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my beloved child today I invite you to

go deep into your soul as my words speak to you Let My Words weave into your

soul the difficult times are passing and better days lie

ahead the difficult times are coming to an end and you can rest assured that

your heavenly father will always be there for you life may throw trials challenges and

situations at you deeming the once radiant flame of Faith within

you my wish is for your faith to shine with seal in

compassion remember that my love has given you the spirit

motivation and desire to live it is time to return to the path of

Hope nourishing your spirit with my promises and truths fear not as you navigate

through dark valleys for I will always be with you

guiding and encouraging you to overcome obstacles I will safeguard your goals

and assist you in achieving them while this world is full of

adversity trust me I have overcome pain I hold the keys to your life and I

want you to enjoy it your successive victories are my

will may your future be filled with success and blessings and may you never experience

defeat do not forget these words for as you become happier and more

blessed Envy may try to bring you down [Music] it is a supernatural law that I am here

to uplift those I care about adversaries you despise them for

their happiness and Faith may arise fear

not you will be safe as long as you follow my

will it is neither difficult nor impossible I don’t expect you to be

perfect I understand you’re human and will make

mistakes at some point just give me your heart and fix

your Gaze on this sacred word I also desire your

loyalty you may seek and love me when things are going well but even in

difficult times do not abandon your journey and

prayers continue to walk and pray within wavering

Faith whether it is raining or storming you may shed a lot of

tears but persevere without giving up and I will Cal the

storms and silence the Seas I will end your

conflicts and address your problems however I would like to see an

unwavering attitude of loving and seeking me at all

times putting me first in everything you do you will discover that this Faith

transforms into a sword that defeats evil overcomes your

weaknesses and provide spiritual and Supernatural strength to help you

overcome Temptations fears problems and any challenges that

arise before leaving your home take a few moments to Bow your head dedicate your

plans and Affairs to me and pray for your

family speak words of faith and peace for I am your Shepherd and you will not

lack you are my sons and daughters my precious little

sheep I will take you to L pastures and Still

Waters your home will no longer have shouting or

confusion and you will resolve the conflicts burdening your

heart I will remove those you still love and Destroy peace from your

household I will root out all sin and wrongdoing that LS in the

shadows threatening your faith and happiness

I will remove your sorrow and you will not see misery or poverty at your

table when it’s in season you’ll have bread I will open the heaven

windows and blessings will pour down on you more jobs

education and opportunities for advancement I will eliminate bad habits

and vices for from your household that jeopardize your integrity

and faith we will walk together and I will firmly grasp your

hand concentrate on the good pure and marvelous things I intend to bring into

your life do not pursue negative friendships and do not return to those

you never eyes above the ground I am your provider and I can also bring you

happiness so you do not need to seek acceptance or approval from

others you should not seek anyone else’s approval to love and serve me just as I

do not seek permission to bless you the answer is

obvious you can only find her and indestructible of in

me it soothes and heals you I am the only person in this

universe you died and rose again for you so you can have

salvation and eternal happiness ask me now beloved to Grant

you this love forever you will experience the awaited

miracle and resolve the problem that has been bothering

you I have heard your prayer on my Celestial throne and you will soon receive an

answer however when you receive it do not be like others you receive what they

asked for and then forget you gave it to them I encourage you to use the

experiences you had to gain wisdom now that

you have seen everything resolve prepare to live a life of gratitude and

prayer every day it costs nothing to open your eyes and

say thank you God it’s not a difficult

task I am not asking for your material possessions nor do I want your offerings

unless they are genuine and grateful that is how blessings can multiply in

your life when you receive an answer to your prayer however if you forget the God who

saved you and believe that you have accomplished everything through your own

strength I must warn you that your blessings will wither away just like a

flower without water fill your prayers with praise

and bring Thanksgiving to my altar value and appreciate everything

you receive no matter how small it is although I may not give you exactly

what you ask for you must understand that I always provide something far

superior I am your father and Creator and I understand what is best

for your future family spiritual life and

heart if you ask for Prosperity I will forgive your

debts be grateful you are now living in

Freedom perhaps you do not have any money in your accounts right now but no

one will come to your door to collect if you ask for

abundance I will provide employment and dignity for everyone in your

family do not complain I am providing you with the

means and methods to earn your bread don’t be

afraid I’ll open doors for you go to the place I sent you and you

will prosper because of your dedication and

honor I want to pour B blessings into your life so that you can

learn to manage them when you combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you have received

you will receive a multitude of wonderful and marvelous

gifts I also want peace in your home allow the Miracles you

witness to help you grow spiritually however do not lose sight of

my word do not concentrate solely on material

positions above all maintain a genuine sense of gratitude within

yourself this is the first step toward a supernatural

life these are the keys that will open the door to a prosperous

future your devotion worship Thanksgiving faith and commitment to

blessing those around you as well as your desire to receive my word

persistence in prayer and eagerness to be an instrument of my grace in making

the world a better place oh please me listen to what I just said to you

again let it sink in you should know that I am the one who

heals prospers and saves your life from the

deps I surround you with love and mercy

and I open the door to a super natural world it is my wish that you receive the

Miracles you request from me but I also command that you cherish

them you please me I appreciate how you seek me out and I

enjoy hearing your prayers and gratitude it makes me happy to see your

Brave attitude these words will be inscribed in your soul as you listen to them once

more later when tongues seek to discourage you remember that I am the

one who heals prospers and rescues you from the

pit you must remember that I am the one who heals prospers and delivers you from

the pit I have wrapped you in love and mercy dry the air you breathe from the

depths of your heart your life and family are a reflection of my Divine

love take a moment to reflect on the places and times when I saved you from

pain and suffering you were not born into

luxury but the moment you saw the light you became one of my

messengers destined to heal the world however I’ve come to reveal

something to you the enemy attempted to take away your calling but my heavenly Angelic armies

defended you in a cruel battle you faced Relentless

hatred but I arrived with love your your father the only one who supports and

lifts you up despite the enemy’s attempts I rebuke them with the sword of

my word pouring a holy anointing of healing over you and directing you toward your

destiny I led you drew will with countless dreams in your heart and

cleared packs for you I bestowed upon you gifts and

talents transforming you into my warrior I breathe in your spirit

igniting an eternal flame within you I prepared for

you to bring Comfort to Nations by Distributing Soul capsules to those in

distress take my hand and never forget that I will walk alongside you assuring

you that you can achieve all of your goals my deepest desire is for you to be

happy which is why I’m here to watch over you protect you and bring you

peace my love for you is genuine and true so do not be

afraid I will never leave you alone I am your

counselor friend and protector to secure your Victory I moved

the heavens and the earth I don’t want to see you

fail because I’ve already paid for all of your sins now is the time to open your heart

to my grace and forgiveness foress regardless of how much others

want you to fail they will soon see how I can help you Triumph and Achieve

success come with me now and we’ll walk together place your complete trust in

me allow my love to empower and transform

you there is no room for sorrow or fear

when you are held in the palm of my hand and I am always watching over

you do not be afraid of your adversaries I will protect

you when you face those who oppose you as a brave Warrior I will extend my hand and raise

you High granting you Victory the time has come for you to

trust me with your future and stand stand form

today I present you with an irrefutable plan give me your entire

being Surrender Your Life to my hands whether there are mountains to

climb or deep valleys to cross I will guide you and clear your

path but I want you to work hard and be brave to take form steps even when

you’re walking through the valley of Shadows in the dark or crossing

turbulent water Don’t Be Afraid or look for reasons to give up on your

dreams you will not give up instead you will

persist even when you’re tired keep going because I given you the power and

ability to overcome Despair and break the habit of blaming others for

everything you have a purpose a mission and a dedication to me nobody else is

responsible do not expect others to help you when problems

arise in times of adversity avoid complaining that no one

calls to encourage you I am with you and that is

enough regardless of you criticize and rejects you and then attempt to bring

you down you do not need to seek love and acceptance from those you support your

adversaries my love is sufficient for you and my grace will move you

forward I promise to bless and prosper your home you have a calling and a mission

and my commitment to you is in wavering I will surround you with

prosperity peace health and provision keep your end of our covenant

and you will see the windows of Heaven open bringing abundance into your life

and home I love you and your feeling for me

will grow stronger with each passing day today marks the end of your storm and

tribulation my Divine breath sweeps across your Sky dispersing the clouds

that had hidden you my light signals a new day for

you from now on you will only Walk On Solid Ground as you seek my

blessings experience sing great peace and profound happiness my ears listen to you

fondly but I remain silent out of LIF preferring to hear your prayers as

hymns of Praise You will experience Joy instead of

tears and happiness will replace your Sorrows nothing will Cloud your mind

because as I will always be present in your thoughts filling you with beautiful

Eternal Joy my promises are written and will be

kept without a doubt my love transcends the universe’s

boundaries I will embrace you tenderly bless your home and send my Divine Reign to nourish

your Fields every day you will reap the

fruits with gratitude when you awaken my birds will sink for you filling you

with joy as you recognize my blessings in each step you take your and your family’s lives will

never be the same again because the time has come to reap the benefits of your dedication and

Valor you have overcome a thousand obstacles and emerged from grave

challenges seemingly impossible things have become pass ible as a result of

your faith and decision to stick to my word and love have made seemingly

impossible things passible you can stop him now I am the one who decides your faith

and my wish is for you to progress further and receive your spiritual

inheritance on this planet I am a good and righteous

God you are a treasure member of my flock a determined individual whom I am

proud to call my beloved child I’ve sent my angels to keep you

safe free of illness and worry you will be overjoyed With the

blessings in your life keep in mind that the blessings you will receive come from

above do not become proud remain humble and I will bless you

even more your confidence will grow and you will notice it because you will not

hesitate to confront your adversaries I’ll be by your side

assisting you in your Victory once they see my power within

you they’ll Retreat it is time to lift your face

leaving behind all past offenses and mistreatment do not let allower your

gaze and lose sight of everything I have to show you raise your face and rejoice in the

blessings you will receive for I your God have chosen to share my beautiful

promises with you I am your creator the one who made everything

visible and invisible as a result I promise you that

I will always be with you and shower you with my most beautiful

blessings I will love you for all eternity you astonish

me I asked you to be strong but you wi above and be on my

expectations you are an Exemplar of loyalty and Fidelity I am Overjoyed to see that all

of the seeds I planted within you have sprouted and produced such be beautiful

fruits this is why better times and New Horizons await you exceeding your hopes and

dreams you will not stop until you have conquered that land where blessings and

happiness abound I understand that you see things

differently at times your emotions Cloud your perception when you encounter Envy and

rejection from others including those who claim to love you instead of recognizing your

virtues they seek ways to make you feel bad delving into the past to bring up

memories that will hurt and shatter your spirit but

today as you listen to me make this decision you will adapt a Victorious

attitude just as you have demonstrated faith and strength in the face of

adversity don’t let anyone undermine your determination place your complete trust

in my word and be guided by the promises I make to

you you understand that you belong to me I will surround you with love and

confront any enemy who dares to oppose you when confronted with

difficulties discard any negative thoughts that arise come and rest if

conflicts by up fatigue sets in decisions weigh heavily and your spirit

is exhausted in my presence you will find Solace and hope

my love will protect you regardless of how many problems you have I want you to

know that I did not cause these situations for you

rest assured standing where you are you will emerge with the help of my powerful

hand I am here to save you I never want you to suffer beyond

your abilities I will lift the heavy burdens from your

shoulders it is not my intention for you to be alone and sad your future is bright and your

enemies may try to stifle your blessings but you hold the key in this

battle your faith is a powerful sword capable of shattering the barriers in

your path if you allow your enemy’s negative thoughts and emotions to enter your mind

you will only sink however if my holy spirit is for

most in your life and heart you will Triumph I’ve done my part to provide you

with salvation as well as an inheritance of Victory and

blessings now is the time to remain steadfast as you are on the verge of

reaching a spiritual level where Miracles occur on a daily basis do not

regress you have made significant progress do not throw away the tears you

shed or the sacrifices you made [Music] regardless of whether your family

appreciates your efforts stay focused on the goal your faith and decisionmaking

abilities are as strong as steel push yourself and be

brave many people have abandoned their goals and lamented their

circumstances but a new future awaits them my presence surrounds you and my

spirit rules rules over your home Heaven’s windows will open over

you bestowing blessings and gifts that will bring joy to your

home even those you left will return with repentant Hearts it will be a time for forgiveness

and Harmony fear not for I am with you be

not discouraged for I am your God with my Triumph and right hand I

will fortify assist and support you I have showered you with Abundant

Blessings In The Heavenly Realms to reveal my glory within your family and

extended to your friends relatives and neighbors you will serve as a conduit

for many people to receive healing This Magnificent work begins

here so I implore you to come every morning and

listen remember all of the Miracles I’ve already performed in your life and how

this word has manifested in seemingly impossible situations up to this point I have been

your lie do not backtrack or lose what you have

gained significant blessings are on the horizon but I want to see you every

morning with a grateful heart receiving this word with

warmth there is no need to be afraid because crisis have no

power the world’s threats May deceive you painting a picture of a dead end but

I have come to give you life strengthen your faith and Enlighten

your spiritual vision witness the value I place on from you and the love I Harbor which will not

fade because of your flaws or the multitude of your problems I will rescue you from the pit

into which you have fallen and extend my hand to lift you into a new realm of

spiritual strength you are extremely valuable to me and I must Express this to

you when the Sun rises remember me as my Ray shine

through your window feel the freshness of my Mercy as my spirit beckons you to spend time in

prayer share your emotions with me reveal your plans and

fears and I will keep my promise and respond to your

requests most importantly understand that with every moment you offer in sincere Faith you

will feel my Embrace of love I will give you the reassurance you

need to get through your day I warn the pages where your tears were recorded in

crimsoning I have forgotten your transgressions and removed the source of your grief from your heart

forever you are truly free affirm your belief by writing the

following words on a piece of paper I am free forever because of this

love you did not pay for your freedom nor did you earn it through

Perfection I understand that you cannot free yourself from Eternal

punishment your freedom and debts have been settled and your Victory is

assured my promises are guaranteed and sealed with immense profound and

beautiful love do not try to comprehend it

instead live it feel it and connect with

it this wondrous love floods your heart and you lose faith in love as a result

of other people’s disappointments yet here I am the

universe’s Creator seeking you out to express how much I adore

you I convey these sentiments to you through an unexpected Channel you do not

need to travel long distances or climb mountains to hear my voice I aspire to touch your heart right

now you may already feel the profound love intended for you even if you resist

at first my love for you is so strong that I refuse to let you

go so Embrace this new life free of

loneliness and fear cradled in my affection steered or the harbor of

Victory with my love in the ocean of happiness you will experience Eternal

joy prosperity and sacred wealth there if you want to change your life

you must suspend your disbelief the enemy attacks your mind

with doubts hoping to impede your understanding of me and the Fulfillment

of my promises seek a simple faith and humility in your heart a commitment to

interesting your plans to me each day rather than relying on your own

wisdom allow me to be your Shepherd leading you to lust dream

pastures where your soul can see the blessings I’ve spoken about in my

presence anxiety has nowhere to go and your heart is at

peace difficult days and distressing news won’t bother you prepare for the day when you will

know me intimately receive my forgiving love and

accept yourself exactly as you are my unwavering love will transform

you refining your character and making you wake up every day

Fearless you are not weak you are strong you are not timid you are

brave I have given you a spirit of love and power freeing you from

despair these viable emotions will submit to my authority and instead of anxiety and

fear my strength will fill your heart today you gain freedom and

discover your true self I surround you with Grace and

wherever you go you reflect my truth peace and

blessings your soul and heart find comfort and I whisper loving words to

strengthen and calm you there is no reason to put up with the storms in your mind day after

day when I tell you that your spirit is at peace you have no reason to

suffer believe in these powerful words that can heal you Express gratitude with your

lips remembering the gifts blessings and benefits I bestow on

you I forgive forget heal and rescue you

from the depths of Despair if you give your heart to me today you will never hung for affection

or attention nor will you seek the company of deceitful

companions or the approval of ungrateful traitors I will be your friend

companion bread of life god king

shepherd provider and healer I open your spiritual

eyes so you can understand enter to this gate to begin

in new Supernatural life and never return to the house of

pain I have Mighty and wondrous miracles in store for you even if you don’t ask

for them because of my unconditional and eternal

love I will shower you with blessings if you surrender your heart to

me and promise to follow me with perseverance and loyalty no one can take you from my

grasp however the cunning enemy patiently awaits the moment you become

distracted look back or are tempted to revisit the

past doubts and uncertainties may arise in your mind enslaving you once

more nobody can touch you or your family this is

critical deny forget that the enemy is attacking you to undermine your faith

and emotional stability the wicked and envious cannot stand to see someone as strong as

you they know their demise is inevitable and their attacks are feeble

and futile when you do not show fear or falter in your spirits when confronted

with adversity my Holy Spirit bestowed upon your heart the gifts of surrender

stability emotional maturity Purity

self-control and Supernatural power cowardice and fear have no place

in your life do not let your legs tremble with fear nor let anxiety rule your

being maintain a form stance don’t allow emotions to sway your

decisions remain calm and composed as I speak to you come lend me your ear and Let My

Embrace fill you with the love and peace you need right now I bestow my grace and blessings on

you eagerly anticipating your success and prosperity as well as eternal life in my

Celestial Kingdom accept it live your life life on Earth with

enthusiasm passion purpose and an unwavering desire to do good and spread

my message to the far reaches of the universe Miracles will happen through

your hands encouraging and comforting seeking souls and providing spiritual

nourishment to those in need walk with confidence do not let the Envy of the

wicked control your life place your complete trust in me and

great Tranquility will be your companion when threats arise remember my

promises my holy spirit will keep you safe it is my will that your family and

you be surrounded by an indestructible shield and constantly protected by my

warrior angels my protection is ever present rely on me and Temptation will

not overcome you rejoice in the knowledge of my eternal love which brings Abundant

Blessings regardless of the challenges that life may throw at you you will

always have my protection do not forget that the enemy is waiting for the right moment to

distract tempt and confuse you allow not these snares to trap your

thoughts for they can enslave you again nobody can harm you or your

family this is an important fact to remember the enemy’s attacks seek to

undermine your faith and emotional stability I am your resurrection and

life even if you fall to the ground you will rise

again for those who believe in me will never die stay humble guard your weekness be

patient and do not be disturbed by provocations respond not with loud

outbursts or violence I give you courage but ask you

to act wisely if fear returns have faith and

seek my presence I will protect you from evil guide you through your life’s

journey and be with you from this day forward before you begin each day

remember that I am your God guiding you with my Serene

voice don’t worry I’ll always be there for

you helping and loving never feel alone or

forgotten India’s people may remind you of past mistakes and tried to shame you

for your sins pay them no attention do not let bitterness and

sadness consume you even if everyone else abandons

you I will never leave your side regardless of what the world says

you will always be The beautiful tender and sincere person that I cherish

don’t waste your time with Idol bosiers instead seek my

presence desire my word and find refuge in my

love I created everything with care including the oceans

Skies mountains and your soul so that you could live in My

Kingdom indefinitely the wicked its time is limited but yours will never

end I’ve given everyone the freedom to choose between life and

truth I touch your heart and you Express

gratitude I will richly bless you and we will always be

together have faith and don’t be afraid cowards waste time accusing you

of past mistakes and sins I’ve already forgiven

you I don’t remember them your sins have been cast into the

sea and now I am lifting the burden and depression from your mind the secret

sadness that lingers in your heart I will change your attitude give

you more courage and encourage you to face life with

enthusiasm the greatest blessings in this world are reserve for those who truly believe in

me keep my word with Humble Hearts and do not let this power get to their

heads Heaven rejoices in your decision to accept me into your life to keep my word and to obey

me I will pay you back for everything that has been taken from

you walk with confidence your death in is in my

hands and all of your enemies have been defeated come

now pray to me with faith and I will lovingly grant you all of the beautiful

things you desire in your heart I understand your

feelings I understand the depths of your emotions and there is nothing you can

hide from me feel free to approach me with confidence at any time

share your situation and express your emotions I continue to be attentive to

your feelings and needs as I always have there is no reason to doubt my

concern for you especially given that I rescued you

and gave you a new life in a world that may lack love and

understanding you have everything you require and more with me I offer you the comfort you

seek enveloping your life in my love and filling your heart with the profound

emotion that comes from being deeply loved even when faced with

adversity my love for you has never wavered I loved you and I will continue

to love you stop investing your affection in people who betray you don’t value it or

don’t put your well-being first they do not deserve the first place in your

heart that honor goes to me recognize and respect me giving me

the honor I deserve in your life I should be your only God lord and

King allowing someone else to take my place is one of the reasons you’ve been

feeling ill recently if you reject my love the void in your

heart will grow bringing sadness and tears your search for love in the wrong

places is futile no one in this world can love you as much as I do come to me for peace

love and relaxation why wait to give your life

and affection to those who cause you pain do not not wait until you are hurt

before returning to me in tears I will still accept

you because my love outweighs your mistakes and byad choices you do not need to wait for

suffering to approach me come to me right now and I will

lovingly embrace you revealing my love today your future and present situation

will improve I will intervene in your life in a supernatural manner

soon and you will seek Clear Solutions to your problems avoid trusting negativity or

the opinions of those who are suffering spiritually if you are hearing or

reading these words it is because I have given you intelligence and you are

prepared the door will soon open I am not a fictitious Glide to

exist solely in your imagination you are familiar with

me don’t doubt my word anymore every time you’ve been in

trouble I’ve come to save you with my holy hand embracing you with love and giving

you life despite a difficult past your

present has steadily improved allow the fire in your heart to

burn because the dream I planted is growing into a tree that will provide

shade ample provision and abundance for you and your loved

ones hold on to the life I’ve given you and look forward to the many things I’ll

do soon to change your perspective regardless of any previous

setbacks you will have a better understanding of what I have planned for

you instead of abandoning or defeating you I’ve consistently stood by your side

extended forgiveness and lifted you up brighter days are

ahead your sadness will fade leaving room for infinite

happiness a miracle is on the way and you’ll be able to witness it first in

thanks to my power declare your faith and commitment

saying I believe it as always please know that I love

you have faith and you will not sink I am putting you to the test with

small challenges in order to bestow great blessings I understand your suffering

and pain even if I appear distant or silent reflect on our Sher

Journey do you think it was in vain your blessings are Priceless like

diamonds and the seeds I’ve given you will grow into lust trees with abundant

fruit rest in my peace be patient in my garden of

presence and all of your needs will be met abundantly your weaving will

stop deficiencies will be eliminated and your home will be

abundantly supplied Trust the process even when faced with obvious

setbacks if you reap over seemingly dead seeds do so with

joy because my power will soon bring forth the greatest blessings uring in

prosperity for you and your family fear not for I Am with You defending you

against evil your future will not be like your past I will take care of it I

do not want you to be in any further pain allow your wounds to

heal leaving the past behind while carrying the lessons forward trust me

completely and I will lead you down a better path always present and willing

to listen share your heart with me trust in my unwavering

presence and find strength within me I advise against trusting deceitful

people instead read my words learn about

me and seek me out rise and fulfill the purpose I’ve chosen for you my

comforting presence will be by your side as you embark on a new joyful life tears

of joy will replace tears of Sorrow as you see my promises fulfilled tell tell me you believe in

me find refuge in my arms and no one will harm you believe in

me and I Adore You amen

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