my dearest child I am speaking to you from the depths of my infinite love and wisdom there is something of grave

importance that I must share with you and it pains me to have to deliver such

news please open your heart and mind as I reveal what I must from the beginning

of time I created this universe as a masterful expression of my boundless creativity and love every Star every

planet every Speck of dust was fashioned by my hand with divine purpose and you my precious child are

the culmination of this love a sacred Soul formed in my image blessed with the

gift of life and Free Will I made this world for you to experience the fullness of existence The

Joy the beauty the adventure I gave you senses to perceive the magnificence

around you I blessed you with intelligence to unravel the mysteries of creation

I imbued you with emotions to feel the depth of The Human Experience all was fashioned so that you

could live learn grow and ultimately find your way back to me through the

Journey however something happened in the process that weighs heavily upon my

heart due to the complexities of free will that I bestowed upon my children

some chose to turn away from my love and guidance selfishness greed hatred crept

into the world what was once a perfect garden became tarnished by sin and suffering my heart broke to see my

children inflict such pain upon themselves in this once pristine realm I have been endlessly patient hoping that

in time humanity would choose to heal the wounds and return to the path of love I have sent teachers prophets and

guides to illuminate the way back to me I have performed Miracle after Miracle

pleading with my children to wake up up to the truth of their Divine Birthright as beings of pure light and unconditional love yet I the darkness

has only spread deeper and wider the distractions and delusions of this Fallen World have lulled most into a

deep spiritual Slumber the beauty and Perfection I intended has become marred nearly beyond

recognition by the selfish Pursuits of my once innocent children and so with

the heaviest of Hearts I must now intervene in a way that I have put off for longer than you could fathom

I cannot allow the cancer of negativity to utterly destroy the possibility of your Ascension back into the heights of

infinite love and wisdom I cannot stand by any longer while my children suffer immeasurably

due to the fog of forgetfulness that has cloaked their minds my child I am truly

sorry but I must take definitive action to steer the course of humanity back towards the light before it’s too late

the path ahead will be difficult immensely challenging for those still slumbering in the illusion of separation

sear ation from me a period of great upheaval and purification is coming to strip away the layers of lies and

deceptions that have kept you from your true nature this world and all that you think you know is about to change

dramatically long-held systems and patterns will collapse forcing you to let go of what is impermanent and awaken

to what is real and everlasting the veil between this physical reality and the higher

spiritual Plaines will dissolve destroying the illusion of apartness from your Divine source

you will be faced with choices that will ultimately decide your future to cling to the decaying remnants of the old

world or rise up and embrace the recreation of Heaven on Earth nothing

will be as it was for I am returning to make all things new again I understand

that this news May fill you with fear confusion anger or any range of

emotions that is natural for my children who have become so attached to the way things are but I plead with you

do not Retreat into despair or denial have faith in my eternal love for you

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