GOD SAYS: “SKIP THIS VIDEO IF YOU CHOOSE HELL” God’s Message Today #god #Jesus | Lord Helps Ep~1475

my beloved

friends Jesus has delivered a message of

warning and love to

us he speaks not from anger or judgment

but from Deep concern for our

souls salvation is the journey we all

must undertake as our Eternal Destiny is

shaped by the choices we make

Jesus emphasizes that he is the way the

truth and the

life salvation is found in knowing and

accepting him as our

savior through him we find forgiveness

reconciliation with God and the

Assurance of eternal life in

heaven we must acknowledge our sins

repent with a contrite heart and have

faith in Jesus our

savior our faith must be accompanied by

teats of Love reflecting the sincerity

of our

belief love is the greatest commandment

and we must treat others with kindness

empathy and

compassion avoiding sin is crucial as it

separates us from God we must resist

worldly Temptations and embrace

righteousness in our

thoughts words and

deeds cultivating a relationship with

God through prayer and worship

strengthens our faith we are called to

share Jesus teachings and the message of

Salvation with others by being a beacon

of light we guide those who are lost

towards the path of

righteousness keeping our focus on the

promise of eternal life in heaven we

remember that God’s Love Remains with us

always moreover Jesus reminds us of the

reality of Heaven and Hell John

tells us that Jesus is the only way to

Heaven by accepting him into our lives

and recognizing his role as our

savior we can secure a

place in heaven God’s love is eternal


unconditional he doesn’t turn away from

us when we make

mistakes as faithful followers of Christ

Our Place in heaven is confirmed for He

Loves Us beyond all

limits therefore let us he Jus message

turn away from sin and embrace the path


Salvation he is with us always ready to

welcome us into the loving Embrace of


father and if you believe this please



so my friends if you have received this

message in your heard subscribe to this

ministry Channel let us spread love and

the truth of Jesus Christ to all the

corners of the earth amen

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