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my beloved

child I am sending a host of powerful

angels to surround you rise and smile my

dear child you are very special to me I

love you do not lose hope for I am here

to support you and give you the strength


endure I am giving you all the strength

I can muster so that you are not crushed

by afflictions so that you feel capable

of rising of continuing to walk of

facing difficulties of continuing to

fight you have experienced Triumph and

victory before so this situation you are

battling today will not overcome you you

will not suffer defeat or

shame listen to my words and be filled

with great courage because you will need

it today and in the days to come because

of your fervent faith in me you will

witness a supernatural Miracle my word

has the power to heal your body to

provide for your family to meet all your

needs your table will never lack bread

and joy will abound in your home receive

my blessings with a humble heart and in

gratitude consider those who are going

through tough times use your abundance

to help and bless seek to assist those

in need and you will witness the windows

of Heaven opening filling your home with

peace and joy for my true blessing lies

in the Harmony and stability that will

come to your family’s life in the health

and wisdom that will bring times of

happiness and prosperity your steadfast

faith and unwavering trust in me have

not gone

unnoticed I see your struggles your

doubts and your fears but I also see

your determination your resilience and

your love for me I am with you every

step of the way guiding you protecting

you and blessing you

abundantly as you face the challenges of

this week remember that I am by your

side ready to strengthen you uplift you

and lead you to victory do not be

discouraged by the obstacles that may

come your way for I have already

overcome the world trust in my promises

cling to my word and believe in the

power of my

love you are deeply cherished by me my

beloved child and I will never leave you

nor forsake you walk in faith knowing

that I am with you always and let your

life be a testimony to my goodness my

grace and my unfa failing

love receive my blessings my child and

go forth with confidence for I am with

you now and forever

more I have decided that you and your

family will be greatly blessed it

depends on you if you believe and stand

firm or if you turn back but I know you

well and I know what you will do you

will believe in me you will cling to my

promise in this week when you least

expect it your Victory will arrive you

will need me and I will be here you can

come to me with confidence whenever you

need to speak I will continue to show

you with words and actions that I truly

love you the end of your sorrow has

come the days of Despair are

over I want to reveal my affection and

tenderness to you open your life to my

presence and my love I want you to feel

and understand that no one will ever

love you as much as I do I know

everything that resides in your heart


mind sometimes times the pain is so deep

that you have contemplated giving up and

it has been a long time since you felt

the desire to rise and face a new day

filled with Vigor and joy but I tell you

that this suffering ends

today I am renewing your heart offering

you the purest love that exists

eradicating your Sorrows making you

exceedingly happy in this very moment as

you listen to me I am relieving your

tensions healing your emotions carrying

away your pain and completely

transforming your

heart you will see with your own eyes

how I assist and support you in all the

things you must do I will envelop you in

my love guard you protect you I want you

to radiate my strength and power to the

world with your joy and

smile I am placing special gifts

uplifting talents loyal friends and a

family in your life who will learn to

love and respect you when they witness

all the Miracles happening within

you they will cease to be en enous but

do not dwell on holding grudges and most

importantly do not think of

Revenge if unexpected battles come your

way this week if some people oppose you

if you are working hard to earn your

bread and worries fill you your hour for

those who are trying to harm you will

come they want you to lose courage and

hope to discard what you have achieved

so far and to abandon my

plan as you strive to walk in my ways

and follow my teachings I encourage you

to expend your time and energy in

serving others and spreading love and

kindness wherever you go extend a

helping hand to those in need showing

compassion and empathy for their

struggles be a source of comfort and

support to those who are hurting

listening with a Compassionate Heart and

offering a shoulder to lean

on expend your talents and Gifts in ways

that bring joy and hope to others use

your creativity and skills to inspire

and uplift those around you sharing the

light of my love through acts of service

and generosity give generously of your

resources remembering that all that you

have belongs to me support causes that

are close to my heart and use your

blessings to make a positive impact in

the lives of those who are less

fortunate expend your energy in

spreading the message of my love and

grace to those who may not know me be a

witness to my power and transformation

in your own life sharing your faith with

others and leading them to the hope and

Sal salvation that can be found in me in

all that you do let your actions reflect

my love and compassion be a shining

example of my light in a world that is

in need of Hope and healing trust in my

guidance and strength as you expend

yourself in service to others and know

that you are fulfilling my greatest

commandment to love one another as I

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