GOD SAYS: “DO YOU WANT TO CLOSE THE DOOR OF HEAVEN? God’s Message Now #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1515

my beloved

children I come to you with a message of

love and

trth hoping to stir your hearts and

awaken your spirits to the reality of


choices I speak not out of

condemnation but out of a deep desire

for your well-being and eternal

salvation it is a solemn truth that the

doors of Heaven stand open to all who

seek entrance through

me your savior and

Redeemer yet I must tell you that

ignoring me turning away from my voice

and my teachings is akin to shutting

those doors before you sealing yourself

all off from the Abundant Blessings and

eternal life that await

within you see I am the way the truth

and the life no one comes to the father

except through me I am the bridge

between Heaven and Earth the meditator

between a fallen humanity and a merciful


to ignore me is to reject this bridge to

refuse the hand that reaches out to save

you from the darkness and despair of

sin I understand that the world may

offer many distractions and

temptations pulling you away from me

with Promises of pleasure and

fulfillment but

I assure you my dear children that the

fleeting pleasures of this world pale in

comparison to the joy and peace that

come from knowing me and walking in my

ways ignoring me is not a harmless Act


indifference it is a dangerous Choice

with eternal

consequences for in turning your back on

me you forfeit the grace and forgiveness

that I freely offer to all who come to

me with repentant

hurs you deny yourself the opportunity

to experience the fullness of life that

I long to give you both now and for all

eternity but hear me my dear ones for it

is not too late to turn back to me

my arms are always open

wide ready to receive you with love and

compassion no matter how far you may

have straighted or how long you have

ignored my voice I stand ready to

welcome you home with open

arms do not let Pride or fear keep you

from returning back to me

do not allow the cares of this world to

drown out the still Small Voice that

calls out to you in love instead humble

yourselves before me confess your sins

and ask for my

forgiveness I am faithful and just to

forgive you and to cleanse you from all

unrighteousness remember my beloved

children that I came not to condemn the

world but to save it my heart’s desire

is for all to come to repentance and to

experience the Abundant Life that I

offer but the choice is yours to

make will you heed my voice and follow

me or will you continue to ignore me and

close the doors of

Heaven may you have ears to hear and the

hurs to receive my words and may you

find true peace and

joy in me now and forever

more amen

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