God Says This is Your Final Call, Don’t Skip Me Again | God Message Today | Jesus Message

God told me don’t be fooled get ready I

God’s message now today God helps my

beloved child I want you to know that I

have great plans for your life plans

filled with hope joy and blessings

beyond measure as your heavenly father I

am your Firm Foundation The unshakable

Rock on which you can stand I will give

you the strength to overcome every

obstacle and challenge you face I am the

one who sustain stains your soul meeting

your deepest needs I am the light that

guides your path leading you towards the

Fulfillment of your unique purpose do

not be disheartened by those who

underestimate you or view you as

unsuccessful they cannot comprehend the

amazing journey I have mapped out for

you the world may try to convince you

that you can find happiness apart from

me but I assure you it is only through

my power that you can experience a life

of true abundance and deep

satisfaction do not allow yourself to be

swept away by the trends of the times

pursuing fleeting Pleasures that will

leave you empty be wise and turn away

from Evil when faced with financial

hardships hold fast to your faith and do

not allow anything to take my rightful

place in your heart you were never meant

to carry your burdens alone instead

place your trust in me and my unfailing

love for you rely on my infinite wisdom

and I promise that with me by your side

there is no challenge too great to

overcome as you put your complete trust

in me you will experience a peace that

surpasses all understanding a peace that

will guard your heart and mind even in

the midst of life’s fiercest storms

trust in me and I will pour out

blessings upon you in every area of your

life my blessings will extend not only

to you but also to your loved ones your

children and your children’s children

always remember that in me you have

everything you need true happiness

cannot be found in the temporal things

of this world especially not in material

possessions seek Me Above All Else

immerse yourself in my presence and dive

deep into my word there you will

discover the path to un locking all of

my promises and gain understanding on

how to rightfully claim the blessings I

have for you simply put your trust in me

seek my face and walk in obedience to my

commands as you do you will witness how

I transform your life into a powerful

testimony of Hope and success in ways

that only I can when the storms of life

rage against you do not lose heart press

on and persevere give it your all and

continue to believe I

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