God Says, Get Ready For The He*l If You Skip Me Once Again!|

God says get ready for the heal if you

skip me once

again my dearest child in those Quiet

Moments When the world beckons with its

nose resist the urge to fill the silence

instead embrace the

Stillness for it is in these moments

that we can truly commune together in

the harush you’ll hear my gentle whisper

guiding you with love through life’s

complexities as the day unfolds and task

demand and your attention invite me into

each moment whether you’re typing at

your keyboard crafting with your hands

or planning for what lies ahead ask for

my wisdom it’s in the ordinary in the

simple acts of daily living that you’ll

experience the extraordinary presence of

my spirit I understand the weight of

responsibilities that sometimes is press

upon your shoulders but remember I am

the god who lifted the burden of sin and

death believe that I can carry the

weight of your worries and cares cast

them onto me for I am infinitely strong

and infinitely tender when You Face a

mountain of tasks and doubt cloud or

path speak to me say be with me me Lord

and I will clear the fog showing you the

way forward know that my presence is

with you always surrounding you like a

warm comforting blanket you are never

alone my watchful I am loving heart are

ever upon you even in the most mundane

moments washing dishes walking the dog

sipping your coffee whisper to me I will

turn these everyday tasks into moments

of divine connection and when the

evening comes and the skies is painted

with the Hues of the Setting Sun that

your heart be at peace reflect on the

day with Grace knowing that where you

stumbled I caught you and where you

succeeded it was by my hand as you lay

your head down to sleep trust the night

to me remember I am the god who never

Slumbers Watching Over You guarding you

loving you do not let the challenges you

face distract you from my everpresent

help whether you find yourself on

mountaintops or in valleys of Shadow and

uncertainty fear not for I Am With You

Always I Rejoice with you you in your

moments of celebration delighting in the

joy of my children dance and I dance

with you laugh and my heart sings every

good gift comes from me so let your

gratitude rise like incense pleasing and

sweet know that your journey is not

solitary I have given you fellow

Travelers brothers and sisters to walk

with you to share your burdens and joys

live in community for it is in loving

one another that you experience the full

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