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Mye child this morning the sun rises not

just to paint the sky but to illuminate


path feel its warmth on your skin a

reminder of my presence in the world


you yes challenges May Loom casting

Shadows on your


but see them not as burdens but as

opportunities to build your

strength each obstacle overcome is a

testament to the resilience I have

placed within

you look within your

heart do you feel the disqui the

yearning for something

more that’s me Whispering guidance

urging you to seek a deeper

connection look for the subtle signs a

sunrise that takes your breath away a

kind word from a stranger the quiet

peace after a

storm these are all ways I speak to

you like this video And

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God my child don’t be afraid to to

stumble life’s journey is rarely a

straight line there will be moments of

Doubt of feeling

lost but in those times remember I am

your constant

companion my love surrounds you like a

warm embrace a source of comfort and


support perhaps you yearn for something

you haven’t yet received a dream that

seems just Out Of

Reach trust that I have a plan a

beautiful tapestry woven with the

threads of your

experiences be patient for the right

opportunities will unfold at the perfect

time there will be moments when the

world feels heavy the weight of burdens



but remember you are not

alone like this video in type if you

believe in

me my child share your struggles with

those you trust and know that I am

always here listening to your prayers

offering solace in your time of

need the world may tell you to chase

after fleeting Pleasures to to find

happiness in material

possessions but true Joy lies

within it’s the love you share with

family and friends The Quiet Moments of

reflection that bring Clarity and

purpose the act of kindness that ripples

outward touching the lives of

others don’t be afraid to speak your

truth even when your voice


stand firm in your convictions but also

embrace the wisdom of

others true understanding comes from

Open Hearts and respectful

dialogue like this video and type if

you are ready to receive

blessings my child life is a gift a

precious opportunity to experience the

world in all its



Savor the simple moments the laughter of

a child the beauty of a flower the

warmth of the sun on your

face there will be days filled with

sunshine and days filled with

rain but even in the midst of the storm

remember that the sun is still shining

above the

clouds trust that brighter days are

coming and that even the challenges you

face hold value valuable lessons for



growth never take your blessings for

granted look around you and see the

abundance that surrounds you the air you

breathe the food that nourishes you the

love that sustains

you be grateful for these gifts and

share them freely with those in

need like this video and type Amen to

open the gates of blessings into your

life my child you are fearfully and


made within you lies a spark of my

Divine Essence a potential for greatness

waiting to be


Unleashed trust in yourself trust in the

power within you and know that with

faith and perseverance you can achieve

anything you set your mind to

go forth and spread my message of love

compassion and

hope let your light shine brightly

Illuminating the world around

you remember I am always with you a

silent Whisper In The Wind a guiding

hand in the

darkness like this video and type to





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