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my beloved child I’m here to help you

get better heal and feel better I tell

you not to be afraid a lot because I

want my words to stay with you and my

beautiful voice to wake you up every

morning pay attention to me I’m right

here with you telling you from the

bottom of my heart that I love you in

your daily life you will face challenges

you didn’t expect but you will come out

stronger my my grace is enough for you

my strength is in you because I promised

I will never leave you and there will

always be calm after your

storms you’ll be at peace happy and

strong you will get up and live your

life with all the strength I give you I

care about you it’s possible to get out

of this situation and there is a way to

fix it today take some time to pray

while you’re with me I will give you

faith and conviction that you are free

from all debt all oppression and all

curses my love must flow through your

soul like a river as you get to know me

better and give me a place in your heart

you’ll see that your problems leave you

one by one no matter how down you are

how little you want to fight or how sure

you are that your enemies have already

won raise your arms in Victory you have

won through faith and you are a child of

the all powerful God who loves you very

much and surrounds you with grace and

mercy keep in mind that you have won big

battles in the past you have fought

enemies that seemed unbeatable with all

your might and one you know what it’s

like to fight get tired and fall then

you come to me to get stronger you know

what it’s like to get back up and win

you’ve already tasted victory so now

you’ll fight your battles even harder

you hold in your hands the sword of my

Holy Spirit and this holy word that I

sent to you you’re not a coward feel my

touch on your heart and let go of the

negativity that’s getting in the way of

your vision the flame in your soul

drives you to keep fighting for your

dreams and the people you care about you

are loved and important and you are not

alone give me your weight to carry let

go of the painful thoughts that are

trying to make you believe that I’ve

left you and that no one loves you it’s

not true take in my words and my warm

comforting hug right now you will not

fail or give up when things go wrong or

when you suffer trust have faith and

give me your pain no matter what let me

Comfort you I’m here to listen if you

need to cry give me your feelings of

failure and defeat I’ll be by your side

all day every morning every evening and

every night to comfort and help you I’m

going to tell you how much I appreciate

you my love will wrap around you and my

strong hand will watch over you today

you go from winning to winning do not be

afraid of enemy armies or conflict walls

instead put your faith in this word that

gives you strength and beats the forces

of evil come to me and put your fears

and weaknesses back in my hands while

you’re on your knees with my love I will

be ready to heal you today you will

raise your arms in Victory and be happy

about your winds I will put a crown on

your head full of life and strength to

get you ready for the next Day’s Journey

and when you think you’ve reached the

top of the mountain I’ll be there to

share your joy and celebrate with you my

love for you will never end no matter

where you are in life I am always ready

to help you with anything you need I

will find new ways to encourage you to

keep fighting and I will give you lots

of good things negative people have lost

hope because of the problems in the

world so don’t listen to what they have

to say but I will look out for for you

your family and the people you love

don’t be scared if you lose things or

run into problems remember that they

will go away soon there’s a reason for

every event I keep a close eye on the

people I love every problem you have

will be turned around for the better

someone who works with evil and wants to

ruin your future and stop my plan will

be taken out of your life they live in

delusion thinking they are stronger than

your heavenly father who loves you so


you know what’s coming for them don’t

give up on your faith stay strong pay

attention to me and get ready for all

the good things I have planned for you I

love you and am your true feather tell

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