God Says, Someone Is Planning To Give You Lots Of Unexpected Mo… God’s Message

God message for you

today what I really think about you God

says God’s

message now loved ones come sit with me

let the stability of my love be the rock

you hold on to in the rough water my

arms will always be open ready to wrap

around you in a piece that you can’t

explain take a break here in the safety

of My Embrace during these times of

communion put your worries aside Stop

The NeverEnding list of things you need

to do and think about me quietness

doesn’t have to be boring it can be a

place to pray and think as you read let

the Bible’s words flow through your mind

and let praise rise from your heart like

the sun rising in the morning there is a

life lived in me that sounds like The

Melodies of worship and the rhythm of

prayer read Bible verses and use them in

your prayers let them be the way you

tell me what’s on your heart it will

give you confidence in both me and the

power of your prayers when your thoughts

and prayers are based on the truth of my

word I long to see you changed by the

renewal of your mind my beloved with

screens everywhere and information

coming at you all the time the world you

live in is always pushing you forward it

wants to shape your beliefs and

behaviors so that they are like its own

I’m calling you to a better way though

don’t fit in with this world change

yourself I want to change the way you

think and reset your inner Compass so

that you are always facing me the the

more I renew your mind the more my ideas

and attitudes will come out in your body

my child the renewal of your mind is a

process that takes time to happen it’s

like you’re coming out of a chrysalis

your thoughts used to be stuck on the

ground but now they fly on the currents

of my spirit it makes my heart happy to

see how you’ve changed the things that

are good right and perfect will become

your heart’s desires as you learn to

know my will you might not know where to

start or how to really let your mind be

changed join me here in the quiet where

my voice can be heard over the noise

spend some time with my word let it

deeply affect your thoughts and help you


decisions prayer is more than a task

it’s a conversation and it’s how we talk

ask me questions tell me your fears

share your happiness and sadness bring

them all into my love’s light remember

that my thoughts and ways are not the

same as the rest of the worlds I think

and act in ways that are higher than

yours just like the sky is higher

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