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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end my beloved child do

you feel weighed down by the burdens of

this world are you struggling under the

heavy yoke of hardship fear or

despair I know that life can be

immensely challenging at times the

storms of adversity rage fiercely

threatening to overwhelm you but I am

here your Eternal

Father offering you an unshakable Refuge

amidst The Tempest I understand the

anguish you feel when circumstances seem

unbearable I see the tears you cry when

the night grows darkest yet even in your

most profound suffering I have not

abandoned you my loving presence is

always by your side ready to shelter you

beneath the wings of my unfailing love

look back on the journey you have walked

thus far remember the times when you

thought all hope was lost when the way

forward seemed impossibly

obstructed did I not part the waves and

make a path where there was no way did I

not take your hand and guide you through

the treacherous Wilderness I am the god

who delivered my people from the iron

grip of pharaoh I Am The God Who

sustained them through the barren desert

with Mana from Heaven I Am The God Who

parted the Jordan River allowing them to

enter the promised land if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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clicking thanks button my power to

deliver knows no bounds for I am the

almighty God the creator of Heaven and

Earth nothing is too difficult for me I

can shatter the chains that bind you and

set you free from every captivity I can

heal your deepest wounds and mend your

broken heart I can lift you from the pit

of despair and set your feet upon the

high places of

Victory have faith my children for I am

working mightily on your your behalf

even when you cannot see it the

Deliverance I have in store for you will

be so

complete so overwhelming that it will

leave you a struck I will turn your

mourning into dancing your sorrow will

be transformed into unrestrained Joy do

not lose heart in the face of adversity

for it is through these trials that your

faith is refined and strengthened like

gold purified by fire your trust in me

will emerge brighter and more Val able

than ever before the challenges you

endure are not punishments but

opportunities for you to experience the

depths of my delivering power when you

find yourself in the midst of the storm

turn your eyes toward me fix your gaze

upon my unfailing promises and you will

find the strength to endure I Am The

Anchor that holds firm no matter how

fiercely The Winds of Affliction May

howl hold fast to me and you will never

be shaken take courage my children for I

have already secured your Victory the

cross of Calvary stands as an eternal

Testament to my love and my commitment

to your deliverance on that cruel

instrument of death I bore the weight of

your sins your sorrows and your

afflictions Through My

Sacrifice I have purchased your freedom

your healing and your Everlasting

Triumph do not allow the enemy to fill

your mind with lies and

discouragement his tactics are feudal

for I have already disarmed him and

triumphed over his schemes the power

that raised me from the grave now

resides within you enabling you to

overcome every obstacle and emerge

Victorious so lift up your heads my

beloved ones rejoice in the knowledge

that your deliverance is

near I Am The God Who Parts the sea who

opens prison doors and who breaks every

chain trust in me for I will never fail

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people if you need God’s

presence the joy that awaits you on the

other side of your deliverance is beyond

comprehension it is a joy that


circumstances a joy that defies Earthly

logic it is a supernatural joy that

flows from the very Heart Of God filling

you with an unshakable peace and an

unquenchable hope as you journey through

this life cling to me the sord of your

deliverance surrender your burdens to me

and allow my strength to be made perfect

in your

weakness I will carry you through the

darkest valleys and lead you into Wide

Open Spaces where you can run freely and

rejoice in the abundance of my blessings

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yes I need in the

comments my children you are destined

for victory for I am the god of

Deliverance and I’ve called you to reign

with me in glory

Everlasting so let your hearts be filled

with an unshakable confidence a holy

boldness that declares if God is for us

who can be against us rise up my

Warriors and claim the Deliverance that

is yours in Christ Jesus let the joy of

your salvation be your strength and Let

the Praises of Deliverance be ever on

your lips for I am faithful and I will

bring bring you through every

trial every

tribulation and every

challenge type triple in the comments

if you believe in the end you will stand

Victorious a Living testament to the

power of your delivering God and when

you look back on your journey you will

see that every step every struggle every

tear was leading you to this moment of

Triumph a moment when you can declare

with unwavering conviction the Lord the

Lord is my deliverer my strength and my

song Embrace The Joy of Deliverance my

beloved children for it is your

inheritance in me let it be the driving

force that propels you forward the

unquenchable fire that burns within your

hearts and as you walk in the light of

my delivering power you will be a Beacon

of Hope to a world desperately in need

of the good news of Salvation go forth

with confidence secure in the knowledge

that I am with you always even until the

end of the age my Deliverance is your

portion and my joy will be your strength

forever more in the name of the Father

the Son and the Holy Spirit I bless you

and Empower you to walk in the fullness

of your deliverance amen

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