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God promises to be by your side guiding

you to victory commit everything to the

Lord trusting in his help when you

humble yourself before him Embrace Faith

even when you haven’t seen and

appreciate everything God has

created Real Love is on its way and both

luck and love are

yours expect someone to see you as the

best thing in the world God is saying

before tomorrow your hand will receive a

big amount of money from unknown and


sources by God’s grace I know you didn’t

sleep last night worrying about your

bills health problems your children and

your future have faith in me for I will

provide for you beyond your

expectations suddenly you will receive

an overflow of money that will enable

you to pay off all your bills and debts

and even do something extra for your

children like this video If you believe


I have declared Victory peace healing

and financial blessings over your life

and always remember my word is final I

will not let your enemies harm you and

your family type amen if you trust God

Jesus says the stress frustration and

sleepless nights will soon come to an

end because I am going to replace it

with Clarity peace and

fulfillment dear lord your love is

better than anything in this life help

us to remember your many blessings every

day the Lord says I am going to open

doors for you that have been locked for

a long time suddenly Miracles will

happen in your life and your life will

start to change in a big positive way so

watch this video till unexpected

miracles from God will triple your

blessings this week and you’re going to

be the example that anything is possible

when God is with you and that God’s

Miracles are real lifechanging

God is breaking every negative cycle in

your life you entering a new season of

Freedom prosperity and abundance type

amen if you believe God says I never

ignored your prayers I answer them in

ways you didn’t expect you’re stepping

into a season of back-to-back Miracles

and blessings I am sending my angels

ahead of you to destroy any plans of the

enemy trust me the next months are

going to be amazing

you will receive blessings like never

before your challenges and problems will

be solved in unexpected ways your entire

family will be blessed and miracles will

appear when you need them God says put

your faith in me because I have great

plans for your life I will heal what

needs to be healed and I will bless you

and your loved ones everything in your

life is going to get better you’ve cried

and waited long enough I am sending help

answers healing blessings and miracles

your way the Lord bless you and keep you

the Lord cause his face to shine on you

and be gracious to

you the Lord lift up his face to you and

give you NeverEnding peace

congratulations exactly a.m.

tomorrow morning God will send you a

person who will support you financially

and emotionally type Amen to receive it

God is about to weigh you with his

goodness God has decided the person who

has seen this will be a millionaire in

the next

months I can bring happiness to your

depression and I can bring peace to your

anxiety just call on me I’ll be there

for you in no time by declaring Jesus’s

Lord verbally and having faith in your

heart that God resurrected him you will


salvation comment Jesus is Lord and you

will be saved God says to you if you are

seeing this right now I declare that if

you by faith you will you’re going to

bump into the biggest blessing you’ve

ever experienced in your entire life I

will give you the soulmate of your

dreams and it will not be by your power

but by the grace and love almighty God


heaven nothing can stop the blessings

that are coming your way you are chosen

for this gift and it’s already divinely

yours God says I provide Everlasting


if you are tired of feeling hopeless

lost and down come to me I will bless

your life because you are my favorite

child and I love you type one love you

God’s plan is always more beautiful than


desires God’s love is bigger than

anything you’re going through God says

stay in prayer and remain faithful to me

I am the same yesterday today and

forever I will never change this week

shall be filled with uncommon miracles

in this world bones will still break

Hearts will still break but in the end

light will overcome

Darkness Lord help me to change the

things that cannot change help me to

accept the things that I have lost and

to look ahead at the amazing blessings

that you have stored for me type if

you believe God is removing toxicity

from your life love is coming your way

money is coming your way and you are

going to be happier than you have ever

been trust in the Lord with all your

heart and do not lean on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He will make

straight your paths God says your love

life and your spiritual life will

flourish in the next few months along

with them your financial life will

exceed your most positive

expectations fear not for I am with you

be be not dismayed for I am your God I

will strengthen you I will help you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand type God is with me you are on the

verge of your breakthrough and your

comeback will Amaze your enemies every

voice that speaks against you in your

destiny is silenced today in jesus’ name

God says will be your comeback

year I will restore your health

relationships and finances your dreams

will be come a reality very soon huge

money good health and better

relationships are coming your way trust

in God with all your heart and see

miracles happen in your life type

if you believe I pray to God may

this week unlock the doors of blessings

in your life may the Lord hear your

prayers and help you get through all the

problems that you’re currently facing

God says I am going to surprise you very

soon I have already lined up the healing

the freedom the promotion the marriage

and the life-changing Miracle this is

confirmation for somebody some of you

are even being called to go buy a


ticket you are designed to be a winner

no matter what you do favor has found

you by God’s grace hype to receive

it always remember God is bigger than

your worries God is bigger than your

pain and God is bigger than your fears

God Is Bigger than anything that you can

imagine the sadness that you feel today

is only temporary it will go and it can

return but it will not last forever rest

assured that I will bring you happiness

because I love you God says today I am

about to turn your private prayers into

public Miracles God is for you even when

it seems like circumstances are against

you tonight something that has been

draining you for years is about to


so expect a big turnaround in your life

hpe amen if you

believe my father in the name of Jesus I

decree and declare that the glory of God

is upon my head from today because of

the favor operating in my life whatever

I lay my hands to do must Prosper today

I ask that this week brings us love and

peace and may I be guided by you every

moment of the way in Jesus name amen

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