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my dearest child I reach out to you with

a heart heavy with love and concern for

I have observed the path that Humanity

Treads upon the canvas of Creation in

the light of all that transpires in your

world I wish to share a message with you

a message that Echoes the sentiments of

my son Jesus Christ who gazes upon his

Creation with a sadness born from an

infinite love first and foremost let it

be known that the essence of my message

is not one of condemnation but rather an

invitation to introspection and

compassion it is a call to return to the

core values that underly the very fabric

of existence a fabric woven with threads

of Love kindness and understanding my

beloved child as I look upon the

tapestry of human history I witness the

beauty of diversity and the potential

for goodness within each Soul however

there is also a shadow that looms a

darkness that emerges from the choices

made by Humanity it is with a heavy

heart that I acknowledge the pain and

suffering that many endure the result of

actions that stray from the path of Love

Justice and compassion Jesus the

embodiment of my love feels a profound

sadness witnessing the divisions that

have manifested among his children he

sees the ways in which fear hatred and

intolerance have taken root leading to

Discord and strife the teachings of

compassion forgiveness and unity which

he so graciously imparted seem at times

to be overshadowed by the cacophony of

discordant voices it is crucial my child

to remember that the sorrow Jesus feels

does not stem from a desire to punish or

cast judgment upon his creation rather

it is a reflection of his deep love for

each and every one of you he yearns for

a world where kindness Reigns where love

serves as the guiding force and where

Unity triumphs over division in this

moment of reflection I implore you to

consider the actions and choices that

have led Humanity astray look within

your own heart and examine the

motivations behind your thoughts words

and deeds it is not a call for Guilt but

rather an opportunity for growth and

transformation my child you are endowed

with the gift of free will a powerful

force that shapes the course of your

existence use this gift wisely with

mindfulness and and a sense of

responsibility embrace the teachings of

my son for they are a beacon of light in

a world that sometimes seem shrouded in

darkness the challenges that Humanity

faces are not

insurmountable through love

understanding and Collective effort you

can mend the fabric of your existence

extend a hand to those in need speak

words of kindness and Foster an

environment where empathy and compassion

flourish as you navigate the

complexities of Your World remember that

you are all

interconnected a vast tapestry of souls

woven together by the threads of

creation each action no matter how small

has the potential to reverberate

throughout this tapestry influencing the

collective Destiny of humanity I

encourage you to seek common ground with

your fellow beings to bridge the gaps

that divide you and to build a world

where love transcends the boundaries

that currently separate you let the

teachings of Jesus be your guide and may

his message of love and Redemption

inspire a collective Awakening in

conclusion my dear child know that you

are not alone my love surrounds you and

the essence of my son’s teachings

resonates within your very being the

path to healing and Redemption lies in

your hands embrace the power of love and

together let us Forge a future where the

sadness in jesus’ heart transforms into

a symphony of Joy a testament to the

beauty of a creation United in love type

am in for blessings from Jesus

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