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amen my dearest sweetheart on a certain day God will make you

forget God will provide a remedy that is so miraculous that you will forget the

hurt from the past instead of dwelling on the people

who wronged you you will find yourself counting your blessings the moment you

open your eyes you won’t be able to go through the day burdened by feelings of

discouragement and loss God will change your circumstances such

that you will be overwhelmed with gratitude a profound contentment and an

Indescribable Delight will be yours say yes if you’re in

agreement someone is about to give you the key to a new house but before they

do the Angels want you to do something kind for someone else who is less

fortunate it’s a chance to help other people while

simultaneously receiving a house as a present take advantage of this

opportunity to change someone’s life and Spark a positive Chain

Reaction by meeting this need you are bringing yourself into harmony with the

celestial scheme of things which is a mystery in and of itself

if you believe in God then you should like this video a change from difficulty to ease

from scarcity to plenty is on the horizon according to God’s message to

you today your Miracle is closer than you believe from struggling with addiction

to achieving freedom and from illness to health and completeness you will go

through a transform from feeling like nothing is working out

to experiencing things coming together connecting with the right

people you will get the contracts and have all the resources you need the time

for what I promised you has already been established it will not be delayed by

even a second have faith in my timetable you are entering at time of

your destiny I am going to lead you to places you couldn’t go alone what’s

coming your way will be out of the ordinary God is telling you

today the answer to your prayers is on the horizon and it will arrive sooner

rather than later the darkness the lack and the illness are passing A New Day

Has Dawn and things are about to change the powers that have hindered you

are crumbling before your own eyes the stars are aligning in your favor and the

people you need are on the verge of appearing now is the moment for you to

take charge healing promotions breakthroughs

and blessings are on their way to you being courage you will triumph over the

disease sadness and hardship simply type I am evolving to

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