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my beloved child between The Whisper Of

The Wind and The Quiet of the Stars hear

my voice speaking straight into the

depths of your heart I am here closer

than the breath you breathe entwined

with the essence of your being wrapping

you in an Embrace that transcends time

and space know this my beloved you are

on the verge of fresh

Beginnings the Vista before you painted

with the colors of Hope and promise

awaits your next step of trust your

journey so far defined by shadowy

valleys and bright Peaks has prepared

you for this

moment do not be afraid of the unknown

because I am the god who walks on water

governs the Dawn and establishes limits

for the

sea my hand that created the cosmos will

lead you and my power that maintains all

life will support

you you may seem little in the wide

expanse of creation like a single note

in an endless Symphony yet in my sight

you are a masterpiece a reflection of my

love and elegance I’ve counted every

hair on your head gathered every tear

you’ve cried and written your name in

the palm of my hand you are mine

selected and adored destined for

Grandeur yet to be seen the world may

reverberate with voices of Doubt fear

and despair screaming that you are

insufficient and that your aspirations

are only

Shadows but I the Lord your God announce

that you are immeasurably more you will

discover identity and purpose in me that

no situation or hardship can take away

rise my child with your gaze set not on

the Tempest but on me the one who calms


storm allow Faith to lead you hope to

Anchor you and love to urge you onward

the way ahead may be discovered but it

is illuminated by my presence and paved

with wonders Yet to Come remember that

the force that raised Christ from the

dead resides within you this same power

can move mountains shatter bonds and

breathe life into lifeless

places where others see problems I see

opportunity for my glory to shine where

there is weakness my power

flourishes you are armed not with

Earthly weapons but with spiritual armor

forged in the fires of my soul capable

of defeating Giants and gaining

Triumph do not linger on past failures

or future concerns for I am the god of

the now actively working inside you to

achieve much more than you can

conceive each step taken in obedience is

a step toward Destiny and each Act of

trust proclaims my kindness and

sovereignty so take confidence my

beautiful one the same voice that called

called creation into being is speaking

to you today beckoning you to a life of

incredible Adventure accept the voyage

because it holds the promise of my

unwavering love and

Fidelity with each Daybreak I offer an

invitation to experience the fullness of

existence in my presence where pleasure

is Limitless and Tranquility is beyond

comprehension let go of the falsehoods

that have kept you prisoner and the

Shadows that have clouded your eyesight

your history does not define you rather

my love does your troubles do not form

you instead my grace does stand up

dressed in the identity I give you a

warrior bathed in light ready to carry

out the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you rather than hurt you plans

to give you hope and a

future and while you travel this journey

remember that you are not alone I am

constantly with you at every moment and

through every

difficulty my love is the constancy that

endures when everything else fails in me

you will discover the source of all

power and the Fountain of everlasting

life so my child enter the river of my

soul and let my currents to bring you to

the heights of Heaven’s promise and the

depths of my heart where every desire is

satisfied and every tear is wiped away

let us go on this holy adventure

together hand in hand heart to heart for

in me you will find all you were born to

be and are destined to


amen allow my presence to embrace you in

the calm that follows as a monument to

my never-ending love and unbreakable

promise as a new day Dawns so does my

grace refresh itself inside you

providing a fresh start a blank slate on

which to write my intentions for your


life my child you are a vessel of

heavenly potential a blank canvas

waiting for my hand to transform ashes

into Beauty fear into strength and loss

into Triumph hear me now as plainly as

thunder in a storm announcing facts that

serve as immovable foundations for your

existence you are not an accident nor an

afterthought I knew you before the

Earth’s foundations were created named

you and set you aside for Glory that

shines brighter than the

Stars your life is a symphony written in

the heart of Eternity destined to be

sung with bravery and passion while

resonating with the harmony of my will

in the times of loneliness when the

weight of your trip rests heavy on your

shoulders shoulders remember I am the

god who removes burdens and frees

captives the route may seem lengthy and

the conflicts harsh but in my

sovereignty I have established a path

the wilderness

water will spring up in the desert and

Mana will fall from Heaven to support

you my Providence has no limitations and

my resources are unlimited the bread of

my word will feed your soul while the

water of my spirit will satisfy your

thirst you are supposed to be more than

a conqueror to battle and destroy the

Giants in your country claiming The

Inheritance I have given this bequest my

child has Everlasting meaning it is a

legacy of Faith morality and Divine

Purpose your tale is part of a larger

storyline that transcends generations

and reverberates through eternity do not

be disheartened by the doubters or

deterred by the challenges that come

your way for every Goliath there is a

stone and for every Red Sea a staff to

separate the waters my power is

perfected in weakness and my grace is

adequate for all of your

needs when you feel inadequate remember

that I am the god who empowers the call

your power is not in your talent but in

your submission to my will and

Leadership let love be the compass that

directs you on your trip because love is

the greatest commandment and the

Fulfillment of all my

desires love me with your whole heart

soul mind and strength and love your

neighbor as

yourself in doing so you become a Beacon

of Hope a light in the Darkness

attracting people to me by your own

story be alert for the adversary prows

like a roaring lion looking for someone

to eat but do not be afraid I have given

you permission to stomp on serpents and

scorpions as well as all of the enemy’s

strength arm yourself with God’s entire

armor so that you can resist the devil’s

WS The Shield of faith will extinguish

the wicked one’s blazing darts and the

sword of the spirit which is my word

will cut through all lies and deceptions

you will face tribulations in this world

but do not despair I have conquered the

world the victory is already won and

your position in my kingdom is my will

is certain keep your gaze fixed on Jesus

the author and finisher of your faith

who for the joy set before him endured

the cross despising its shame and now

sits at my right side follow in his

footsteps carrying your cross every day

knowing that in him you will find

genuine life finally remember my darling

that you are never

alone my spirit lives inside you as a

guarantee of your inheritance and a

connection to all Truth Listen for my

quiet little voice directing you in the

right direction among the chaos of this

world you belong to a chosen generation

a royal priesthood a holy nation and my

own unique people who have been called

out of Darkness into my glorious light

so rise child of the most high with

fresh Vigor and unflinching Trust march

on with confidence knowing that the Lord

your God will go before you you are

destined for greatness not by worldly

criteria but by those of my kingdom The

Voyage ahead is full with promise and

purpose walk in it and the Lord’s Glory

will be displayed in and through you

allow the light of my love to banish the

shadows of uncertainty and anxiety as

you begin a new chapter in your path you

stand on the verge of Destiny peering

into the vastness of a future I have

meticulously planned for you this

Horizon is not an illusion but a

physical reflection of my intentions for

your life plans to benefit you rather

than hurt you plans to provide you with

hope in a future the roote may be veiled

in mystery yet each step is sovereignly

ordered to bring you closer to the

completion of my divine plan when you

seek my face in peaceful times know that

I am already there meeting you in the

Holy space between heartbeats and

breaths I am the god who hears your

deepest longings and quiet pleas that

Ascend like incense allow my peace which

transcends all understanding to protect

your heart in mind during these times of

communion because in my presence is

fullness of joy and at my right hand


forever you are about to go on a trip of

faith not simply kilometers across the

Landscapes of trust and surrender each

Valley of Gloom teaches dependence on my

constant presence Every Mountain of

Victory commemorates the might of my

might remember that The God Who led

Israel by fire at night and Cloud by day

is the same God who will lead you I am

the pillar of fire in the darkest night

and The Cloud of protection in the day

my loyalty serves as a shield and

Rampart for you you are not traveling

alone on this road but rather as part of

a large Fellowship of Believers a

community woven together by my spirit

just as iron sharpens iron so does one

person sharpen another encourage one

another bear one other’s burdens and

thereby fulfill the law of Christ the

Oneness of my body demonstrates to the

world my love and

elegance as you walk in love love and

togetherness you mirror my image to a

world that desperately needs hope you

have been gifted with spiritual talents

not wealth or metal but Riches of


worth these presents should be opened

and enjoyed not locked away they are the

means by which my Dominion advances and

my love is made known whether it’s a

word of encouragement an act of kindness

or expressing your faith Every Act you

perform in my name name creates a ripple

that spreads the reach of my kingdom do

not underestimate the power of your tale

your witness to my faithfulness in your

life for it has the ability to burst

bonds and set captives free hold on to

Hope throughout times of waiting when

promises seem far and the vision

lingers the waiting room is not a place

of delay but rather a character building

workshop where patience and Trust are

perfected in these Seasons I am actively

engaged weaving the threads of your

destiny with compassion mercy and love

the waiting is as much a part of the

voyage as the destination a canvas on

which my Brilliance might be exhibited

as you go ahead let thankfulness to be

the Symphony of your heart a song of

Praise that emerges in the middle of any

situation for appreciation invites my

presence adjusts your Viewpoint from

lack to abundance and transforms fear

into faith the language of the Kingdom

the money of Heaven feeds your spirit

and brings you closer to my

heart and so my child with your eyes

elevated to the heavens and your heart

anchored in my

promises stride into the dawn of your

destiny let my word be a candle for your

feet and a light for your path walk with

the confidence of my love the knowledge

of my presence and the expectation of my

promises the road ahead is bright with

the promise of my kindness and Fidelity

you are called for this time to be

equipped and enabled for every good job

I have assigned to you together we shall

delve into the depths of my love soore

to the heights of my Splendor and go

across the expanse of my

Empire my grace shines again on your

life every day just as the sun rises and

casts its brilliant beams on the land

this trip you are on is not a race to be

won quickly but rather a pilgrimage to

be enjoyed step by step with your heart

attuned to my voice and your eyes open

to the beauty of my creation the route

ahead is full of possibilities with each

instant presenting opportunity to see my

hand at work in the world around you and

inside your own heart remember my

darling that you are a source of light

in a world that is frequently gloomy you

contain the very essence of my existence

the spirit that empowers directs and

soothes me when I am feeling doubtful or

discouraged remember that the light

inside you can never be extinguished

because it is powered by my Everlasting

presence let it shine brightly lighting

the road for others and leading them to

the hope and serenity that only I can

provide throughout your trip you will

come across Crossroads pivotal events

that will influence your future fear not

in these moments of decision because I

have promised to give you knowledge if

you you ask seek my will above

everything else and believe that my

instruction is always for your benefit

and my

glory even when the path seems hazy

remember that I am arranging your steps

bringing you toward a future full with

promise you are more than simply a

tourist you are a kingdom grower called

to sew seeds of faith hope and love in

the hearts of people you encounter some

seeds May Sprout soon While others may

take Seasons to appear but each seed is

valuable in my eyes and I will reap the

fruit at the appropriate time so love

abundantly live freely and totally in

the wealth of my

gift remember to take breaks along the

way just like I slept on the seventh day

you must find times to be quiet and

remember that I am God in quiet you will

discover refreshment and strength for

the journey ahead my presence is your

Sanctuary a place of rest and renewal

where you may be filled and reminded of

my unwavering love for

you you will confront impassible

mountains and valleys that look too deep

to Traverse but with each stride of

Faith you will realize that nothing is

impossible for me I am the god who moves

mountains separates oceans and walks

with you through every Valley keep your

eyes on me and let your trust overcome


fear we shall overcome every difficulty

and enjoy every success your trip is not

alone you are surrounded by a large

cloud of witnesses Saints who have gone

before you cheering you on and other

Travelers walking by you draw strength

from our Christian Community by

encouraging and bearing one another’s

Sorrows Unity will give you strength and

love will represent my character to the

World As the day comes to an end and you


on your journey allow appreciation to

flood your heart every day is a gift a

chance to further understand myself and

share my love with others value every

moment since doing so means you value me

and so my child as you continue on this

road know that I will be with you until

the end of the

age my love for you is

constant my intentions for you are

unwavering and my presence with you is

obvious walk in this truth live in this

hope and find Serenity my precious and

cherished child allow my words to wash

over you in this calm time a gentle

reminder of the love and power that

surrounds you hear me speak straight to

your heart informing you of my unlimited

love for you a love that has no

beginning or end recognize that in the

Magnificent tapestry of Life each thread

color and moment is sewn with Divine

Purpose your pleasures losses troubles

and victories are not just coincidences

but rather components of a larger

pattern painstakingly sculpted by my

hands when the shadows gather in and the

Light Of Hope flickers weakly know that

I am there I am the light amid the storm

the steady anchor in your times of

uncertainty you are never alone for my

presence surrounds you at all times a

continuous companion on your life’s

path my child who may be tired and

battered by the challenges of this life

I say this your strength is not in your

capacity to weather the storm but in

your willingness to let me be your

shelter lean on me for my strength is

magnified by your weakness your NATO

responsibilities are not yours to bear

at my feet and I will relieve

you you my beloved one are a

one-of-a-kind creation endowed with

abilities skills and a destiny that only

you can realize do not be discouraged by

failures or diversions they are only

Stepping Stones on your journey to

success where there is grief I will


healing where there is failure I will


atonement remember the tales of the past

of those who trusted me and witness The

Impossible become like them you are

supposed to walk by faith rather than

sight your present circumstances are not

the the last chapter rather they serve

as the background for the wonderful

novel I am creating in your

life as a result I encourage you to rise

and accept the calling I have put on

your life do not conform to this world

but rather be transformed by the

renewing of your mind so that you may

discern my good acceptable and perfect

will for you as you walk out in trust

know that I am by you guiding you every

step the route may not always be

apparent and the trip may be riddled

with difficulties but each step taken in

trust brings you closer to the

Fulfillment of the promises I have made

to you so my child hang firm to your

faith the Assurance of things hoped for

and the conviction of things

unseen if you do not give up you will

eventually reap a crop of

benefits the world may not comprehend

but you are not of this

world you are chosen a royal priesthood

a holy nation my own particular

possession summoned out of Darkness into

my magnificent light and as you walk in

this light as you fulfill your purpose

let your life be a monument to my love


loyalty let your words and actions

provide hope to the Hopeless love to the

unloved and light to those in

darkness because in doing so you reveal

my heart to the world my beloved child

as you continue on this road know that

you are unconditionally loved selected

for a reason and prepared to Triumph

walk bravely live courageously and love

passionately for I am with you now and

forever more as a new day Dawns remember

my dear that each Sunrise represents my

boundless compassion and unfailing

Fidelity with each streak of light that

shines through the darkness know that I

am cre creating something new in your

life even if it is not yet apparent to

your eyes when doubts speak falsehoods

into your heart remember who you are in

me you are my masterpiece formed in my

likeness and destined for Glory beyond


imagination the adversary may want to

dull your light but remember that the

light inside you is a gift from me one

that no Darkness can conquer listen for

my voice if you’re feeling lost and

wandering through life’s uncertainty I’m

calling you bringing you back to the

road I’ve established for you this

voyage across the desert is not for

nothing it is here in the isolation and

Stillness that I am refining you turning

you into a vessel for my glory don’t

allow the world’s definitions of success

and pleasure determine your value you

are not judged on your accomplishments

position or Goods your worth resides in

your identity as my child a treasured

and cherished part of my kingdom you are

whole and lack nothing for those

burdened by past sins and living in the

shadow of

regret hear this I am the god of Second

Chances the creator of redemption

Tales your history does not define you

it is not a binding chain but rather a

testimonial to my kindness and mercy let

go of your guilt and shame for I have

entirely forgiven you and in me you may

Begin Again as you navigate through life

remember that a mustard seeds worth of

faith can move mountains the challenges

before you are chances for me to

demonstrate my strength and loyalty

stand steadfast in your faith call on my

name and watch me provide a way where

there seems to be none in times of

loneliness and isolation when you feel

unnoticed and unheard remember that I am

here alongside you you are never alone

for my presence surrounds you I hear

every prayer see every tear and

understand every suffering In My Embrace

you will discover Comfort calm and an

unbreakable love those who hunger and

thirst for righteousness who want to

live a life agreeable to me know that

your efforts are not in vain blessed are

you for you will be

full allow my word to be a candle to

your feet and a light on your path

leading you in truth and knowledge in a

world of changing Shadows my word is a

solid foundation on which you may stand

as you go on be a light of Hope and a

conduit for my love to people around you

be nice to the Cruel Love the unlovable

and forgive those who have harmed you in

doing so you are reflecting my heart to

the world a heart that loves

unconditionally and forgives freely

finally my dear face the future with

bravery and confidence knowing that I

will be beside you every step of the way

the trip may be long and difficult but

my grace is sufficient for you my

strength made perfect in weakness we

shall overcome together and in the end

you will stand triumphant wearing a

Crown of Glory as a tribute to my love

and might so go out my child with

excitement and eagerness because I am

accomplishing something new in your life

can you not notice it I’m making my way

through the woods and streams in the

Wasteland the best is yet to come

because with me everything is possible

in the Symphony of life when every note

pause and Crescendo plays its role know

that I am conducting your life song let

my promises lead you through the

cacophony of anxieties doubts and Global

noise a symphony of Hope calm and

unshakable love if you find yourself at

a Crossroads and unsure which course to


listen to my

advice I am not a god of confusion but

of Peace as you seek my will I will

guide you step by step exposing the path

ahead trust not just in your

understanding but also in every word I

say to you for my plans for you are good

and they will provide you with a hopeful

future for those who are experiencing

inner turmoil when worry and Dread

threaten to take your Serenity hear

these words Serenity I leave with you my

peace I offer you not as the world gives

do I give to you do not let your hearts

be worried or terrified you will

discover in me a Serenity that is beyond

comprehension a calm in the middle of a

tempest to the tired those who have

battled long and hard and feel as if

their strength has run out come to me

all who labor and are heavy laden and I

will rest you my strength is perfected

in your weakness

in your times of complete fatigue I am

your rest and replenishment lean in and

let me bear your load to the

Brokenhearted who have deep wounds and

scars from previous hurts and

disappointments know that I am near to

them and will rescue those who are

crushed in spirit I am the Healer of

wounded Hearts the one who bandages

wounds in my hands what was damaged may

be repaired Beauty May emerge from ashes

and pleasure can replace grief remember

that in my sight you are valuable

cherished and adored the world’s

standards are not the same as mine I

addressed You by name and you are mine

in My Kingdom the last will be first and

the humble will be exalted up amen

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