God Says I Am In Your Room Right Now, Don’t Ignore Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says I am in your room right now

don’t ignore me God message today Jesus

affirmations be at peace my beloved for

I Am With You Always even to the end of

the age and this hope I have placed

within you will never disappoint it will

rise within you like the down a promise

of a new day a testament to the

unshakable love I have for you share it

freely share it boldly and watch as it

changes the world one heart at a time in

the quitness of this moment hear me

whisper to you for it is I the one who

holded the stars and set the heavens

into their glorious expanse who speaks

to your heart I am the author of Life

the creator of all that is seen and

unseen and I have shaped you in my own

image breathed into your very being the

breath of Eternity

I am ever with you as close as the air

that Embraces you as near as the pulse

that dances in your wrist you dear one

are the bearer of my Divine spark and

inheritor of a promise that transcends

time that stretches beyond the Mortal

coils of this Earth the eternal life I

give to you is not just a gift it is a

covenant a joining of my spirit with

yours that shall never be sundered you

shall never perish for how can eternity

wne how can the boundless fade no power

in existence can snatch you from my hand

for my grip is sure my strength

unfailing consider the lies of the field

how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin and yet I tell you even

Solomon in all his glory was not a ray

like one of these if I so clothe the

grass of the field which today is alive

and tomorrow is cast into the oven will

I not much more clothe you oh you of

little faith trust in my provision lean

into my love and let your heart not be

troubled in the world you have

tribulation but be of good cheer I have

overcome the world you may face trials

face heartaches that seem to press the

very breath from your lungs but within

these trials lies the making of your

faith the deepening of your Soul’s

Reliance on me the gift of eternal life

illuminates your path a beacon in the

darkest night a comfort in the fiercest

storm it is a light that not only shines

but also warms a Perpetual presence that

chases away the shadows of Despair do

not let the Thorns of Life deter you

they are but brief they are transient

the glory that awaits you outshines

every fleeting pain every temporary loss

it sparkles on the horizon calling you

beckoning you to press on to endure with

joy the vistas of Heaven away

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