God Says- Jesus is Watching to You Don’t Skip | God message today for you | God Saying

my beloved child I know the depths of

pain and struggle you are waiting

through in this season the Waters of

Affliction and hardship feel

overwhelming at times threatening to

drown you in hopelessness and despair

but take heart my precious one for I am

with you

always my loving gaze never leaves you

even in the darkest night I am the god

of all hope and I long to impart that

unshakable hope to you in this hour of

great need when the way ahead seems shr

an impenetrable Shadow fix your eyes on

me the morning star that shatters the

darkness with brilliant unquenchable

light I am the way maker blazing a path

before you even when the road is

obstructed I am the mountain mover

overturning every obstacle that stands

between you and the Abundant Life I’ve

prepared for you trust in my infinite

power and sovereignty my child for I am

making a way where there seems to be no

way nothing is impossible for me you

feel weary and battle warn from the

Relentless onslaught of hardship but

take Heart You are not alone in this

fight I am your everpresent helper

surrounding you with my mighty Angelic

Warriors when your feet grow heavy with

weariness I will gently scoop you up and

carry you through the raging Storm to

Still Waters and Green Pastures where

your soul can be replenished and

restored my strength is made perfect in


weakness share this video with up to

five people if you need God’s

presence the trials you face now are

temporary but I am working out an

eternal weight of Glory within you that

vastly outstrips the pain of this


suffering every tear every anguished

cry every seemingly unanswered prayer is

cultivating within you perseverance

unshakable faith and profound character

that will shine brilliantly for my

kingdom purposes nothing you are

enduring is wasted my child

not one drop of your suffering escapes

my tender

gaze I am holding you in the palm of my

hand extracting Beauty from these

ashes when circumstances seem to mock

your prayers and crush your hopes

remember that I am the god of

Resurrection the one who breathes life

into dead situations and turns bitter

endings into New Beginnings more

glorious than you can

conceive your finite perspective is

shortsighted in these dark periods but I

am the Alpha and the Omega stewarding

every setback and Detour into my perfect


tapestry my timing is

Flawless the answer you desperately seek

is unfolding even if you cannot perceive

it yet do not lose heart I have allowed

this furnace of Affliction for a sacred

purpose to burn away the dross and

impurities in your life and Forge you

into a brilliant vessel of my glory the

Flames may feel unbearable at times but

I am watching over the process with the

utmost tenderness and Care trust my love

my wisdom I am the Refiner’s

Fire and the end result will be a heart

that radiates my beauty and breathtaking

Splendor for all eternity every tear you

have shed my child has been bottled up

and stored in my heart I feel your

anguish as intimately as if it were my

own but draw near to me and you will

find my Everlasting Arms waiting to

embrace you to comfort you to Shield and

protect you in the raging Storm my love

and compassion for you are boundless I

ache to Lavish upon you the

unconditional acceptance and perfect

love for which you were created you are

never alone my beloved one when you

cannot sense my presence I am still

there an eternal Rock to which your

souls can cling when the Tempest howls

anchor yourself in my infinite truth and

unfailing Promises they are unshakable

immovable the one stable handrail to

grasp when life leaves you reeling I am

your shelter in the raging Storm your

help in ages past present and yet to

come my word is a lamp to your feet and

a light to your path stay saturated

rooted and grounded in its life-giving

power look ahead to the Eternal weight

of Glory that awaits you my treasured

child no momentary Affliction no matter

how protracted or severe is worth

comparing to the rapturous Joy and

resplendant Bliss that I have prepared

for you in my heavenly

Kingdom every battle every Valley every

long journey through shadowed Wilderness

is adding Brilliance to the radiant

crown that awaits you so do not become

discouraged or lose hope Heaven’s Vistas

are just over the

horizon and I am leading you home if you

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you will face Troubles of many kinds but

I have overcome the world and its pain

my victory is yours by

inheritance my authority is your

Birthright so take heart my courageous

Warrior you are more than a conqueror

through my power within you the enemy’s

schemes against you will be turned to

Rubble exposed for the weak and feudal

assaults that they are for I am captain

of the Heavenly armies the Victor who

has crushed the head of the serpent and

triumphed over sin

death and Hell on your behalf I have

equipped you to live and move and have

your being in my all surpassing

Victory you are more than a

conqueror that is the Anthem I am

writing over your life in these

difficult days you have been given the

full armor of God to withstand every

fiery Arrow so suit up and stand firm my

battl tested child your struggle is not

against flesh and blood but against the

cosmic forces of dark Darkness

conspiring against you do not lose heart

when the conflict rages to a fever pitch

for I have supplied you with every

spiritual weapon needed to demolish

strongholds and take your rightful place

on the victory side of the battle so

take courage my dearly beloved I am the

god of Hope the deliverer the burden

Bearer I am working behind the scenes to

bring Revival and restoration that will

make your heart leap with praise nothing

you face today is beyond my Redemptive

reach no circumstance is too formidable

for my overcoming power whatever you are

battling now do not lose hope with me at

the helm Joy is coming in the

morning relief is on the way Miracles

are being forged in the Flames that will

awaken you to a whole new dimension of

my freedom and abundant


provision if you need God’s blessings

then type yes I need in the comments you

are my beloved child the apple of my eye

and I will never leave you or forsake

you my unfailing love and Covenant

faithfulness are your Eternal

inheritance cling to these promises for

my words never return void I make All

Things New in accordance with my Divine

timing and

counsil so faint not my precious one for

in me your weary soul will find rest and

Rejuvenation you will Mount up with

wings like eagles and soar over every

obstacle I will strengthen you for the

the journey ahead and be your refuge in

the darkest night this hard season will

end my child refreshment renewal and

Revival lie just around the bend trust

me with unwavering confidence and do not

lose heart you are never alone for I am

the god of hope cradling you in my

Everlasting Arms you are eternally loved

and treasured by your heavenly father


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