God Says- “II REMEMBER THOSE WHO SKIP ME Open It Now Message of God | God’s Message Today |

if you skip this be ready to go to

hell God’s message today after the next

minutes you will yourself feel that God

is around you and he is watching you God

is saying to you today my beloved child

today I encourage you to be Brave and

Bold do not be afraid or waver doors are

opening for you opportunities from the

Divine trust me completely and I will

bless you more than you can fathom

I will bless you when you get up guide

you on your way and Lead You carefully

so you arrive safely I will bless your

work enhance your

intelligence put a Godly smile on your

face and many opportunities will appear

for you my love for you is genuine

Everlasting pure and heartfelt I want

the very best for

you you might be hesitant now because

you’ve been let down down before which

damaged your fa Faith made you feel

unworthy and crushed your spirit but now

tell me write down or shout if you can

who sacrificed their life for you who

Whispers Comfort during your trials who

stands and battles on your behalf who

gently kisses your forehead lifting you

up who fills your heart with the Deep

Joy you feel today let me ask you again

Who Bore the cross and sacrificed their

life for you say it loud It’s

you God I know you’re not embarrassed

about me true many may pray and plead

for you but only I have the power to

Grant you lasting happiness so don’t

look for blessings in the wrong places

don’t give your heart to empty promises

of Love don’t share your deepest secrets

with untrustworthy friends I love and

bless you not because you are perfect

but because of my deep love for you my

divine plan and my steadfast commitment

to you like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god

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Jesus I’m really touched and impressed

by how you pray and thank me for

everything what a joy and pleasure it is

to have you my child who prioritizes me

and is proud to love me your bravery and

attitude are worthy of an everlasting

reward but for now as you live on earth

call out to me and I’ll respond feel

free to ask anything you desire for I’m

eager to bless you abundantly enabling

you to wake up each day with Assurance

knowing I’m with you I’ve chosen and

summoned You by my grace to achieve the

purpose I set for you before the world

was made just like the sun ascends in

its Grandeur so will your future Ascend

and you’ll realize your most cherished

dreams believe in it for it’s truly

possible your age or Perfection is isn’t


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