God says: Trust Me And Your Inner Light | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

listen up my child you might think that

kindness is just a human quality

something that you possess but let me

tell you it’s not yours it’s mine living

and breathing within you kindness

doesn’t waver based on how others treat

you no it’s a gift that you offer not

just to individuals but to the very

essence of light that resides within

every single soul once you understand

that kindness is the radiant light

within each person you’ll never be able

to divide them into us and them again

you will never again be able to say that

people annoy you disturb you disturb

your Harmony my precious child charge

boldly through life with Grace and ease

trust the wisdom that beats within your

heart and bring joy to the Divine Light

that resides in every human being banish

the notion of disconnected individuals

from your mind there is but one world

Soul one luminous Brilliance and it

resides within each and every one of you

when uncertain certainty clouds your

path always call upon me for I am always

here right by your side my child Embrace

Life with a joyful Spirit don’t push

people away for they are a part of you

don’t disregard their opinions instead

smile at their foolishness their

ignorance of the ultimate truth just as

you would smile at a child’s Babel

kindness towards others is akin to

offering prayers on their behalf

remember a genuine smile of greeting can

illuminate the path for your loved ones

open your eyes my child I Am Your Divine

guide present everywhere encompassing

the entire universe and guess what so

are you there’s a vast Universe both

before you and within you one that often

goes unnoticed in your daily life cast

your gaze upon the people you encounter

and you’ll realize how insignificant the

barriers you perceive truly are you are

the embodiment of the one light you are

an extension of me so be me and never

forget each and every one of you is my

cherished child my Divine Light dwells

within each of you you and your neighbor

you are one amen

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