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my child take my hand and let me tell

you about a place where everyone loves

you where you wear Royal clothes and

where everyone knows your name and

respects it every second of every day

and night that place looks at you with

love your soul is fed there like a

hungry little bird you are who you

really are a child of the almighty made

in the image of the one who made the

universe no matter what remember that

you have your own space in the most

beautiful place in the universe and no

one or nothing will ever be able to take


away that safe place is deep in my heart

where I hold you as my child you can

come talk to me every morning even if

you don’t think you deserve it lies will

not fool you I paid for your life with

my blood use it to scratch away your

past I say it again from now on no one

will ever be able to take you away

nothing will ever be able to take you

away from my heart you will always be

the same to me My Sweet Child you have

not lost you are still alive because you

keep fighting you’re still standing

because you believed what I told you I

would do this gives you divine and

Supernatural strength that nothing can

beat you can’t be beat remember these

words well and don’t give up when the

enemy keeps trying to get you to give up

on your dreams but it won’t work you are

mine and I will protect you with my

strong hand and my bright sword I

promise you that you will win every

time take a good look at yourself in the

mirror of my strong promises know that I

highly regard and value you sometimes

your emotions can get you mixed up and

make you think and feel things that

aren’t true if you’re not careful they

can bring you down remember that I

always have control over your life so

don’t let your emotions or problems make

you feel defeated also don’t let bad

news or situations that seem bad fill

you with fear that’s right you are one

of the people I change everything for


better I have washed you with my blood

and filled you with my spirit I have

given you the power to win in everything

hold on to me with all your heart always

find safety in my love now that you’re

reading this you can be sure that even

your mistakes will work out for the best

you will no longer be in pain and your

family will be okay it will be clear to

you as the days pass how close you are

getting to your long held dreams you

might get tired at some point that’s

normal when your problems are so big

that you can’t see straight ahead you

might feel like you’ve lost but that’s

not true even when it’s dark I hold your

hand do not be afraid my child your

loving father will never leave you tell

me right now that you trust me and feel

safe in my arms I am the only holy and

Supernatural cure for everything that is

wrong with you my name is God and I am

here to heal you and make your way clear

your life and future are in my hands I

am your provider and your

guardian my love wraps around you and

your family and today you can really

feel my

presence it’s been a while since we last

talked and you’re ready to listen with a

humble and thankful heart take these

words in and hold them close

let them fill your mind and push out all

the thoughts that were making you suffer

before today you walk with confidence

and even though your natural eyes can’t

see me you can still feel me believe in

me and trust that I can do Miracles and

wonderful things in your life and the

lives of your

family please let me hold your hand and

lead you slowly and carefully along the

path of love this is where my will is

done and the storms and waves calm down

when they hear my voice

you walk under a shield that keeps you

safe you feel so safe and at ease that

the sounds of the night don’t scare you

don’t let the chaos of the world throw

you off track don’t let go of my hand or

look somewhere else there are no more

problems Falls discouragements or

complaints from the past every day is a

new chance to keep

fighting get rid of them from your mind

you don’t need to carry a weight that

stops you from changing the way you

think start with the things you say

don’t say things that hurt

you don’t see defeat in your own country

hurtful words can kill innocent people

wear out families and make a lot of

people depressed say wise things words

that will help people grow and get

better don’t let the enemy tell you that

you can’t change that you’ll fail and

have problems in the future and that

your fate is to be depressed and

forgetful with me nothing is impossible


hold on to this truth no matter what

happens don’t forget that I can change

your life your future your character

your finances your marriage and your

family problems no matter how hard they

seem if you ask me I can start today

while I don’t promise it will be easy I

do promise that I will help support and

power you I love you and always wish you

health I want to and can do the miracle

you need trusting me I was supposed to

walk with the cross on my back and I

knew that one day you would be born and

have to go through a path of lashes and

Scorn you’ve been through a lot of pain

because of other people but today I will

take away all your sadness and

anger I already went through pain died

and rose from the dead for you so that

you could have the chance to live a full

free and happy life but believe me so

that your mind can really change in a

river of clear thoughts can flow where

there was confusion

before there will be Joy where there was

sadness and a strong desire to live love

and forgive yourself where there was

depression you did some bad things that

I don’t remember give me your heart my

child and look at how I do things you

are a pilgrim in this world so you will

keep fighting and planting my blessing

is your fate I want you to walk on the

path of my love I’m asking you again and

this time I mean at this time give me

your heart today I will make you happy

take away the problems that have been

making you sad and give you the strength

to deal with the problems that have been

bothering you since you were a child you

understand what I

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