God Says : Embrace My Wisdom

my beloved child as you sit in contemplation I am with you open your heart and mind to the

wisdom I wish to share embrace my words for they are meant to guide comfort and

illuminate your path in a world filled with noise and distraction finding peace and Clarity

can be challenging but remember I am always here waiting for you to turn to

me my teachings are not just for those who walk the earth during my time they

are Timeless truths relevant to every generation love compassion forgiveness

and humility are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life when you Embrace these

virtues you align yourself with my heart let us begin with love the greatest of

all commandments love your neighbor as yourself this is not merely a suggestion

but a way of life love is patient and kind it does not envy or boast

it is not proud or rude love does not Delight in evil but rejoices with the

truth it always protects trusts hopes and perseveres when you love genuinely you

reflect my love for you a love that is unconditional and everlasting understand that love goes

beyond mere words it is demonstrated through actions feed the hungry clothe

the naked visit the sick and comfort the sorrowful these these acts of kindness

are expressions of my love when you serve others you serve me look Beyond

differences and embrace the common Humanity that binds you all love does not discriminate it is

inclusive and Embraces all of creation compassion is the next pillar of wisdom

I wish to impart to be compassionate is to feel the pain of others and to act to

alleviate it when you see someone in distress do not turn away extend your

hand and offer support compassion is a reflection of my heart a heart that

weeps with those who weep and rejoices with those who rejoice it is through

compassion that you build a community of care and empathy forgiveness is another

Cornerstone of my teachings forgive as I have forgiven you holding on to grudges

and harboring resentment only weighs you down forgive foress is not about excusing wrongdoings but about freeing

yourself from the chains of bitterness when you forgive you release yourself from the past and open your

heart to healing and Reconciliation remember forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself as much as to

others humility is the virtue that keeps you grounded it is the acknowledgement

that you are not the center of the universe but a part of a greater whole humility allows you to learn grow and

connect with others it is in humility that you find strength for when you are humble you rely on my strength rather

than your own do not seek the spotlight or crave recognition instead serve

quietly and Faithfully knowing that I see and value your efforts in your daily life seek to

cultivate these virtues they are the foundation of a life lived in alignment with my teachings yet know that this

journey is not always easy you will face challenges Temptations and moments of

doubt in these times turn to me in prayer prayer is a powerful tool that

connects you to my Divine wisdom and guidance it is through prayer that you find the strength to persevere the

clarity to make wise decisions and the peace that surpasses all

understanding the world around you is filled with distractions that can lead you astray materialism greed and the

pursuit of power can Cloud your judgment do not let these Temptations

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