God says why didn’t he give up

my beloved child I understand the

struggles that you are going through the

weight of the world may seem too heavy

to Bear life’s trials too great to

overcome yet I urge you to not give up

to keep on living let me share with you

why remember I am Jesus the one who has

experienced the greatest pain and

torment on the cross I am familiar with

all your struggles your fears your

anxieties and your pain I have felt them

all but I want you to know something

crucial I did not give up in the face of

adversity I chose to endure to fight to

keep on living and it wasn’t for myself

it was for you and for all of

humanity I know the feeling of Despair a

feeling like there’s no way out I know

what it’s like to feel abandoned to feel

like you’re all alone in your suffering

but I assure you you you are not alone I

Am With You Always even in your darkest

moments I am the light that shines in

the darkness The Hope in

despair so why shouldn’t you give up

because this life with all its trials

and tribulations is not the end there is

a purpose to your pain a reason for your

struggles they are shaping you molding

you into the person you are meant to be

your trials are not meant to break you

but to make you stronger remember my

dear friend that I love you I carried

the cross I faced death and I rose again

all because of my immense love for you I

didn’t give up because I believe in you

in your worth in your potential I am

here to tell you that you have a purpose

you have a worth that is

immeasurable you are loved Beyond

Comprehension yes life can be hard but

it’s also beautiful filled with moments

of Joy love and wonder so keep on living

keep on fighting remember that after the

night there is always a dawn after the

storm there is always a calm and after

the pain there is always healing I

promise you my dear one that I will be

with you through it all I will not leave

you nor forsake you

when you feel like you can’t go on lean

on me I will give you the strength you

need so remember you don’t have to give

up there is a brighter day ahead keep on

living keep on fighting and know that

you are loved with all my love



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