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my beloved child rest in my arms because I have control of your

life fear not for I am always there to protect and watch over

you trust me and together we will overcome any

obstacle feel my presence every morning when you wake up and let nothing

interfere with our connection blessings are plentiful for

you trust me everything will work out in your

favor I’ve proclaimed abundant Supply debt relief Heavenly wisdom and

blessings customized specifically for you and your

family I am always present with you remember that the flame of my love

serves as a gentle reminder I have given you Faith strength

courage and persistence these gifts will help you

overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious in every

battle you serve a God who is real powerful and works beyond the visible

world speak to me acknowledge my presence and believe in

me rise now Embrace Life with joy and

let the words you hear and read from me guide you share your desires with

me because my heart is filled with love for you today I am ready to shower you with

love that is gentle sweet energizing patient and

NeverEnding place your complete trust in me give me your

burdens have faith and I’ll light your path wake up feeling refreshed and full

of Faith this feeling is a gift from me invigorating your spirit and giving you

the energy to face the day approach your tasks with seal make new

acquaintances and seize the opportunities I present to

you I am delighted to see the joy in your eyes as you receive my

gifts express your gratitude even if it is through

tears accept these tears for they represent the immense Joy I bring you

I love you unconditionally you are not here by

chance your occasional mistakes do not drive me away I recognize your

sincerity when you return to me with regret I value your honesty Above All

Else rise with confidence and Faith do

not allow others to judge you maintain Ain an air of calm and come

to me every day with humility and a desire to

learn you should know that I’ve got everything under

control my love and wisdom guide you on your

journey your faith is growing and I’m guiding you toward a new

beginning dismiss concerns about other people’s person perceptions and walk with confidence and

honor in my opinion you are magnificent and I am here to support you

in every Triumph and struggle now is the time to rise and

embrace Victory and Rejuvenation leave behind the past

conflicts and embrace a brighter future knowing that I am by your side

guiding you every step of the way your genuine belief and thankful

heart are like Shields around you empowering you as you wake up to a fresh

day I eagerly await your first expressions of gratitude a heartfelt

thank you for life if you are in a hurry and need to

depart promptly Heed These words however if you have a moment to

reflect Embrace this message it is full of delight and

comfort I am Overjoyed that you have touched my Essence and stirred my

spirit despite the challenges you face your faith in me remains in wavering and

in yielding I promise that your steadfastness will result in more

blessings for you and your family you do not have to use specific

words I understand the language of your heart when you ask for

assistance I will be there when you say I need you I like

Sting my hand and if you get overwhelmed

I’ll rush to comfort you in the Stillness of your soul I will whisper words of love and

Assurance you can contact me at any time and feel free to discuss your

needs I am delighted to hear from you and I want to reassure you in any

situation do not let fear consume you remember that you are not

alone I’m here to help you with anything and I am always willing to listen make

time for your loved ones dedicate yourself to your work and steer clear of

unnecessary conflicts and negative thoughts except joy and gratitude for

life there are numerous reasons to feel fortunate and you are surrounded by

beautiful reasons to appreciate life every day reflect on these

blessings to fill your mind with positive thoughts and keep your eyes

open for my presence in your life knowing that I have control over your

future however there are dark days when you forget your

gratitude and the enemy comes in The Whispers instilling fthy thoughts in

your mind turning your worry into fear surrounding you with lies and

transforming fear into dread distress and despair I am watching and waiting for

you to raise your arms and say the words

that will drive thee enemy way give thanks to me for your life

family and health for everything you are and have be prepared for

opportunities and don’t be afraid to seize them Miracles are happening and current

situations will turn into blessings with your faith and

patience it’s normal for you to feel feel troubled by what’s going on around

you at times do not worry excessively give your heart to those you

may abandon you do not give up your future to those

who after taking everything may stop loving you your soul should not prioritize

people who may turn away harm your heart

or disrupt your life you sought hope and it came with

reason here it is remind yourself that you are never

alone and that you are not abandoned even if your parents family or

children leave or abandon you the most Exquisite and invaluable affection is

always avail ailable to you the love of your heavenly father who adores you do

not rely solely on your hands they may falter allow more than just the love and

approval of others to sustain your spirit while it is true that I created

you to give and receive love there is another profound truth

the only Everlasting and changing love you will ever have is my tender

love it never fails you it’s always close and

certain take the time to sit with me and talk about your thoughts aspirations and

deepest feelings remember that one lives not by

bread alone but by every word that comes from my

Throne your time of relief is near and the answers to your prayers are on their

way I will bestow blessings that nourish your soul and

keep you in my presence stop struggling alone instead bring your concerns to

me protect your heart and ignore those you want to see you

fail I am very aware that you require these

words I am here to help you overcome your obstacles overcome

discouragement and persevere in your journey without losing

faith so that you can Thrive and flourish put your trust in

me because I am your heavenly father feel free to speak with me and

express your needs I want you to see and experience

me as a close friend I’m ready to reach out to you and

I’m always listening to you listen carefully as I address

you I am not here to pass judgment

chastise or remind you of your past mistakes

instead feel my spirit’s gentle Whispers as I affirm my love for

you each morning I await your acknowledgement hoping that as you

awaken your first thoughts coincide with your need for me and your love flows

forth with the first light of mourning these heartfelt words of

adoration and praise is Ascend to my Throne my presence brings love and

protection into your life family and home remember dear child that when

difficulties arise I am here to help you there is no need to be

concerned because I will grant you the blessings you seek if they enrich your

life my love and peace outweigh those in

the world and they are yours to embrace keep your distance from Despair

and those you try to diminish your worth in my eyes you are

valuable trust me because I greatly value and love

you know that my love for you is boundless

and I have wonderful plans for you feel my presence strongly today and

allow this feeling to grow in you with each passing day you will triumph over your

challenges attain Liberation and experience Divine

blessings I will heal your wounds alleviate your suffering and fill you with Divine Joy

express your affection for me and those you Harbor doubts will come to

understand your love and protection stand fir in the position of

blessing that I have prepared for you your foundation will be

unshakable because I am giving you Joy strength and a new zest for

Life accept the opportunity for for fulfilling life and let my positive

message lead you to wisdom and love you no longer need to suffer or

blame yourself instead accept my

forgiveness rest assured that I am always with you day and night ready to

help whenever you call on me in prayer you know know that your family

and future are in my hands and I will never abandon you allow me to guide you

down a path full of blessings and seacity to calm your spirit and mind I

offer you my love and peace are you willing to accept

it I will open the heavens and shower you with

blessings I will inscribe my word in your heart so that

your steps are form and you never leave this love that Embraces you and forgives

your mistakes you are human you may stumble but I am a god of

Mercy I accept your repentance and will rescue you from the

abyss my blessings far exceed any material

wealth what I have for you is more valuable than all of the

treasures this world can provide if I promise to open the heavens

for you believe me and respond I believe you take my word

seriously because this is not a game I don’t keep my love before for you a

secret or a mystery step outside and look up at the

sky feel the air around you and feel the sun caressing your

skin these are the gifts I send you to express my love for you and let you know

I am here I’ve cared for you on new Mery

occasions rescuing you from Pain and even death when you walked in darkness

and air it has enormous significance and value to me and I’ve assigned you a

specific mission to complete my desire is to express my love

and Mind through you and to fill you with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis

you are on the verge of a significant shift in spiritual

sensitivity soon you’ll be able to see beyond appearances and discern others

true intentions I will bestow abundant wisdom

on you enhancing your intellect beyond what is

natural you will be able to make a significant difference in in many

people’s lives by providing assistance allow your actions to speak

for themselves letting others see the fruits of your faith and the

transformative power of knowing me trust in my might and extend your

hands to receive the Abundant Blessings I offer be

sincere and embrace them within wavering Faith the heavens are aligned in your

favor right now but I implore you to never leave my side and to keep your

heart in harmony with mine declare your love and trust in me

until the end putting aside all worries and giving me

everything I will calm your fears and apprehensions by surrounding you with my

love and revealing the Wonders my power can accomplish in your

life this day promises to be extraordinary you will witness a

metamorphosis in your surroundings including multifaceted changes in your life your family and the

demeanor of others you notice how Smiles spread

across their faces when they sense my powerful presence within

you they will notice me and you will witness their surprise as you approach them with

joy today I bestow abundant wisdom and deep

Readiness to fulfill your heart’s desires I recognize your deep desire for

joy and therefore encourage you to believe in my

declaration I am tuned into your emotions and every event in your life

hoping to protect you from adversity strengthen your

character preserve your honor instill you with Vigor and keep

you from disgrace adjust your perspective and smile

proudly seek me out every every day shed tears if

necessary and trust that I am here to support you in every

way as you praise and worship rejoice in the love I am giving

you my presence surrounds you calming your fears and instilling you with my

spirit be joyful even in the face of adversity smile sing and offer praise

and prayers raise your hands in

adoration when others inquire about your happiness Proclaim that it’s because God

is with you while some may not understand don’t let it disrupt your

peace my formidable forces will be with you in the frea

as you raise your hands in surrender bow in

submission release all burdens and rely on my

grace you desire transformation and I intend to provide

you with a new heart soon you’ll

see how I unfold you in my love proceed with faith and leave no

doubt out seek me at dawn and just as the

Rising Sun bathes you in daylight my glory will illuminate your path

brightening your life the darkness Fades away your heart

overflows with my truth your spirit fortifies and your mind is free of

grief I encourage you to rededicate yourself to

prayer pursue me eliminate distractions and submit your thoughts

and decisions to my own faced with serious challenges and

complex circumstances as well as moments of uncertainty I reform assert direct and

beseech walk in faith for everything is possible for for those you believe in me

recognize my presence and completely trust me regardless of the challenges

they face along the way beloved child know that my love for

you is an ending and and wavering I’ve always looked out for

you have faith my dear child I want to make your path straight

and keep you safe but you must truly believe in me I am your life future strength and

protector step forward in faith believing that the Miracles you cannot

yet see will happen even if your faith is small that

is sufficient for me it’s enough to keep the blessings

flowing remember what I promised you make time to hear my words every

day turn away from your past mistakes and hand over your life to me I

know you believe in me and that belief will keep you moving forward with

faith and then when you least expect it Joy will Bubble Up In Your Heart

surprising your soul with happiness you will resurrect the dreams

you once thought lost and the hopes you set aside during times of

Despair faith will rejuvenate your life you considered giving up believing

that you lack the strength to persevere that your problems were too

large and that life was too difficult to bear I’m here with you

today to share my love and offer you wonderful

gifts happiness and lots of good things your faith has

grown it’s time to assist those you are suffering prepare for when doors open

and barriers break the barriers to your blessings will fall down

for those who believe in my words and know I am capable of accomplishing

anything everything is passible prepare my dear child because

what is coming will be even bigger than your wildest

dreams you will see your family relationships heal as forgiveness and

healing await you your family relationships will heal we welcome them

warmly I can provide you with not only a better job but also true

success I will bring people into your life who will recognize your worth and

reward your efforts and talents always be truthful don’t spread lies or speak

negatively about others avoid getting involved in rumors or

false stories keep an eye out for those you

may attempt to steal the good things intended for

you I’ve been guiding you for a long time now is the time to take your

understanding of my teachings to the next level and put your complete trust

in me do not base your faith solely on material wealth and do not be better if

you lose your possessions or your job I have great plans for

you entrust me with your entire faith and surrender your

heart because the time has come to embark on a journey into a supernatural

phase of existence express your love and faith in

me and see today how my love and power affect your life and

family I love you my child I un to enter your home and

perform a profound Miracle there I stand at the

threshold calling out to you will you allow me to bring something

new wonderful power powerful and Supernatural into your

life I have seen your plight and promised that scarcity will not encroach

on your household or afflect your family I will shower you with

blessings for many years you have been faithful fervently

praying fasting crying and prioritizing me

above all else in your thoughts and actions thus the time has come to reap

the benefits of your unwavering loyalty I will bless your home with

abundance Joy Vigor and health rest assured that I will keep all

of my promises prepare for a Monumental change

by by releasing the shackles of past anxieties and

depression along with my blessings come wisdom power and the ability to make

sound decisions which will protect the gifts bestowed upon you and ensure their

multiplication for the benefit of others remain grateful and believe in my

transformative power I am preparing you for an abundance of

opportunities that will arise shortly your faith swn over time will

yield a Bountiful Harvest despite facing formidable

challenges you maintained your faith in my omnipotence and thus emerged

Victorious your faith is precious and your humble demeanor is

admirable both will carry you far prepare

yourself because I will open you doors leading you into Uncharted

Territory and bringing abundance into your home I love

you rest assured that you are not alone

yesterday you wept over unexpected adversity and betrayal feeling abandoned by those you

cared about however I assure you that your

tears have reached the heavens shaping your destiny healing your ailments and

solving your problems despite the abandonment of those you

trusted I provide you with solace in your distress I am still by your side loving

you more with each passing day trust that I am here to listen and

that the power of my grace allows you direct access to my divine

presence share your deepest desires I am a true friend you is

patient and loving I do not ask you to stop crying cry because it is

necessary let go of your Soul’s burdens and let me f you with

peace remember that happiness comes after sorrow and your joy will be

overwhelming now is the time to accept your blessings you are ready to receive the

gifts I have for you the trials you’ve endured

have prepared you for this season of abundance when the heavens will open and

shower you with enormous blessings even in Quiet Moments Feel My

Embrace which will heal and reassure you know that you will never be

alone your soul will overflow with joy in my

presence Paving way for good things to come I will open the doors to wonderful

blessings but please listen carefully to my words until the end keeping doubt at

Bay your perseverance will eventually pay off I understand your journey and

your heart you seek not ostentation or fleeting wo

but rather provision to uplift your family relieve debt and help

others I am eager to bless you it is my

will the windows of heaven will open wide showering you with genuine

blessings until abundance overflows freeing you from oppression

and assuring in peace if you believe me I encourage you to take

action rise with determination and keep working rest when

necessary but the next day rise exert

yourself and be courageous with all your might allow your soul to advance without

complaint sorrow Vigor and joy even in

the face of unfavorable circumstances or those who seek to trouble

you let us steadfastly follow the plan even during difficult times with a

Resolute Spirit Standing Tall against adversaries offering them a

smile extending patience providing water if they thirst

and lending a helping hand when they fall act

wisely making use of the knowledge you’ve acquired refraining from sharing

your personal information or vulnerabilities with them

and refraining from arming them with instruments of betrayal and

destruction show love while also displaying your true character and the

lessons you learned about yourself avoid being

malevolent keep your strategies to yourself and avoid participating in

heated debates or spreading gossip about anyone your adversaries will become

frantic as they realize they cannot obstruct your

progress I’m going to remove them from your path our journey together is

ongoing you will proceed with faith energy and diligence until I signal

otherwise you will gradually gain a better understanding you will find yourself in

front of a grand doorway behind which lie wondrous

blessings tell me now that you believe in this pledge to enter my presence on a daily

basis and carry out this plan this is

commendable I admire your faith Brave child you will overcome your

trials I have addressed your concerns it is preferable that you

transfer all of your worries anxieties and Sorrows to

me my Holy Spirit surrounds you providing healing and

Solace deep within you there is a desire to live stand up fight and come

alive I’m creating new opportunities for you however it is critical that you

recognize your own value and give yourself another

chance accept and embrace my grace and forgiveness

allow yourself to be free of any guilt for past

mistakes knowing that your regret is genuine and

heartfelt I do not hold your past mistakes against you and I will not

continue to bring them up I’ve erased your past mistakes from

your slate I am removing all unnecessary pain

you’re free and healed with me you will receive the

necessary guidance and strength to face any challenge or

Foe no problem or adversary can take away the joy I’ve reserved for

you believe in it even if it is invisible or tangible yet when these

blessings are dve it will be a glorious day you will feel a level of

joy that you have never known before from now

on I will bless you with holy oil and with each passing day my divine power

will grow in you your energy will increase your mind will be clear you

will understand my promises and your life’s Direction and goals will become

clear you know your path and how to carry out your

purpose I confirm that you have already been through your most difficult

years what lies ahead is a harvest season during which you will gather many

blessings and abundantly fill your storehouses you have suffered in the past and you

bid farewell to many who have passed away there were times when you believed

your days were over however you can now declare your

Victory there is nothing in your future that can rob you of these

blessings your convictions have become much stronger stronger you have learned from my

words you are very familiar with me you now comprehend the plans I have

for you and your family everyone in your houseold is

important they are also part of my plans I encourage you to be courageous

and strong reminding everyone in your house household that these blessings are not

by chance they are the result of your faith

Fidelity genuine repentance and form resolve to turn away from

Evil you will never return to your previous life your family may undergo

changes they only need to look out for me a little more when they kneel before me I will

give them the ability to truly know me not just for your sake but in a real and

tangible way for spirit and Truth others in your

household may need to make critical decisions admit their

mistakes and avoid Bad Company I will grant you much love and

patience so that that you can calmly and Tenderly convey to them what I have

commanded you do not be their judge I’m sending you to rescue them not

to punish and reject them if you truly love and trust me you

must understand this truth anyone can change I offer New Life life to those

you truly repent open your heart and embrace the

opportunity to care for your loved ones pray for them and know that I will

be present in their lives when it comes time to part ways

treat them with kindness let me work in their

hearts I promise not to let you down through

dreams I will give you insights into your family you’ll cross paths with people

you haven’t seen in a long time when you meet them smile extend

your hand and deliver my message tell them you love them want to

lift their spirits and are aware of their inner striges and

depression assure them that now is the time to renew not just today or

tomorrow this moment requires them to open their hearts to

me admit their mistakes and pray wherever they are even if it is just a

quick prayer bless them with happiness you’re planting a faith seed

in their Hearts which will grow into a strong tree follow my

advice believe in me and live a life of faith I have already resolved your

concerns today approach life with peace extraordinary wonders will begin

to unfold you will raise your hands in joy

and praise my holy name name amen

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