God Says: Today, I Am Begging Your 2 Minute | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

God says today I am begging your two

minute Jesus affirmations God message

today my beloved child you will feel the

depth of my love wrapping around you

like a warm protective blanket you’ll

grasp the magnitude of my care solid as

a towering Mountain unyielding and

unwavering no Force no foe will ever

have the power to sever the bond between

us today the essence of Love Will paint

vibrant Strokes across your heart

revealing its resilience in the face of

of any adversity you’ll see how love

blooms like a radiant sunflow or

steadfast and bold amidst the chaos of

the world and as you stand in the glow

of this boundless affection you’ll

realize that nothing can shatter The

Fortress of love that surrounds you so

my dear child rest assured for in my

love you will always find your refuge

and strength release the grip on the

path f open your hands wide to welcome

the blessings hurtling towards you like

shooting stars these blessings will

sweep you away from the shadowy Realms

of sadness to vibrant Landscapes where

opportunities flourish and wisdom blooms

picture your hands as vessels empty and

ready to be filled with the treasures of

Tomorrow feel the weightlessness as you

let go of the burdens that tether you to

yesterday embrace the free freom to

embrace the future With Arms Wide Open

these blessings will be your compass

guiding you towards New Horizons where

growth and Enlightenment await so

prepare yourself to seize these gifts

and embark on a journey of

transformation and Discovery you are

blessed because your soul has cried and

I have a crown for you a spiritual

blessing that you can enjoy treasure and

share this blessing will grow and grow

now is the time to walk through my word

forget about your past pain and focus on

the end goal don’t look for happiness in

those who want to stop the plans I’ve

made for you or in memories that make

you feel trapped if you trust me believe

in this powerful plan I have for you

with all your heart because I’m giving

you powerful gifts talents ideas dreams

and new new skills you haven’t even

thought of yet everything is real and

I’ve given you the power to work smartly

and win get up and knock on doors they

will open with the eye of the door open

so that no one can close it don’t allow

yourself to dwell on the sorrow of

unfulfilled dreams I refuse to let you

succumb to doubt instead I want you to

stride forward with unwavering

confidence picture your Dre

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