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amen God is saying to you today I am see seeking you in the quiet of your heart

and there you will find me I the god want to have a conversation with you so

that I may show you the path to righteousness and the wonders of my love in a world that can be so confusing and

unpredictable remain firmly planted in your beliefs the truth of my word will set you free and my promises will not

let you down I have not given you a spirit of timidity but rather of strength love and wisdom so you need not

fear you should stay there you are loved just as much as I am loved by you show

the world how my Grace has transformed you more Mercy compassion and forgiveness just as I have given you are

required of you may the radiance of my love guide you and Cast Away the darkness that lurks in this world when I

speak religiously I ask God to make it clear to my children that you are both a part of and aart from this world

remember that your citizen iens ship is in heaven and keep your concentration there when circumstances are tough stay

steadfast in your faith I am the deity who controls the universe for the benefit of my lovable reasonable

adherence I have conquered the world so you need not dread the trials that lie ahead on the Road of Faith you are a

sacred vessel and you should take precautions to avoid the fire that transformed you in the face of adversity

trust in my steadfast love I am the solid Rock That Remains While others

crumble constant prayer brings you close to me and sets your thoughts to fulfill my will my children if you ask me for

knowledge I will gladly offer it to you and you are asking me for direction in everything since my strategies are

better and my mind is more powerful than yours consider my predictions for when things will transpire in the days of

preparation do not become weary because I am constantly at work orchestrating a

great Redemption and compassion Miracle worry not because your prayers and cries

will not go unanswered the result will be exactly what I had hoped for because I am listening carefully to my

children’s screams for assistance being appreciative is an attitude that may

help you overcome life’s obstacles it’s something to keep in mind at all times

your connection with me will become stronger and you’ll be better able to weather life storms if you remember all

the wonderful ful things I’ve done for you recount the tales of my enchantment and love for your children give yourself

to your heart’s passion and boldly share the good news you are to shine a light on the globe and add salt to the land

show the blind the benefits you claim by reflecting my Glory’s light my

electricity is at its strongest when you’re weak therefore draw strength from me while you’re weak believe in the

process of change I am developing you into vessels of honesty that will be useful to me similar to The Crucible the

trials will test and refine your faith do not despise them love joy peace

tenacity kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control are the

fruits of the spirit that should characterize your life they are signs of a heart that has opened to my changing

Grace so let them flourish and proliferate the power of forgiveness should never be underestimated it is the

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