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pause for a moment my beloved child and allow my words to envelop you in their

gentle Embrace there is a message of profound importance that I wish to impart unto you a revelation that is poised to bring

forth the Fulfillment of your deepest desires and aspirations know this dear one that the trials which have

beset your path are nearing their conclusion the dawn of the blessing you have fervently sought is on the cusp of

unveiling itself before your very eyes the hour of your Divine recompense draws

near for in my Divine Providence none of my cherished children

are ever forsaken or overlooked in those moments when your spirit cried out to me with unwavering

faith and a heart brimming with sincerity know that I hearkened unto your call with tender

affection our bond forged through the annals of time is unbreakable and

enduring through the tempests of adversity you clung steady Ste fastly to your faith Resolute in your commitment

to Traverse the path I had laid before you though the journey often times seemed arduous and your resolve tested

you remained Resolute refusing to succumb to the siren song of doubt and despair through every trial and

tribulation I Stood Beside You a silent Sentinel guiding your footsteps and

fortifying your spirit and now as you stand upon the precipice of divine

bestowal prepare yourself to enter into a realm of Serenity wherein you and your cherished ones shall find Solace and

fulfillment beyond measure a newfound Clarity of purpose shall illuminate your path and with it A Renewed fervor to

strive for excellence and Triumph I am here dear one to Aid you and your

beloved kin in shedding the shackles of harmful habits and negative ruminations that weigh heavy upon your souls

together we shall cast aside the chains of spiritual bondage banishing all traces of bitterness and resentment that

seek to ensnare you immerse yourselves in the sanctifying waters of my Holy Spirit and behold as your lives are

transfigured in ways both miraculous and profound even those who once stood as

adversaries shall Marvel at the wondrous metamorphosis that has befallen you and your kin drawn near by the radiant joy

that now emanates from your transformed beings they shall inquire of the secret behind your newfound Felicity and you

shall bear witness to the transformative power of divine grace thus I reaffirm unto you that the trials

which have plagued you are not Eternal nor shall you be burdened by them indefinitely your unwavering faith and

steadfast devotion have found favor in my sight and it is with great joy that I deliver you and your beloved household

from the throws of adversity your willingness to entrust your heart unto me and to embrace my

precepts with innocence and sincerity has not gone unnoticed in your patience

you have learned the virtue of awaiting my perfect will placing your complete trust in my Divine Providence no longer

do you demand signs or assurances for you have come to understand that my word alone is

sufficient for your healing and Redemption today dear one marks the dawn

of your salvation the commencement of your Liberation from the chains that have bound you will you now rise my

beloved child and take the necessary steps to seek me with unwavering devotion never

straying from the warmth of my love and the Solace of my presence each morning I

have visited you lifting your weary soul and infusing you with the courage and strength needed to face the trials of

the day my love for you knows no bounds and in recent months you have come to

recognize the immeasurable worth that you and your beloved family hold in my eyes your faith has been a beacon of

light amidst the darkness an unwavering testimony to your devotion and Fidelity yet even as you stand upon the

precipice of divine bestow you acknowledge the persistent longing within your soul a yearning that

can only be sad through the transformative work that I undertake in your life my child type Amen in the

comment box know this dear one that the work of redemption is a gradual process

one that cannot be rushed nor completed in a single moment and so I bid you to

trust in the journey to remain steadfast in your faith and to walk handin hand with me as

we Traverse the path of Divine Providence together I am deeply cognizant of the

moments when my beloved children seem to stray from the teachings and guidance I have bestowed upon them their faith

waning and their expressions of Joy diminished it Grieves me to witness this

Detachment for I cherish the memories of their youthful exuberance when their voices rang out in songs and Praises

that brought me boundless Joy yet in the midst of this sorrow I hold fast to a

plan a plan that encompasses the Redemption and restoration of my beloved children and in this plan you dear one

play an integral role I beseech you to approach them with a heart brimming with love estu judgment harsh words or

punitive actions that may inflict lasting wounds upon their tender Souls follow in my footsteps for I am gentle

and humble of heart even in the face of adversity release your grip on

irritation and anger and instead converse with them patiently and

with love for they are an extension of your essence born from the depths of Your Love guide them gently towards me

that they may partake of my teachings and bask in the light of my love each passing day though the fruits of your labor may

not manifest instantaneous ously do not falter or lose hope persist in prayer

for in due time the Breakthrough shall come their hearts shall turn towards me once more and your family shall be

enveloped in the warmth of happiness and Harmony rest assured my promises are

steadfast and my words shall not return void the blessings for which you have fervently prayed are already on their

way poised to dispel any lingering worries or fears your unwavering faith

and gratitude amidst a world fraught with discontent have not gone unnoticed and I assure you that the Fulfillment of

your deepest desires draws nigh I have heard your cries beheld your hopeful

countenance and witnessed the steadfastness of your faith be assured that what you yearn for shall soon come

to fruition while many May grow disheartened by the perceived delay in

the answers to their prayers let them understand that I Delight in answering

yet I do so in my perfect timing fashioning their lives into vessels worthy of receiving the abundance of

blessings I long to bestow indeed I seek not merely to meet your needs but to

exceed them blessing you and your family abundantly with peace and joy that surpasses all understanding in forging a

covenant with you I have inscribed my Commandments upon your heart and mind

pardoning your transgressions and ushering forth healing and strength for those who Faithfully await the Fulfillment of my promise therefore

banish from your heart all bitterness and complaint and let doubt and skepticism find no resting place within

your mind should weariness assail you and anxiety threaten to

overwhelm call upon me and I shall Grant you the perseverance and patience needed

to endure with wisdom I shall Adorn your tongue that

your words may edify and uplift never causing in harm or offense know that I lavish upon you

Abundant Blessings tenderly nurturing you as a parent cares for their beloved child showering you with love and

tenderness beyond measure trust in my faithfulness and behold as the wonders

of my Providence unfold before your very eyes I beseech you my beloved child to

heed my words with a heart open to receive the depths of my love and the wisdom therein no that I ask not for

presumptuous demands born of pride and arrogance but for the pure gratitude that emanates from a soul deeply Touched

By The Grace I bestow upon you in a world where disrespect often Reigns I patiently await all who turn

their hearts toward me even as they raise their voices against my name yet

let it be known that those who oppose even the least of my followers shall face the consequences of their

Folly though the path May at times seem fraught with frustration and obstacles

and though conflicts may arise to test the medal of your faith know that I am with you always guiding your steps and

granting you strength in times of trial indeed the journey toward your blessing may be fraught with

challenges yet it is through perseverance and unwavering faith that true Victory shall be attained dear

child like the video I implore you therefore to press forward with courage

and determination casting aside all that would seek to paralyze your Spirit

embrace the trials that come your way for it is through endurance that blessings are ultimately realized let

not doubt Cloud your vision nor allow bitterness to take root within your heart instead hold fast to your faith

knowing that I am faithful to fulfill my promises in due time seek not the counsel of the

unbelieving mockers but rather immerse yourself in the strengthening words of faith and peace that I impart unto you

speak these words aloud write them upon the tablets of your heart and let them serve as a constant

reminder of my love and faithfulness toward you and when sorrow threatens to overwhelm you remember that I am ever

present ready to wipe away your tears and fill your heart with joy trust in my

eternal love for I have walked with you through the depths of Despair and will lead you into the light of redemption so

my dear child hold fast to your faith for your blessing is indeed on the brink of

arrival continue to await with joy in your heart knowing that I am faithful to bring about that which I have promised

amidst the darkest clouds of conflict my beloved you shall indeed

find happiness if only you believe in me and allow my word to illuminate your path though your adversaries May

prophesy defeat take comfort in the Assurance of my word for it speaks of Victory beyond measure fear not falter

not for I am ever with you strengthening your heart calming your anxieties and

infusing you with peace and Supernatural fortitude rise dear one with courage as your armor

for within you lies a strength that knows no bounds a wisdom that surpasses

understanding and an intelligence honed by Divine guidance I imbue you with spiritual Vigor to witness the Miracles

and wonders that unfold as you advance along the path of faith Faith press forward

therefore with unwavering determination for I grant you unyielding strength and

Faith to overcome every obstacle yet should you stumble or find

the path veering from its expected course know that my grace and mercy are

boundless I shall never abandon you for I have chosen you from the depths of your mother’s womb knowing full well the

trials and tribulations that await you your love for me your unwavering belief

and your steadfast devotion are a testament to your true essence stand firm in the face of

negativity and falsehoods undaunted by the threats of the adversary for if you

hold fast to the certainty of my love a great blessing awaits you let this

eternal truth anchor your soul I am unchanging steadfast in my devotion to

you despite the storms that may rage around you my love remains constant

unwavering and true many May falter in their faith when confronted with trials but you my

cherished one will not be swayed you will persevere unwavering in your commitment

to my promises steadfast in your trust in my unfailing love day by day you will cling to Hope

knowing that your life holds immeasurable worth in my eyes and as I have aided you in times past so so shall

I continue to assist you revealing my love for you in countless ways each day let no doubt Cloud your mind for I

am ever beside you watching over you with a love that knows no bounds

attending to your every need and heeding The Whispers of your heart’s deepest prayers I command my ministering angels

to fulfill your requests for I Delight in your active faith and your earnest

desires many may have cautioned you against seeking me solely for your needs but I urge you to seek me with all your

heart for I shall take care of the rest know that even before you speak I am

intimately acquainted with your needs your prayers are not in vain rather they

bring joy to my heart for they are the beat of your faith resounding in the heavens rest assured that I love you

deeply and will respond to your cries what pleases me most about you is your patience in waiting for my response even

when it does not come promptly your steadfast trust in my timing is a testament to your growing faith and

maturity be encouraged for I am covering you with great strength and the times of

sadness Shall Pass giving way to joy and happiness in your life and home I bless

you for your pure and simple heart for it is through your unwavering faith that great and beautiful things shall come

into your life come to me tomorrow and share your heart’s desires bring your plans to my throne for I assure you that

I will bless you abundantly walk in faith my child and

doubt not for as the sun rises to dispel the darkness so too shall my glory shine

upon you flooding your heart with truth and your soul with strength surrender

your thoughts and decisions to me recommit to prayer and seek me with all

your heart though you may face serious problems and difficult situations

remember that nothing is impossible for those who believe in me trust in my love

for it is eternal and unbreakable and know that I am here to make your journey smoother and to protect you every step

of the way walk in faith my child for I am your essence

your future your strength and your protector trust in me with all your

might and together we shall overcome every obstacle that lies in your path

walk by faith my beloved for even though the Miracles may be yet invisible to your eyes trust

in their imminent arrival your faith no matter how small it may seem is exactly

what I ask for and it is all you need to continue receiving wondrous blessings from my hand hold fast to my promises

and come hear my words each day for therein lies the nourishment your soul

requires let go of your wrongdoings and entrust your life en entirely to me for I see the belief that burns within your

heart and I know that you will continue moving forward with unwavering faith in

the midst of your trials and tribulations When Hope seems but a distant memory your heart shall suddenly

overflow with joy dreams that you believe to be long buried shall spring forth a new and hopes once thought lost

to despair shall awaken within you once more your life shall be enriched with a

renewed sense of faith for for though you may have considered giving up I stand before you now offering my love

and countless Gifts of immense happiness and blessings prepare your mind and heart

for I tell you this those who you thought were lost to you shall return and it is your faith that shall

Aid them as they arrive shattered and in need of healing be ready for the doors to swing

open and the chains blocking your blessings to shatter before you for when you believe in my words nothing is

beyond your reach what lies ahead surpasses anything you have ever dreamed of my dear child

the opportunity to rebuild familial connections draws near forgiveness and healing standing at your doorstep

awaiting your Embrace those who have caused you pain in the past shall re-enter your life and

it is your task to show them forgiveness and offer them a second chance do not

withhold your love for I promise to not only Grant you a better job but also to bestow upon you true wealth in every

sense of the word I shall send individuals your way who will recognize your worth rewarding your hard work and

skill remain steadfast in the truth shun rumors and slanderous speech and pay no

heed to those who seek to seow Discord with their lies be vigilant against those who would seek to steal the

blessings meant for you the time has come to ascend to Greater Heights to

deepen your understanding of my teaching and to place your complete trust in me

do not place your faith solely in material wealth and do not allow bitterness to take root in your heart

when faced with financial struggles or job loss entrust me with your faith and

surrender your heart to me completely for the moment has arrived to Embark upon a journey of Supernatural living

dear child type Proclaim your love for me believe in my power and witness

as I touch not only your love life but also the lives of your family with my love and divine intervention I love you my child and I

long to enter your Abode to orchestrate a profound miracle that shall surpass all expectations I stand at the threshold of

your life my beloved extending my hand in invitation will you permit me entry to

enact something new marvelous and mighty within your life I have beheld your

circumstances and I shall not allow scarcity to encroach upon your household or afflict your family instead I shall

shower your home with blessings for years to come your faithfulness has been unwavering marked by fervent prayer and

steadfast devotion you have prioritized me in all your endeavors and thoughts and now the

time draws near to reap the Abundant Harvest of your labor prepare yourself

for I shall fill your home with abundance Joy courage and well-being

rest assured in my promises for I shall fulfill them without fail with my

blessings comes wisdom power and the ability to make sound decisions enabling you to Steward what I

bestow upon you so that it may multiply and become a blessing unto others be grateful and Trust for I am affecting a

transformation in your life that shall bring forth abundant opportunities and blessings you have swn seeds of faith in

your heart for a long time enduring countless trials and tribulations without wavering in your belief in my

power and Presence by your side therefore you have emerged Victorious

and now with my mighty hand I shall cause those seeds to flourish abundantly in your life and in the lives of those

around you the time approaches to reap the rewards of your faithfulness and what I shall bring to your home is

infinitely greater than you can imagine you deserve the best and even more for

your faith is invaluable and your humble demeanor shall carry you far prepare yourself for I shall open new

doors unveil New Horizons and bring abundance to your home fear not for your

life rests securely in my hands disregard the negative reports and insults hurled by tongues seeking to

harm you for they seek only to distract you from the divine plan I’ve ordained for you when faced with insults and

slander cling to my love and my word seek my presence and spend time

with me that you may unburden yourself and draw strength from my presence I do not wish for your faith

and love to waiver in the face of adversity I am in the process of transforming everything around you

relieving you of burdens and uprooting the feelings that have hindered you you are a new creation liberated from

depression loneliness hatred and envy for I have

destined you for a life filled with joy abundance and purpose your spirit has been reborn

into a new life filled with faith optimism

strength and joy even your enemies shall be astonished by your

transformation frustrated because they can no longer confuse or assail you they will witness that you have chosen to

cling to my word over their Infamous insults the wounds that once haunted you have vanished and the worries that

tested your faith are now but distant memories Embrace this new day of peace and happiness even if you cannot yet see

it with your natural eyes for you can already feel it know that you are not

the same I am showering you with my Supernatural presence embracing you with

all my love and affection you are not weak you are strong you are not a failure you are

victorious you are not defeated you have risen by my power and now you stand as a

conqueror tell me with all your heart that you believe in me for I come to remind you that you are not

alone yesterday you wept for the sudden troubles that arose feeling betrayed and

forsaken by those you believed loved you but your tears have reached the

heavens where your destiny is determined and where I console you in your distress

though others may have distanced themselves from you I remain by your side loving you increasingly each day

live assured that I am willing to listen to you and through the power of my blood you can directly access my Celestial

throne here with me you can bring your petitions and I am prepared to listen to

you with patience and love like a good friend release your emotions pour out your soul for after

your tears Joy will follow your happiness will be profound for the time

has come to bless you abundantly you are ready to appreciate what I offer you for all the trials you have endured

have prepared you for this long awaited moment the windows of Heaven are opening to shower upon you immense blessings in

the midst of Silence may you feel my peace and know that even as people may depart I am with you to embrace and

console your soul you are growing stronger each day becoming more acquainted with me seeking my face and

my word demonstrating your loyalty wisdom and

intelligence as you close your eyes today and reflect on my words may You Feel My Love embracing and healing

you understand that you are not alone my presence fills your soul with joy

clearing your path so that all may turn out well listen to my words my cherished

child for they come from a place of love and deep understanding you have traversed arduous paths weathered storms

and persevered through trials each step a testament to your unwavering faith and

resilience your journey has not been easy but every hardship has sculpted your character and fortified your

spirit I see the sincerity in your heart the purity of your intentions your

aspirations are not tainted by greed or vanity they are grounded in the noble desire to provide for your loved ones to

alleviate burdens and to extend kindness to those in need it is this selflessness

that moves me to bless you abundantly to pour forth my grace upon you until you are enveloped in tranquility and

abundance trust in me and I will unveil Marvels beyond your imagination I will

liberate you from the shackles that bind you ushering you into a realm of boundless peace and

prosperity but heed my call with courage and determination rise each day with

unwavering resolve embracing the challenges that lie ahead with a spirit undaunted by adversity do not be

disheartened by setbacks or detractors along your path stay true to your

convictions walking with integrity and compassion even in the face of

opposition let your kindness shine forth like a beacon of light Illuminating the

darkness that seeks to Cloud your journey be wise in your interactions guarding your heart against

those who Harbor ill intentions and refraining from the spread of gossip and slander no know that I am ever Vigilant

orchestrating events according to my divine plan trust in my timing for at

the appointed moment you will stand before the threshold of greatness where the Gates of Heaven will swing open to

reveal blessings beyond measure declare your faith in me and commit to seeking

my presence daily let gratitude flow from your lips acknowledging the

countless blessings that Grace your life each day take solace in the knowledge that I am your constant and companion

guiding your steps and shaping your destiny with boundless love and compassion release your worries into my

care for I am the source of your strength and the guardian of your soul your burdens are not yours alone to

Bear lay them at my feet and I will carry them with you lightening your load

and infusing your spirit with renewed hope my child type yes if you trust in me in moments of uncertainty remember

the countless reasons you have to be grateful let gratitude permeate your thoughts

anchoring your soul in a deep sense of peace and contentment for in the sanctuary of a

grateful heart you will find Solace and serenity amidst life’s tumultuous Seas

so my beloved child do not falter in your faith keep your eyes fixed on the

horizon of Hope knowing that I am with you always guiding you with love and leading you towards a future filled with

blessings beyond measure in the midst of life life’s trials there come moments

when gratitude slips through your fingers like grains of sand and the enemy Whispers Insidious doubts into the

corridors of your mind these Whispers like venomous serpents coil around your

thoughts twisting your concerns into paralyzing fear surrounding you with a

shroud of lies that threaten to suffocate your spirit with Dread anguish and

despair yet even in these dark moments I am here watching and waiting for you

to raise your hands high and declare the words that will scatter your foes I am thankful for my life for my family for

my health and for everything I am and possess your genuine faith and a heart

overflowing with gratitude serve as an impenetrable armor fortifying you against the onslaught of challenges that

seek to engulf you as you navigate Through the flames of adversity know

that I walk beside you a steadfast presence in the midst of turmoil each morning as you awaken with

eagerness to whisper your first words of gratitude I am there listening with tender

compassion trust in my timing and my plans for you for I am orchestrating

countless wonders in your favor both in the Realms seen and unseen I have

decreed that you shall receive abundance beyond measure that you shall be be released from the shackles of debt that

Divine wisdom shall be bestowed upon you like a precious gift and that blessings tailored specifically for you and your

loved ones shall rain down upon you like a gentle shower of Grace know this you were not created by

chance or happen stance but with purpose and intentionality even before your journey

began I cherished you with a love that knows no bounds my greatest gift to you is this

unwavering love a love that remains constant and unyielding even in the face of your

shortcomings and failures your mistakes do not deter me they only serve to deepen my love for you unlike those who

parade their supposed Perfection and Holiness you are different your spirit

exudes peace your demeanor reflects kindness and your thoughts are noble and

pure when you stumble and fall as all Mortals do you rise again with

confidence and faith unashamed and undeterred let no one cast stones upon

you for you are cherished in my sight maintain your attitude of faith and

humility seeking my presence daily with a heart open to receive in return for

your earnest efforts I will shower you with blessings beyond measure rest

assured that your desires are known to me and I am preparing you to step through the doors of opportunity that I

am swinging open before you even now as you listen to these words

Supernatural Miracles are unfolding new connections are forming and unforeseen

opportunities are presenting themselves what may seem like problems today will soon be revealed as blessings

and disguise bringing peace and abundance to your home and your heart

but Above All Else remember this my love for you is the most precious gift of all

so tell me that you believe out to have faith and rest In My Embrace I hold your life in my hands and

I am your everpresent protector guiding you through every Twist and Turn of your journey with me by your side fear not

adversity for nothing and no one can harm you as you awaken each day feel my

presence enveloping you like a warm embrace let not distraction steal your attention instead come and listen to my

word for in it you will find solace and strength know that I am in control

tracing your path and scripting your story with wisdom and Grace the answers you seek will come in

their appointed time for I am guiding you into a new life A New Beginning where everything will be different and

where my love will light your way through the darkest of nights do not allow the opinions of others to weigh

you down hold your head high and navigate life with unwavering faith and dignity envious voices may attempt to

poison your spirit with their venom but their words hold no power over you only

my thoughts of you should hold significance in your life know this I see you as a wonderful being with a

heart pure and sincere embed my words deep within your Consciousness and when

the arrows of criticism come flying seek refuge in my boundless love I’ve been

with you through every battle every fall every Victory and every

hardship now it is your time to shine to ascend to Greater Heights leaving behind

the struggles of the past and embracing a new chapter filled with Triumph and fresh Beginnings are you prepared to accept

the love and peace I offer to allow me to lead you down a path adorned with blessings and wisdom trust in my

promises for I am faithful to open the heavens and shower you with Abundant Blessings my words will be inscribed

upon your heart guiding your steps with steadfast assurance know that my

forgiveness knows no bounds even in your moments of weakness I am ready to lift you up and

set you on the path of righteousness once more the blessings I bestow upon you extend far beyond Earthly riches

they transcend the limits of this world Believe In My Vow to open the heavens for you and declare with unwavering

faith I believe my affection for you is genuine and unyielding visible for all

to see step outside into the Embrace of nature and feel the warmth of the sun upon your

skin these are but tokens of my love and presence constant reminders of my

protection and care as you face obstacles and trials do not falter press

onward with Zeal and determination your dreams are precious to me for through you I seek to manifest

my love and Power in this world each day I Infuse you with my Holy Spirit

preparing you for the journey ahead soon your spiritual discernment will

deepen allowing you to perceive beyond the surface and touch the hearts of many with Supernatural Grace let your life be

a testament to my word a Beacon of Faith and Hope for all who cross your path

open your hands to receive the Abundant Blessings I offer but never stray from me declare your love and faithfulness

Until the End surrendering all your worries and fears into my loving Embrace

today mark the beginning of a new era in your life filled with transformation and

joy as you celebrate the love I pour into your life remember to sing praises

to me for in your songs I find Delight even amidst

hardship maintain a joyful spirit for I am ever present by your side trust in my

powerful forces humbling yourself before me and witness how I cover you with my

Endless Love granting you a fresh start and A Renewed sense of purpose

amen my child hear my voice echoing through the Tempest calling out to you amidst the

Raging storms that may surround you in the midst of chaos know that I am the

calm within the unwavering presence that steadies your soul when Shadows Loom and

darkness threatens to overwhelm remember that I am the light that scatters them

Illuminating the path before you you are never alone even in your darkest moments

do not lose hope for I am intimately acquainted with the Sorrows that weigh heavy on your

spirit I see the Dreams Deferred the potential left unfulfilled and I assure you your best

days are not behind you the world may try to convince you otherwise but do not listen to its lies I am the god who

makes all things new the same power that raised Christ from the dead resides within you you can begin again today for

where you see limitations I see boundless possibilities what others dismiss as not

good enough I call beloved your mistakes do not define you

and your struggles do not disqualify you I have always used imperfect vessels to

accomplish my perfect will I choose the things the world deems foolish and weak to shame the wise and

strong and you are no exception within your heart I have planted vision

and purpose fan these Sparks into flame for no earthly force can extinguish the

light I have kindled within you the trials you have endured have not been in vain they have prepared you for this

Moment release regret over Wasted Years for I will yet restore what seems

irretrievable exchanging Beauty for Ashes do not believe the enemy’s lies that it is too late as long as there is

breath in your lungs it is never too late for transformation my child type

amen if you feel the energy of this message trust in my timing though it may

seem slow to you I am always working in ways you cannot yet see setting the

stage for miracles There Will Be Giants to face on the road ahead but I have

given you authority to conquer them fix your eyes on me not the Raging

seas around you I will lead you one step at a time through Stormy Waters to streams of Living Water do not worry

about provision for my word over you stands forever settled surely goodness

and mercy shall follow you and what I have spoken I am able to perform my

promises are yes and amen I bless you to be a blessing a tree planted by Living

Waters whose Leaf does not wither dig your roots deep into my steadfast love

build on the unshakable foundation of who I say you are you are the the apple of my eye the joy of my heart carved in

the palms of my hands you are loved with an everlasting love the world may mock

you but I applaud your courage to believe for more to take The Road Less Traveled and expand your capacity to

receive all I have in store you were made for more than mediocrity and Petty

goals I will do a measurably more than you ask or imagine more than you have

dreamed your journey with me leads to wonders Wild and Free this is your invitation to Abundant Life say yes to

the Glorious Adventure I invite you to the choice is yours but I hope you will join me where mountaintops touch endless

Skies of possibility where lions and Lambs walk together unafraid I am making

all things new let me make you new too the world will take notice as old things

pass away and New Life Begins the years the locusts have eaten will be restored

Beauty will rise from ashes and laughter will echo in the Halls that once held only weeping blessing after blessing

will overtake you wave upon wave each morning will hold expectancy of

encounter with my glory the trials that now seem endless will fade in the light of my presence you will be a testimony

of my redeeming love a vessel through which I move in extraordinary ways just

as I did in Mary’s life when I took on flesh within her womb I move through yielded ordinary lives in

extraordinary ways agree with my word about you align your expectations with

my will and miracles will surely follow the journey will not always be

easy but I will be with you in joy and in sorrow celebrate every breakthrough and mourn every loss together I will

never leave you or forsake you my strength is made perfect in your weakness when you grow weary lean harder

into me I am your shelter from the storms of life your sanctuary of

Peace come to the water’s edge with hopeful expectation do not focus on how

far the Horizon seems take courage and cast your net once more your provision

is not determined by what others bestow or withhold but by The Great I Am who spoke the Stars into

being scarcity and lack are foreign Concepts in my economy of abundance ask largely of me agree with

me for the seemingly impossible and watch Heaven move on your behalf refuse

to settle for less than my highest will for your life no matter what anyone else has accepted for their own you were

created in my very image for Glory and Honor therefore set your aim higher your

vision wider be bold be brave be radical in pursuit of my purposes blaze a trail

into Uncharted Territory with me as your guide and watch as I do immeasurably more than you could ask or

imagine turn worlds upside down never again think small thoughts devoid of

power dear child like the video speak my word and watch it accomplish my designs

demons will shudder chains will fall Dry Bones will Rattle and come to life when you call what is not yet seen into being

by faith the world will watch and wonder at what unfolds through your life signs

and wonders will follow you the trophy of transformation will Beyond display in surrendered lives you are called and

equipped to do the impossible to turn worlds upside down to manifest heaven on

Earth you are a chosen generation of History makers and Destiny shifters walk in the confidence that you

bear my image and carry my authority to manifest heaven on Earth signs and wonders will increase as

my glory is revealed upon you the generations will call you blessed and

your legacy will be one of great joy your days of morning are ended Glory Rises like the dawn over your life you

are a new Daydreamer marked by my power and presence to transform never again will the night

Seasons hold sway each Sunrise Herald’s promise fulfilled and vision expanded

where you walk dead men live lost hopes are born again ruin is made whole Beauty

awakens in ashes all things are made new be assured of this the son of my favor

Rises upon you with healing in its wings no longer will Shadows claim ground in your heart or home the lion of

Judah is awakened within you my anointing rests upon you my angels hearken to your cry and all of Heaven’s

resources stand ready at your command arise Shine for Darkness flees

at your approach Glory Rises fresh with each new Sunrise there is light and life

yet ahead my child I see see your struggles your pain your despair but I

also see the potential within you the dreams waiting to be fulfilled trust in me lean on me and

together we will walk into the fullness of your destiny from ashes to immense Beauty

from Darkness to light from despair to hope this is your journey and I am with

you every step of the way my child before you go dive into the

the comment section below share your Reflections thoughts or simply drop a amen if you felt the Divine energy your

words create a beautiful tapestry of connection and I can’t wait to read them

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