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my beloved child on this solemn and sacred day known as Good Friday I wish

to impart unto you the boundless blessings that emanate from the ultimate sacrifice made by my son Jesus Christ

This Day commemorates the culmination of his Earthly Journey a journey marked by unconditional love unwavering

obedience and a selfless willingness to Bear the weight of Humanity’s sins upon his

shoulders as you reflect on the events of this ho day let your heart be filled

with awe and gratitude for the profound Act of redemption that unfolded on the Rugged Cross at

Calvary it was there amidst unimaginable suffering and Agony that my son’s love

for you and for all of creation reached its Zenith transcending the boundaries of human understanding through his

sacrificial death Jesus bridged the chasm that separated you from me your

heavenly father the veil of sin that at once obscured your view of my Divine Glory was torn asunder allowing you to

bask in the radiant light of my unconditional love and forgiveness no longer are you Bound by the shackles of

guilt and condemnation for in his sacrifice Jesus has set you free

offering you the gift of eternal life and a restored relationship with me as you contemplate the depths of this love

may your heart be filled with an unquenchable thirst for righteousness a desire to walk in the footsteps of of my

son and a longing to embrace the virtues he embodied humility compassion

forgiveness and unwavering Faith let his example be a Guiding Light That

illuminates your path inspiring you to extend the same Selfless Love to those around you even in the face of adversity

and persecution remember my child that the cross was not the end but merely the

gateway to the Glorious victory of the Resurrection just as my son emerged triumphant from the tomb shattering the

chains of death and ushering in the promise of new life so too can you emerge Victorious from the trials and

tribulations that seek to inom your spirit draw strength from the knowledge that the same power that raised Christ

from the grave now resides within you empowering you to overcome every obstacle and to live as an overcomer in

this world on this Good Friday I invite you to kneel before the cross and allow

the weight of my son’s sacrifice to wash over you cleansing you of every burden

every fear and every doubt that weighs upon your soul surrender your burdens at

the foot of the cross for it is there that you will find true rest true peace

and the unwavering assurance that you are loved beyond measure as you emerge from this sacred day may you carry

within you the profound understanding that my son’s sacrifice was not merely a historical event but a Living testament

to the depth of my love for you let his resurrection power Infuse every aspect

of your life empowering you to overcome the challenges that lie ahead and to

shine as a Beacon of Hope in a world that so desperately needs to experience the transformative power of my love my

child let the blessings of Good Friday be a catalyst for a renewed commitment to walk in the footsteps of my son

Embrace a life of selfless service extending compassion to the marginalized Comfort to The

Afflicted and hope to the downtrodden let your words be seasoned with Grace and your actions be a

reflection of the sacrificial love that was displayed on the cross just as my son willingly laid down

his life for you so too are you called to lay down your life for others not in a physical

sense but by denying yourself taking up your cross daily and following in his

steps in doing so you will experience the true essence of what it means to be my

disciple and you will bear witness to the transformative power of the Gospel

as you journey through this life remember that you are never alone I your heavenly father am with you

always guiding you strengthening you and surrounding you with my unfailing love

when the storms of life rage around you take refuge in the shelter of My Embrace

for I am your rock your Fortress and your everpresent help in times of

trouble my child on this Good Friday receive the blessings that flow

from the cross blessings of forgiveness Redemption hope and eternal

life Embrace these blessings with every fiber of your being and let them be the

foundation upon which you build a life that brings glory to my name and bears witness to the unfathomable love that I

your heavenly father have for you May the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus and may the joy of his resurrection ReSound within you forever

more may the blessings of this sacred day fill your soul with an unshakable assurance that you are deeply loved

eternally secure and destined for a glorious inheritance that awaits you in my heavenly Kingdom

my beloved child very soon you’re going to see how I your Lord powerfully bless

you in your family a time of Peace healing and wonderful blessings is on

its way I see how strong your faith is I’m listening to your prayers it truly

touches my heart to see how genuine and sincere you are your faith shines brightly you make it a point to be in my

presence every single day your spiritual life stands out you remember me

consistently unlike some who only seek me now and then and don’t trust me with their life and plans I wish for you to

be an example for your family and everyone you care about show them through your good actions how to live

let them see the good that comes from your life as your faith grows so does your

inner strength your thoughts and your very Soul many blessings are await you but

also great responsibilities I shall place you in the Forefront so that many May witness

how I bless those who obey me those with Humble Hearts who are willing to await my response without succumbing to

anguish and impatience when things do not go well beloved understand that your life your

family D and everything you do are under my care many worry

incessantly feeling as if they are constantly in turmoil believing that these are desperate times yet all

wonderful things are within reach for those who love me follow my guidance and have faith in

me you stand among those who are steadfast in their faith for you doors

are wide open and a continual downpour of blessings and joy will shower upon you everywhere and always stay alert for

an outstanding opportunity is on its way to you some turn away from the blessings I offer feeling they don’t deserve them

in your journey you’ll meet many who suffer shedding tears for they fail to

see there’s someone who truly loves forgives and Promises them a future free

of Anguish and demise If Only They would shed their doubts and allow me to drench their lives with my love yet as you grow

and become robust like a fruitful tree you’ll bear Abundant Blessings I’ve planned for you I’ve promised

extraordinary miracles for you and your family I ch chish you your prayers have

been heard and answered get ready for a remarkable Triumph you’ll cry tears of

happiness for I will mend your sorrows and transform your life I am removing

the anguish that once consumed you very soon the things you believed

lost are being taken into account I recognize your courage and your decision to trust me wholeheartedly despite the

obstacles you have faced you may not understand them yet but you have remained faithful

never losing your desire to continue believing you have reserved a special place for me in your life and home

teaching your family that they must seek me through faith and perseverance you’re on the verge of

overcoming all the negative forces that had pushed you back you once felt fear

but you dared to believe in my love and infinite grace you received my forgiveness and clung to my promises

that’s why I am removing all obstacles all your enemies all sickness and from

today I shall abundantly bless you I know you are brave understanding well

that you must rise in faith paying no heed to discouragement and doubt so that you may see and receive all the

blessings coming your way your prayers are powerful filled with genuine

Faith remember it’s not about how many words you use it’s your faith that truly

matters to me I will envelop your home with my presence and your family will

see for themselves the vastness of my power they’ll witness the incredible things I will do in your life do you

trust in me I cherish you deeply you are forever mine you’ve come to me with your

heart openly and with trust know that my love for you is immense and I will never

let you stumble today I’m going to make you stronger

instilling in you a resilient Spirit to face challenges my child type Amen in the

comment box I want you to stand up and move forward confidently aware that I am

with you even when I seem invisible or unfelt do not be afraid Proclaim

yourself as strong and triumphant when life’s trials make you feel weary My Divine Essence will rejuvenate you

infusing you with renewed Vigor granting you courage patience Insight

peace and clear thinking I’ll remind you of the precious promises I’ve placed

within you so you can voice them out loud causing your spiritual foes to scatter and keep away I speak to you as

my beloved child always feel deeply loved and surrounded by my arms yet I

address these words to you as one would speak to a warrior you are not a helpless loser or a coward filled with

fear the words I’ve spoken to you shall raise a shield around you strengthening your arms to wield your

sword granting you the skill to face the battle and emerge Victorious the enemy always comes to

frighten you with shouts and threats previously you remain seated in a

corner Paralyzed by fear and enslaved by Terror but everything changes from today

onwards you’re hearing me I’m speaking to you myself after hearing these words

you shall change once and for all obey me in this request I make of you and see yourself as you truly are

deeply loved and Incredibly Brave you do not flee from your battles as others do

you are strong and different you walk steadfastly forward because you know that with my love and power you need

nothing else to conquer you need not wait for years months or days to rise

with faith and strive for your happiness today marks a significant day take heed

for what I say is true I am reaching out my hand for you to grasp urging you to

take take firm steps forward with confidence knock on the doors of opportunity for I shall open them wide

enter with determination and unwavering trust into the new realm of joy peace

and prosperity that I am bestowing upon you such is my decree and so it shall

come to pass before you were even born I had already planned your

path in my care are all your deep wishes and dreams that you’ve held in your heart forever I remember remember every

prayer you’ve whispered for your loved ones they’re all noted in my records nothing is missed every moment Has Its

Right time I long to shower you with blessings to open doors that will make you wiser deepen your faith grow your

humility and teach you patience you are precious to me planted

in good ground to thrive and bear good fruit your guide to Blessings is in your own hands my words are powerful and holy

hold them close believe in them and keep them in your heart if your past is filled with

mistakes or losses if you’ve stumbled or lost things dear to you listen closely

and declare these words my past is behind me from now on my life my family

my future they’re all under your blessing don’t let embarrassment stop

you from speaking this truth openly eternal life is woven into my promises to you incredible Heavenly events are in

store when tough challenges appear a holy phrase will give you the Insight needed to overcome and succeed dive into

the Bible read it eagerly for knowledge and personal growth as you read know

that I’m with you guiding you through each sentence helping you understand me

more never question the reliability of my love or fear punishment for your

errors I reside in your heart filled with blessings and chances for you

offering Grace and forgiveness Mighty strength and a clear mission for you and

your loved ones the days of worry are over I’ve removed threats from your life

surrender yourself entirely to me believe in me without reservation and I shall bestow upon you abundant Joy I

inscribed it sealed it even before your existence none can harm you I will

deliver you from your troubles and provide the solutions you seek even today witness a supernatural

Testament to the magnitude of my love for you today is a momentous day replete

with surprises and blessings as you rise to face this new day remember that my

joy shall be your strength many beautiful things await you be grateful and continue to trust in me don’t be

overwhelmed by the difficulties you might face because you know of my love for you and that my blessing is always

with you you’ve consisted stly trusted in me confident in my ability to help

you in everything if you have faith it will happen you went through many

challenges last year but held on to my grace and came out stronger you planted seeds of kindness Purity love Faith and

commitment this year I assure you my child you will see the fruits of your

efforts everything will unfold at the right time at the perfect moment allowing you to

fully enjoy every second every experience and every blessing I believe

in you I understand your heart your wishes and your

aspirations I see your struggles and I’m with you fighting your battles every day

at night I give you the rest you need reinforcing your faith when a new day

begins I speak to your heart again assuring you that your life is in my

hands and today can be yet another wonderful day you are embraced by a real

omnipotent and merciful god never diminish the value you hold in my eyes

you are exceedingly precious to me I will watch over you wherever you go

wherever you tread and if ever you wander perilously away from my love I

shall lovingly draw you back and infold you once more in my heart now having read and heard these words

Close Your Eyes For a Moment tell me how you feel what you need

today allow me the chance to demonstrate my wondrous love to you on this day ask

whatever you wish I long to converse with you and respond seek me in my word

pray and align your spirit with mine so that you may comprehend me fully I

sought you out first I chose you even before you knew me thus Finding Me is neither arduous nor

impossible call upon me and I shall hear cry out to me and I shall

answer but prepare yourself for my response for you shall be astonished by

all that I desire to accomplish within you revealing my will in its entirety I shall bless you beyond your

wildest imaginings but I implore you believe in me and speak no ill of yourself nor ever

believe little yourself again my child I have chosen the perfect

time and place for you even when you feel uncertain and question if you’re on the right path life may bring struggles

obstacles and pain but I ask for your faith and trust amidst all these

remember you’re never alone I’ve always protected supported and guided you listen closely

to my words therefore you’re good I want to improve your life and clear the obstacles from your path if you ever

feel lost just turn to me and I’ll guide you back stay away from those who bring you

down or fail to see your true value making you feel less than you are you don’t need such negativity leave

them behind and you’ll find peace for I will bring kind and genuine people into

your life get ready for a miracle that’s coming your way bringing incredible

blessings your determination and Faith each morning inspire me don’t be overwhelmed

by challenges you have a Heart Like Mine eager to do good help others maintain

unity and Harmony and welcome my blessings every new day your way of being is your worship your praise you

are a virtuous individual and your Deeds sing to me exalt me I wish to open doors for others

to witness Someone Like You possessing genuine faith and love for me I greatly admire your ability to

withstand contrary winds responding not with hatred or resentment toward those false friends who hurt you stole from

you material possessions but can never rob you of the most Essential Elements your faith your

devotion your determination to abide by my will whatever may come you are

undeniably my daughter my son the word I have sown in you has borne much fruit

fruit and you still have many talents and gifts to reap you have a splendid

future and rest assured that you have my support in every situation you may come to me with

confidence pouring out your soul before my altar in any need even in times of Doubt or if you have made mistakes I

shall remain faithful never forsaking you I shall surround you with my

presence wherever you may be and you shall know it your skin shall feel me

your Soul shall receive the assurance that I am there with Legions ready and willing to Aid you to Grant you victory

over those cruel friends who seek to oppose you to Grant you healing and rid you of all illness and even to empower

you so that as you speak my word the forces of evil shall be vanquished your life your

family your health your finances all the people under your roof

shall be free and shall live in Victory my child like the video now your home

shall be filled with my glorious presence and Supernatural Miracles shall occur every day you shall be surrounded

by families of good people who shall also be blessed by this beautiful heart you possess let me speak to your heart

once again stay steady on your path Don’t Drift back into doubt or

disbelief keep seeking me praying learning

growing and let my Holy Spirit fill you each day with a sense of my care and affection embrace the peace I give you

which strengthens you my dear dear one my love for you is unwavering and

constant even when you stumble or falter it’s important I remind you of this

especially when life’s troubles Cloud your mind and you start questioning my care wondering if I’ve forgotten you you

might have felt so cherished in my love before that you doubt its permanence fearing I might be like others who

promised love but left when you needed it the most don’t let others mislead you into thinking you’re to blame for

everything they might try to keep you chained with falsehoods aiming to rob you of the bright future I’ve planned

for you they might try to convince you of mistakes you haven’t made or make you feel guilty for Imagined sins if you

listen to them you’ll miss out on the beautiful life we could share

remember I’ve forgiven your Miss steps and freed you from guilt I’m a God of

Mercy compassion and pardon I recognize your true remorse My

Sacrifice has made you clean it’s time to leave the past behind and stop punishing yourself don’t let anyone make

you feel insignificant I am the one who sacrificed for you who bled for you so

you could walk with dignity you are not defined by others words you are who I declare you to be

you you must choose whom to trust I say you are my beloved my Champion stand

firm against those who judge you you were created to win battles and achieve victories not to pick up the breadcrumbs

of Happiness left by your enemies I have given you victory over sin sickness poverty and

scarcity rise and shine speak my word with faith I love you you are my child I

am not s in you punishments nor do I hold a whip in hand to strike you every time you fail those who think so have

Twisted Minds the enemy has contaminated their hearts and destroyed their lives

fear not grow not weary I am with you to lift you up receive today the new Mercy

I have for you it is your gift your endowment the source of your blessing I

shall bring Unity to your family healing to your mind and body peace to your heart

I love you my dear child hesitate not for you are deeply

cherished you know it well I remain faithful observing your endeavors and

your desire to surrender to my will and execute tasks with Excellence I witness your unwavering

belief your faith continuing to strengthen though you may not perceive all my responses your loyalty does not

wne I liken you to my Faithful Servants akin to those initial Souls filled with

my spirit enduring thefts persecutions

incarcerations and torments yet remaining unbroken you resemble them you

have witnessed my glory in your own life experiencing my presence as the way the

truth and your life you acknowledge the reality of Miracles recognizing

Supernatural occurrences in Celestial Realms where Fierce battles which we shall jointly fight and overcome

unfold ensuring you receive even greater blessings I will always be there for you

even when you stumble I’ll give you extra strength to face challenges without being overwhelmed for every

challenge I allow I’ll provide a way out if I lead you on a path I’ll also show

you the way back when you feel astray remember these words deep in your heart I won’t turn you away when you

fail nor will I condemn you for your errors I see your effort to avoid living

in sin just as you’ve turned away from wrong and sought forgiveness I will give you the

resilience seen in my apostles who experienced my glory firsthand and bear witness to my presence I see you understand my

blessing is upon you aiming to achieve great things together your age doesn’t

Define you with a spirit Forever Young your Solid Faith and Readiness to rise at my call will bring Triumph

you will open doors and break through obstacles you’re my cherished child gifted with Divine strength not for

boasting or claiming profit status as I humble the self important you are called for something

unique I urge you to rise be confident come join me in a new chapter of Wonders

do you trust in me I know you felt discouraged even spoken out of hurt not

truly reflecting your beliefs emotions got the better of you leading to

mistakes you thought you’d lost me but I’ve never left you you placed your trust in unreliable sources succumbed to

misleading feelings and found yourself let down by untruthful people feeling

isolated nevertheless I am still here waiting for

you though many deny and refuse to acknowledge it my love surpasses all

understanding it cannot be broken it is pure endless and

perfect I call to you by day by night in your

dreams in every moment echoing through the wind resonating in The Whispers of the

Waves today you shall understand I exist I am real and I shall reiterate it

countless times each day to silence the voices of deception I love you and I shall

continue to do so would you have me Express these sentiments again tomorrow right here as

your ears absorb these words saturating your spirit with my presence in the crystal clear waters that cleanse your

soul do you seek a genuine embrace come now I long to envelop you sincerely

demonstrating my unwavering commitment to loving you despite all I know you need me your emotions your needs are

transparent to me you can achieve all apart from me your soul shall wither

I listen I respond I desire to help you overcome scarcity to conquer illness do

you understand now tell me do you believe I love you such love overwhelms

me to silence these words of affection flow effortlessly from my lips a river

of Living Waters coursing through your being bestowing the happiness you

crave my beloved child I watch over you all day long

taking joy in your efforts your strong chase after your dreams and your fights

to keep going it fills me with happiness to see your faith shine in your eyes

even when surprises come your way or troubles pop up you hold on to your faith tightly you’re not overwhelmed by

worry instead you move ahead as if nothing can bother you should your

surroundings start to fall apart you use your faith like a protective barrier which makes me very happy

when you face opposition your faith is what you lean on again standing Brave

and certain that nothing can defeat you because I am by your side I love being part of your daily life from the moment

you wake up even if you think your home is simple and modest I see the greatness

of your faith and the size of your heart one day I’ll let you see how my presence fills your home with countless Angels

around you’ll get to see the immense blessings I give when you come to me willingly responding with true love to

the care I give you holding on to me with the pure trust and honesty of a child when I declare my love you believe

with all your heart requiring no proof to feel secure in my affection you believe in me without seeing and for

that you are blessed for your humility your fervent

desire to love me and your family you are pleasing to me in the abundance of

Good Deeds you Endeavor blessings shall abound your destiny rests within my

grasp today I have heard your supplication and could not remain silent I have come

forth to profess my love for you soon you shall emerge from this plight I am

fortifying your heart dispelling your anxiety and fear and nurturing your

emotions I imbue you with Serenity peace and Supernatural strength

so that fear and conf confusion may find no Haven in your life cling to the Eternal Truth for I am immutable and

truthful my love for you endures unwavering despite any circumstance you face many May struggle to comprehend

opting instead to fixate on falsehoods they have chosen to believe yet in the

face of obstacles you shall not falter Retreat or relent maintain your faith in

my promises for I shall never forsake you even when others might give up when

faced with tough times you my child will keep going strong and steady if you long

to see amazing things happen to watch barriers fall and chains break keep

praying trusting pushing forward and holding on

for I give you steadfast strength and belief if you ever feel down or if things don’t go as planned I’ll be right

there to lift you up offering my kindness and NeverEnding Mercy my child type yes if you agree

with me don’t ever doubt how much I love and forgive you for I have known and chosen you from the very start knowing

full well the hurdles you’d face trust in my affection for you have faith in my

presence and seek me without wavering don’t be swayed by negativity

or the deceptions and threats from those against you because if you truly trust in my love there will be no room for

fear in your heart be confident that I will shower you with wonderful blessings this year

Proclaim your trust in me for my timing is impeccable pay close attention for

I’m ready to speak to you I hear your prayers and I’m not ignoring or postponing them if my answers seem to T

it’s because I’m preparing something even better for you you will receive more than you requested along with the

wisdom to appreciate and protect your bless blings your long- awaited dreams shall soon materialize be prepared for

vast blessings and opportunities lie ahead shed those who hinder your progress who incessantly criticize and

scheme to cause you harm seek companions who uplift and guide you toward betterment call upon me in your darkest

hour and I shall answer these words shall resonate within you imparting

strength and encouragement I’ve written my rules in your heart giving you Direction and comfort

don’t be scared of anyone trying to hurt you because I will keep you safe keep your heart good don’t hold on to anger

or speak ill of others your understanding and insight are growing letting you feel my love directly your

name and prayers are recorded in my book be strong Brave and Trust in my perfect

timing listen carefully stand up and move forward because I ask you to don’t

be afraid you you are my child and you will not be harmed I have given you the strength and might this month you will

see amazing things happen if you follow my words and Trust in their power if you listen to me today your heart will stay

open your honest and humble belief has always been your gift to me don’t let

Hard Times Lead You astray rely on me and I will rescue you I’m with you

always today you’ll find that waiting for me was worth while and your faith has truly grown you’ve transformed from

a small seed into a strong tree that stands firm Against the Wind even those who doubted you will be impressed and

your critics will be surprised welcome them still abundance will come to you

and you’ll have plenty to share with others trust this completely

amen my beloved child the tough times you’re going through now don’t come close to the amazing wonderful blessings

I’m about to give you I’m going to put an end to these hard days soon you’ve been through a lot faced many challenges

and cried a lot but my love has kept you going when you hear or read my words

remember it’s not just a coincidence I have a plan for your life that’s solid and true even when you’re

sad or worried it’s possible to find your way out because my comfort and kindness give you hope and my love calms

your heart you are alive and I want you to live a life full of triumphs and

victories that’s what I want for you I’m encouraging you to get up leave the past

behind and move forward walk through every door I open for you the blessings I bring to your

life will not cause you trouble or burden you with debts the prosperity and abundance I grant you will not be a

source of sadness look ahead and focus on what’s in front of you stay true to your paast

ignore distractions and don’t listen to those who try to lead you astray with

negativity don’t let the naysayers shake your faith with their gloomy predictions my promises to you are

unwavering remember them always doubting my words could bring you down but you must trust with all your

heart that my love for you is steadfast I’m always here to strengthen and support you even when life storms

rage around you the worri clouding your mind will soon dissipate you’ll see for

yourself how deep my love for you is I understand your heart and I know your

faith is strong should doubts ever creep in just kneel and reach out to me

declare your trust and know that help is already on its way I have promised to

provide for your needs there is no reason for you to fear or despair align

yourself with me it is simple speak to me confidently amidst your

difficulties bring me all your concerns and I will fill you with peace doubt not

even on those cloudy days when everything appears gray and you are surrounded by Myriad problems don’t

ignore what I’m telling you don’t look for comfort from those who don’t know you nobody else in this world controls

your future or has the ability to help you in your current struggles and guide you towards what’s ahead if you’re

feeling exhausted and overwhelmed don’t turn to any anyone else just come directly to

me I’m the only one who can give you the kind of peace that will let you truly rest you might not be able to see me

with your physical eyes but through your faith and your heart you can sense my

presence remember me first thing when you wake up if you want your day to be filled with blessings this is the ideal way to begin

your day so you don’t start off feeling confused lost or overwhelmed by negative

thoughts you’ve been through a lot and have stayed strong keeping in mind everything

I’ve promised you so don’t give in now don’t let the enemy trick you you are my

child and I won’t let you stumble I’m aware that many challenges are trying to rob you of your peace your

adversaries want to crush your faith and ridicule your confidence in me they claim that I don’t exist trying to

convince you that you’re all alone and beyond help but remember I am filled

with joy when I see you clinging to the truth you’ve embraced I notice how you nurture my

promises and ignore the enemy’s deceit believe this also your reward is coming

soon I always help those who trust in me lifting them from the pit of despair as

they dare to advance without fear of what they may face walk confidently knowing how much I

love and protect you my Celestial child you are among the Chosen and you know

how much I love you how I will not fail you or forsake you especially now when I

know how much you need me you’re deeply loved I’m with you and this you shall

never doubt when all your fears try to overwhelm you when all seems lost and

you think the Sea of problems before you will not part remember I’m with you I

watch over you you will not fail you will not sink when you feel down and

everything seems to stop when you’re tired and lost remember I’m right there

with you eager to protect you I’ll open paths and clear hurdles so

you can move forward when you’re hurting and your tears are your only words know that I’m

there wiping away each tear transforming it into a new blessing

I know your heart better than anyone I see your wishes your dreams your true

self I look beyond what others see your looks

your status your limits I see the real you the more you lean on me and embrace

my plan the more wisdom and strength you’ll find you’re my child and you fill

me with pride you’ve got my traits determination

creativity intelligence and courage nothing can stand in your

way always remember you’re my child but also remember you’re human you put in so

much effort sometimes too much and you get tired and upset in those tough times

I’m here for you I want to show you the best way forward I don’t want you to get caught up in minor things or get down

because of a single setback you will achieve the good things you have set in your heart if you allow me to help you

and lift you to a higher level I’m the only one capable of turning the possible into great

Miracles all you need to know is that I watch over you every day and everything

you ask for in your prayers I will bring to you in the form of blessings I desire

that you and I become friends let us be companions on this journey working

together as a team your task is to believe and trust mine is to respond and

bless to protect and nurture to strengthen and redeem know that I love

you and will never forsake you as you read these words may you feel

my presence enveloping you sense the Embrace I offer which will imbue you with strength sweetness and Supernatural

peace you need no longer worry or torment yourself there are matters within my control and I shall attend to

them I want you to relax trust me and believe in me like a child believes

without any doubts you don’t need to worry about the big changes coming your way I’m here to turn your life around to

take away the feeling of being alone to heal your inner hurts and to wipe away

the pain That’s Heavy on your heart the hurts that used to make you bleed and blind you to the good things I have for

you will be healed once and for all you’ve lost people in things you cared deeply about and it’s important you know

that it’s not your fault stop thinking about what could have been or what you could have done

differently I’m telling you again then it’s not your fault don’t be hard

on yourself you’ve asked me many questions and I promise there will come a time when I will answer them but now

is not that time there’s a lot you still need to do many challenges to face

mountains to climb and hurdles to get over all these challenges are here to

help you grow to make you stronger and to help you be a blessing to those around you who truly care and want the

best for you you entrust all your pain to me do not carry such a heavy burden

upon your shoulders for it is not one I have bestowed upon you place your past

at my feet surrender to me all the memories that torment you dedicate each

day a period of time a moment of silence away from the clamor of noise during

this Solitude I will reveal to you in a supernatural manner the depth of my love and my perpetual Presence by your

side your life is changing everything will be different

you shall no longer shed tears due to the scorn and attacks of others as you read these words as you feel my love

treasure it as the most precious gem in your heart the curses of your enemies will not touch you the pit they dug for

you will be the Trap into which they fall I Safeguard your comings and goings your sleep and your

waking beloved my heavenly forces surround you holding blazing swords to

keep you safe and sound I give you strength to walk fearlessly among dangers you shall not be harmed these

threats will hold no sway over you always turn to my teachings spend time

in prayer and humbly come before me each day this way you’ll be wrapped In My

safeguarding Embrace hear my guiding voice and receive my

blessings those who oppose you will recognize their wrongs feel

remorse and not dare to trouble you again they will come to understand that disrespecting my sacred name is serious

and playing with faith is no game they will see that your belief in me brings strength respect and truthfulness you

and many around you will start to view your spiritual journey with the gravity it deserves walk

proudly looking up to the skies not backward at those who tried to shame you

you are in my my care I will keep you steady and prevent you from tripping over the obstacles they place in your

way stand strong and do not fear their taunts or jeers forgiving into fear

could crack open the door to more worries show no fear in your gaze lest

they think you weak and try to overpower you their attempts to undermine you will fail they cannot touch

you if they try they’ll meet me and soon realize their Frailty when their mean-spirited plans are illuminated by

my glorious light have faith remain honest and true for victory is already

yours now you may rest and live in peace confident that nothing no

one no evil can approach you or your family live your life in complete peace

and think no more of those who sought to harm you cling to my love and evil shall

never reach you live this day with joy Joy casting all your worries into my

hands my Army of angels of light accompanies you wherever you go and I

shall never Tire of showing you and telling you that I love you a time of abundance approaches for your life the

day is coming when the fruit of all you have sown the tears you have shed the prayers you have offered On

Bended Knee will be harvested this is the year of reaping of gathering handfuls of blessings of

safeguarding and cherishing them with wisdom and patience Feel My Embrace my

guiding hands blessing your thoughts and guiding your steps I shall shower you with blessings

and delightful surprises but I implore you to remain steadfast in your devotion here’s a simplified and direct

interpretation of the message as if it were coming from the Christian God using

easily understandable language you don’t have to say anything just close your eyes and feel

the love I’m sending you enjoy these comforting words and let the Deep Emotions fill your

heart my child type in the comment box I want you to be happy to live in

peace to leave behind all troubles and to step into a life full of blessings for you and your loved ones even if you

think you’re just an ordinary person remember you have a special gift you can sense things in the

spiritual world that others can’t we have a special bond that goes beyond time and

situations I’m here to help you to open new opportunities for you and to lead

you on the right path don’t be jealous of what others have your real treasure

is our relationship walk boldly without fear because you’re precious to me you’re

always welcome here listen with care and surrounded by pure strong love my dear

child I love you so much pay attention to these words and stay focused Until

the End don’t get distracted or upset this is a moment to show your patience I

want to see that you can listen accept cherish and Faithfully follow these

sacred instructions I’m giving you every morning when you wake up come and listen

to me I know you’re going through many trials sometimes you don’t even have the

energy to think but you must strive in this and be courageous a word of faith can heal

encourage uplift and prosper you immediately it is possible it is true

make the decision today to believe with all your heart that I can change you with my love

tenderness patience Commandments and

advice I can transform this time of tribulation into a new day of happiness and blessing you mean so much to me and

to many others even if some don’t value your love love or seem ungrateful I

notice all that you do your willingness to Give Love Without expecting anything back is something I truly admire I take

note of all your acts of kindness in my record remember you’re never on your own

I’m right here with you plus you’ve got a huge backing from both Heaven and Earth cheering you on my warrior angels

are always set to defend you clear your way and advocate for you your name comes

up in my presence every single day I sacrificed myself so you could be saved

be free and find peace even when times are tough I’m

about to show you just how powerful My Sacrifice was in bringing blessings to you and your loved ones I’m eager to

assist you and I’m encouraged by your willingness and Earnest effort to better yourself it warms my heart to see you

pushing toward success commit to trusting my words promise to listen to me every morning

pay attention and slowly you’ll start noticing wonderful changes around you

it’s time you truly understood who I am and approached me wholeheartedly I love you

deeply I am your life give me a chance to show you that I can completely transform you so much

that people might not even recognize you they’ll be surprised by how strong and happy you

are take up my offer give me your heart today and let’s start a big change you

and your family will find Harmony peace and

blessings amen love child I know everything about

you your secrets your wishes and what you really need I understand all that

you say and deeply want to give you what you’re looking for in return I ask for

your true devotion keep loving me and serving me no matter what comes your way even when you’re happy and have plenty

don’t forget how much I care for you you’re always safe with me don’t let the things happening in the world scare you

the problems and enemies you face might seem tough but with my spirit you’ll get through my spirit gives you wisdom and

strength not through force or fighting but with gentle guidance that helps you grow stronger every day Let My Words of

Peace fill you up and give you fresh hope and energy let me put it simply you’re meant to have a lot of blessings

so you can be a blessing to others too nothing can stop you remember your life

with me forever is incredibly valuable never forget that I’ll do anything to

make sure you win staying strong and never backing down always remember who

you are don’t be swayed by what others think live by the truth I’ve put in your heart

you’re not just a sinner my powerful love has made you clean refreshed by my spirit

I’ve removed all bad urges from you you won’t feel like hurting or speaking badly of others anymore your words will

now lift people up and your kindness will spread happiness around you tell

your family and friends about me don’t hide our connection say out loud that I am Jesus the one who gave himself up for

your sins trust and know this nothing in this world can defeat you you are

cherished and blessed surrounded by love all the time you’re not a lost cause

your mind isn’t filled with negative thoughts right now my holy spirit is renewing your thoughts surrounding you

with universal love I’m speaking clearly today so you can grasp and embrace this

open your heart to what I want for you decide to bless yourself show gratitude

to those you care about and forgive anyone who has hurt you I acknowledge your struggles and understand your

doubts but know that I have never forsaken you my word spoken today is reshaping your mindset look at how you

live now your heart brims with courage and happiness you are stronger than you

realize and all that you have endured has forged strength and wisdom within you many lack what you possess you now

know me intimately your soul is filled with faith and your loyalty is unwavering believe me when I say that

those who have harmed you will be humbled when they realize the depth of my love for you I’ve lifted you up

Stripped Away the garments of Shame and despair and clothed you in my love and Glory believe and know this nothing and

no one can beat you in this universe you’re going to be blessed and see great success but always hold on to me listen

to what I say every day take in my words and if you really trust me stop focusing

on what’s behind you and step forward with faith into a new life full of blessings that you can touch and see

right now I love you I’m with you and no matter what

happens promise me that you’ll always love and trust me your name is written

on the blessing I’ve got for you made with care ready for you to receive soon

get ready and kneel down my angels are setting things up for your good feel free to share your challenges with me

don’t let fear grow in your mind and make you doubt keep up your courage and excitement to welcome the blessing I’m

saving for you understand this I see that you’re not the type to give up because of a

setback God’s blessings will change your life and others might get

jealous some will try to block your way to these blessings some might even want to take them from you you’re aware of

what these people are like they’re fearless and don’t care about their future they wait for someone else to

work hard and then try to take advantage and steal the fruits they lead sad lives

taking advantage of skills they don’t have kneel now prepare yourself in

advance open your heart to be surrounded by love raise your hands to the sky seek

wisdom speak kindly to your family do not allow any hidden sin to come between

my spirit and your heart do not think that by hiding something from me I will

remain unaware of the struggles you are facing I will pour blessings upon you and your family but do not be surprised

if you face opposition fear no one I am blessing you not to burden you with

problems quite the contrary all struggles are temporary and your enemies

are already defeated if you’re feeling weak or you’ve messed up just kneel down

and ask for forgiveness I promise you I will forgive you your soul will be

cleaned and ready to take on the new challenges I have in store for you I’m going to bless you a lot that’s

a sure thing I’ve already planned for your success so I ask you to be brave when

blessings come your way the enemy will try to bring new problems to shake you

but you’re strong you don’t get scared by threats you’ve never been a quitter

you’re not one to just cry when times get tough forgetting about me your

heavenly father who can save you that’s why I talk to you every day I know how

brave and strong you are even when you face many difficulties but but you don’t give up

you keep going stay on your path keep growing in faith soak up my words and

you’ll see I’ll keep on blessing you just as your soul prospers my work in

your life is complete I pour my love and anointing upon you here on Earth your

enemies fear you and my angels defend you in the spiritual realm in my

presence I offer you eternal life and a crown of Victory to Adorn your head you

do not walk alone and even in those days when you hear bad news of financial problems lies and

betrayals my presence covers you I’ve made you tougher than the strongest Diamond stronger than steel keep moving

forward you can do it because I live in your heart you can have a smile on your face

in the midst of tribulation the king of the universe is with you a thousand may

fall at your right hand but you are not shaken by the winds nor do dangers cause

as you fear you’re not defeated by conflicts your emotions do not consume you while multitudes are lost and

suffering without finding a way out you have your refuge in your place of prayer I want to remind you not to forget these

words listen to them again learn them speak them write them they are strength

for your soul I’m giving you a beautiful gift you will have the demeanor of a

champion people will see you as a person of great Authority because your face reflects the power of your heavenly

father prepare yourself before going out to receive your blessings pray and think about what you will say use the wisdom I

given you do not be afraid to speak when you must fight and be silent when you must

be silent but never cower when it comes to safeguarding your blessings and defending those you

love watch over your family face any coward who seeks to destroy your

home I want you to be happy to have peace for your faith to

strengthen for your heart not to fear and to feel the assurance that I’m always with

you shout and write with joy for I believe it rest my daughter my son I

will answer your prayers it is my desire and will to warmly embrace your heart I

always remember you tenderly for I paid a high price to rescue you

I knew you would give me your life that you would understand the importance of this salvation and indeed you value it

seriously you do not play with my grace or my love so my response is

certain I know well that you no longer have trouble accepting my will I respond

to those who love and respect me who receive my answers without whims or complaints if I give you what you ask

with joy you give thanks if I give you something different something better

your gratitude is greater your submission to my designs is wonderful even I’m amazed to see how you

react when I don’t give you what you ask for yet there is such beautiful peace in your soul because you know that I love

you and will always give you what is best for you so you remain calm you are

no longer as you were before troubled and filled with fear at any

conflict see how you have changed by listening to me every day praying

reading my word and honestly expressing everything you feel in your soul that’s

why my presence accompanies you you are my child my son we are also

friends I take your hand on the path but I carry you in my arms when you are shaken by the winds we spread our wings

like eagles and fly high very high to that beautiful place where you can renew

your strength and dreams where you can rest and receive patience and maturity to keep growing triumphing and

overcoming I’m really happy when you come to talk and listen to me it’s great that we can communicate so well that you

ask for my advice and that you’re eager to understand and learn more I’m proud

of you because you’ve changed you don’t just believe everything you hear anymore your understanding is growing and it

fills me with joy I have so many amazing things to share with you So Many Wonders

to show you if you trust me now incredible Miracles will

happen you’ll pray more dive into my teachings and follow them with love and

trust you’ll receive Abundant Blessings love and

protection you’ll be truly joyful and that’s what I wish for you I

love you feel free to ask me anything I’m here to talk and provide answers

to connect with me immerse yourself in my words pray and tune your spirit to

mine to grasp my guidance I reached out to you first choosing you before you

even knew me so Finding Me is neither hard nor impossible just call on me I’m

listening reach out to me and I’ll answer but be ready for what I’ll share

because you’ll be amazed by what I plan to do for you and reveal the full extent of my will I shall bless you beyond the limits

of your imagination yet I implore you to believe in me and refrain from speaking ill of yourself or demeaning your worth

my child type amen if you agree with me you are my beloved I have ordained Your

Existence in the perfect time and place though at times you have doubted and felt you veered off the right path due

to the trials obstacles and suffering you have

faced at this moment I ask something of you I do not wish for you to be distracted

and then forget give me your faith and trust despite all you

endure You are not alone for I have always shielded you upheld you and

guided you with my holy hand you are not to ignore me I’m speaking to you and you

feel it within you know that I desire your well-being and the Improvement of your situation seek my presence and I

will remove all that displeases me all that impedes your journey to your destination if you have strayed even

slightly from your path kneel before me and I shall straighten your way shun the

company of wicked friends who seek to convince you of your inferiority who fail to appreciate your

true Essence and always strive to make you feel unworthy these toxic friendships do not

benefit you if you forsake them you will not miss them for I will bring beautiful

souls into your life gentle in spirit and with Noble intentions get ready for something

wonderful you’re about to receive amazing blessings I love you deeply and

from now on you’ll see more and more miracles and blessings in your life I’m looking after you so you won’t

need anything you’re surrounded by love and my help is always just a prayer away

I want you to look for me every morning so I can guide you to beautiful peaceful places where you can relax and feel at

ease I’m inspiring you to Embrace Life to keep pushing forward to hold on to

your dreams today you’ll take my words to Heart deep down you’ll feel confident

that you can get through any Challenge and win even when things get tough

you’ll find peace no matter what negative things come your way you can do all this because I’m giving you strength

building up your determination and strengthening your faith so you don’t have to be scared of any obstacles or discouragements that try to

stop you from reaching a brighter future you have opened your heart to me thus I

shall be your God and Lord this is your most important decision the enemy will try to thwart your plans but come to me

in prayer before embarking on your endeavors and trust your life to me entirely and I shall not forsake you if

you entrust your Affairs to me I shall protect you and cause you to prosper in all good and productive pers suits you

choose to undertake there are many things you didn’t do due to fear many dreams you didn’t reach

because you believed you could not achieve them but on this new day I grant you the wisdom to organize

your life and priorities I bestow upon you the power to achieve lofty goals that even your own family members will

Marvel at I’m filling your mind with my word behold how your spirit and heart

are transformed have confidence in approaching me whenever you feel burdened doubtful or in the midst of the darkest

nights and most stressful moments my holy spirit is ever attentive to your needs ready to respond if you accept my

answer with faith and in accordance with my will I shall lead you along the path of true abundance genuine peace and

prosperity confess with all your heart and soul that you believe in me surrender this day into my hands and

Trust doors shall open storms shall pass Victory shall come and your blessing

shall arrive do not give up now resist I grant you the strength and wisdom

necessary to overcome this period of struggle through which you are passing I shall hide you under my wings where the

enemy cannot reach you I shall lift you up and comfort you with my love when you feel weary I am filling you with

excitement and hope which shall envelop you with courage and energy I desire and am capable of transforming your life and

that is precisely what I’m about to do listen closely to what I have to say

my child even if you don’t understand how or why you are in this world know that

it is for a valuable powerful and immensely significant reason to fulfill

the dreams I have bestowed upon you to accomplish wondrous Deeds you are not a product of luck or

chance it was my decision to create you and place you in this world to be a source of blessing for yourself and

others enlarge your faith and lift your head high I want to see you smile right

now remember those moments when you feared you could not endure yet here you are today more

intelligent stronger and wiser I chose you my daughter my son

even though I know you make mistakes and sometimes forget that I’m always by your side I chose you because I want you to

be a person of success respected blessed

and fulfilled I entrust you with the gift of love of forgiveness the gift of helping

others I want you to demonstrate my love to people through your actions I want you to touch many lives and hearts with

your hands I enhance your faith now to a level previously unfelt and if I must

come myself to remind you every day to keep your gaze upon me then so I shall come in manifold ways I shall reveal my

will and my word to you therefore do not fear for I’m here to assist you do not

be disheartened for I love you trust move forward for I’m with you be filled with

courage my beloved child how are you feeling I want you to start a new day

free from all sorrow distress and confusion know that I’m willing to help

calm you to heal you of all illness and to alleviate all your pain

I want this day to be tranquil for you spent in Greater Joy and contentment knowing that many blessings are soon to

come and you must prepare yourself for your life will be renewed I promise to

restore to you many things lost and some of them will come multiplied I want to give you lots of

blessings spend some quiet time with me today kneeling down let’s talk about what’s coming

don’t stress about future Bills or the many things you need trust in what I say

you mean a lot to me and I’ll take care of what you need if you ever feel lost or unsure I don’t want you to be hard on

yourself or feel guilty I’m not upset with you when you get tired of what’s happening or feel

weak I gave up my life for you and you should remember this with the strength of my coming back

to life I will save you from giving up and feeling hopeless please don’t be

scared don’t shrink back when life seems threatening or Hide Away I’ve given you the bravery and strength to face your

troubles I see how loyal and hardworking you are you give your all in everything you do get busy get ready and stand up

for yourself look for more chances I want you to know I’m really proud of you you are my dear child be

sure of that you can see how my help is with you in your life making things better so I assure you things will go

well for you you won’t be [Music]





me I’m here with you when you speak aloud I

listen when you say your soul is weary and time is running out to achieve your dreams and many loved ones have departed

from your life and it seems they have turned their backs on you remember I am the owner of your age your time oh and

your dreams I have nurtured with affection that fertile ground where your desires are

sown you’re waiting for someone to love you and to your Aid well here I am to give you all the love

you need to strengthen you and support you believe me you will not live in

solitude forever this has been a time of Stillness for you to heal from past

wounds and recover so that the energy and happiness you need return to you trust me that moment is coming soon when

I will send new people into your life to care for you and I will do it when you least expect it my timing is perfect

wait patiently I will provide everything you desire nothing will be lacking you

will grow and become stronger because all the negative experiences you’ve endured will serve as lessons for the

future you will seek me more you will kneel and pray whenever you have the opportunity I’m drawing near to you now

do the same come into my presence tell me what you are feeling and I also want

to speak with you you will emerge from all sadness lonely less will soon be behind you you will soon be surrounded

by Abundant happiness tell me you believe in me dare to overcome the obstacles let your faith ignite fear not

the threats of anyone I will help you strengthen you and protect you do not

flee from your enemies do not be filled with fear lift your head high stand firm

I will fill your heart with courage I will be with you in battle I will guard you in times of trouble you won’t need

anything because I’m going to take care of you just like an eagle that flies high in the sky so get ready to spread

your wings and discover all that you can do I’m preparing you to see amazing

things happen in your life I’m filling you with my spirit so that starting

today you can live a life that’s beyond the ordinary believe in me and remember what

I promise always happens my words always accomplish what I intend I don’t make

false promises since the world began I chose you and made you part of my special

plans I picked you to give you blessings and success I’ve put great dreams in

your heart though sometimes you might face challenges from those who oppose what I want for you but don’t be scared

or anxious I’ve given you my spirit filled you with peace endurance and courage you

will get past any opposition and move towards your your goals with strong resolve this is my promise and my gift

to you you won’t be beaten down as long as you cling to my promises and the forgiveness I offer you come to my feet

every day place your plans and struggles before my Altar and feel me as I embrace you tightly see how I remove all anxiety

from your mind notice how every day I seek you out to pour my love to you

spend time with me today I wish to speak to you I desire to give you words of

encouragement to uplift you my desire is for you to believe in me and dare to be

a Victor I love you yesterday when I saw

you pondering your struggles and concerns I asked God to speak to you to

bless your life to remove any burdens that do not belong to you and every weight that drags your

spirit into sorrow if there’s something you need to forgive forgive it bring that burden to

God I know you’re also concerned about finances how you’ll provide for your

family his word says in Matthew therefore I tell you do not worry

about your life what you will eat or drink or about your body what you will

wear is not life more than food and the body more than clothes look at the birds

of the air they do not sew or reap or store away in Barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not

much more valuable than they and you know God is with you I know that neither

sadness nor any depression will make you give up you will rise and go out to fight to seek the opportunities that God

has for you you are in a battle indeed but your shield and your defense are the

promises of God and your battle attire today will be your smile he will not

leave you he will not forsake you look at what his word says in Isaiah but

now this is what the Lord says he who created you Jacob he who formed you

Israel do not fear for I have redeemed you I have summoned You by name you are

mine when you pass through the waters I will be with you and when you

pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you when you walk through the

fire you will not be burned the Flames will not set you Ablaze for I am the

Lord your God the Holy One of Israel your savior I

give Egypt for your Ransom Kush and siba in your stead since you are precious and

honored in my sight and because I love you I will give people in exchange for you nations in

exchange for your life do not be afraid for I am with you I will bring your

children from the East and gather you from the West but you must not lose

Faith trust do not halt in your struggle for great blessings are coming your way

Let’s Make a Deal let’s make a pact with God that every time you feel faint in your place you will come before Jesus

and say Lord take my burden I am tired

give me rest receive the blessing of the Almighty I am caressing your life with

tenderness with love I embrace you and with my holy mantle I protect you from

evil I really understand what you’re going through your challenges are tough

I see your struggles recognize your efforts and sense your

desperation now is the time I show you how reliable I am coming to me with your problems and

trusting me is the best thing you’ve done today I get that you can’t manage everything on your own that’s why I’m

here to help you support you and heal you my plans for you are full of kindness

peace and success my love for you is endless because you mean so much to me I cherish

you greatly I’ll stay by your side continuing to talk to you just like I am

now you started today feeling down both in spirit and body it might seem like Joy is slipping away and no one nearby

offers you empathy or even a bit of affection but remember I’m right here with you you I’m not too busy with other

things nor have I forgotten how much I love you and how much you matter to me I

don’t get distracted by temporary stuff I care about your Forever happiness your

lasting joy and your complete well-being so after hearing from me today don’t

forget what I’ve said your heart will find new energy your strength will grow

and you’ll be infused with a fresh powerful Spirit you might might not have expected

me to speak directly to you but here I am talking and the more you listen the

more you’ll find the strength to keep going now I want you to smile and realize that I have not forgotten that

you need me Seize Your moments to speak with me and do not think that you are living in

solitude you have me as God father and

friend you should be very grateful I will repeat it so that you hear it again

you are not alone I will pour out my spirit on you I will strengthen your soul I will give you wisdom I will fill

you with my love you will Triumph in everything look at your life how many

things you have had to face how many battles you have had to fight how many things you have had to endure and yet

today you’re still standing How brave you are your attitude pleases me your

tenacity moves me I come to you through this message to remind you that you do not have have to worry do not let fear

steal your dreams do not be afraid to dream big and face the battle with the certainty that I can help you make your

plans come true take a moment to think you’ve shown real courage look back at the tough spots you

thought you couldn’t get through but you did ever since you let me guide your

life you haven’t been defeated in any fight since then so calm your heart and

keep your trust in me I know it’s hard to stay calm and keep faith when things seem to fall

apart and troubles try to swallow you whole but in those tough times my

child ignore the negative voices don’t give in fears

intimidation just keep going and believe in what I promised you you were so precious to me I had amazing plans for

you even before you were born paying attention to every detail of your life

always keeping you in my thoughts don’t let sadness take over I’m filling your

heart with happiness move forward seeing Through The Eyes of Faith

because winning is certain and what I’ve got in store for you is beyond what you can even imagine I love you a and we’ll

remind you every single day when you wake up I’ll be there waiting at the break of dawn you’ll sense my presence

and you’ll hear me in your heart when you look for me when you pray when you feel the Earth urge to

come and share your deepest thoughts I will persist in speaking to you even

when you are unwilling to listen when you are weary and disheartened when you think that all

your efforts are in vain and you no longer desire to live or to continue fighting I will still be with you your

doubts cannot deter me I will not reject you because of your demeanor for I am

always faithful I cannot deny this Divine love for you it was created for you it is my

mission and purpose for you to believe it to feel it to Bow your knees and to love me with all your might for this is

how Miracles begin I will perform great wonders and Marvels in your life if today with a sincere heart you truly

believe in me I love you for eternity today I will guide you along paths of

righteousness I do not want you to walk in darkness I want you to feel loved and protected that is my will I’m really

pleased with your faith it’s like you’re praising me right in front of my Throne when you praise me you get filled with

peace and strength I’ll keep showing you the way just keep following me we’re in tough

time but I’m here to help you even when you’re feeling low when your faith isn’t

strong and you think you’ve lost your way I’ll still be right there with you I’m here to guide you I’ll hold your

hand when you need it or even carry you if necessary you’ve told me you love me

treated me like a friend and spent time with me and I’ve shown you my love in

return I won’t change I’ll always be the same when things get hard I won’t leave

you hanging when you feel weak I won’t back away and when you’re

filled with doubts and questions I’ll be there to give you answers don’t get knocked down by hard times or scared of

what’s ahead your all powerful God is telling you there’s nothing I can’t do I’m a about to do amazing things in your

life my child listen to my voice hear my words let peace and calm fill your heart

I desire to bring steadiness to your mind and joy and contentment to your life do not dwell on what you’ve lost

the time that’s passed or the people who’ve left leaving you heartbroken and

scarred there was a time when the enemy whispered that I didn’t love you that your suffering meant I had forsaken you

but today you feel my presence and you trust in the truth I love you profoundly and I will never leave you my Holy

Spirit my Divine Splendor will envelop you blessing you abundantly I cherish

you greatly and know you’ll always have faith amen if you wish for others to

experience the blessings you’ve received share this message with those you care about and who need me in their lives

join my mission of spreading the good news and together let’s continue to enrich lives amen my child subscribe to

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