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beloved child I hear your prayer your

hearts plea for forgiveness and blessing

upon those you


cherish know that I am here listening

ready to shower you and your loved ones

with grace and


in your journey you’re undergoing a

profound transformation a metamorphosis

that will Echo Through the

Ages Every choice you make reverberates

shaping Destinies and painting the

tapestry of your

existence despite the storms that rage

around you you’ve chosen courage over

fear radiating positivity into a world

thirsty for

light your resilience your unwavering

spirit is a beacon in the darkness

Illuminating the path for others to


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stay patient dear

One Trust in my Divine timing for I hold

the master plan in my

hands what lies ahead is beyond your

wildest dreams a grand design crafted

with love and


lean not on your limited understanding

but surrender to my will knowing that I

am working all things for your ultimate

good prepare yourself for the Miracles I

have in store for you and your family

are Beyond


Comprehension healing blessings and

favor are rushing towards your doorstep

ready to envelop you in my boundless

Grace your authenticity your refusal to

conform to the world’s standards is a

catalyst for transformation a spark

igniting a revolution of


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beloved child in a world plagued by

pretense and falsehoods dare to be true



yourself Embrace Your Divine Essence for

in doing so you become a vessel of

change a conduit it for my love to flow


your mere existence reverberates through

the collective Consciousness triggering

a seismic shift towards truth and


authenticity fear not for I Am With You

Always guiding your steps and cradling

You In My

Embrace be steadfast be bold for you are

a cherished child of mine destined for

greatness in this vast Mysterious


amen if you too find solace in these

words let your voice join mine in a


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