering when doubts creep into your mind draw strength from the certainty that I am the way the truth and the

life no burden is too heavy when you allow me to share the load give me your

weariness your pain your fears and I will replace them with my

peace that transcends all understanding look not to the world for validation or

praise for its Pleasures are fleeting fix your eyes on me the author and

perfector of your faith I alone can satisfy the longings of your soul in me

you will find purpose joy and fulfillment that nothing Earthly can provide dearly beloved though trials may

come they are allowed to strengthen and refine you I will never give you more than you

can bear with my help these temporary afflictions are light and momentary compared to the Eternal glories that

await you in my heavenly Kingdom press on

therefore with unwavering resolve do not grow weary or lose heart

for in due season you will reap a Bountiful Harvest if you faint not the road may be long but the destination is

Glory Everlasting in my perfect presence so take heart my faithful one you are

engraved on the palms of my hands and I have gone before you to prepare the way

nothing can separate you from my boundless love I see the desires of your heart and I am working all things

together for your ultimate good be strong and courageous for I Am With You Always to

deliver you and bring you safely home to my eternal Embrace there you will find rest for

your soul and the Fulfillment of your deepest longings trust in me and you will never

be put to shame for I am the Lord your God the AL Mighty whose promises never fail amen my

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