God Says: Can You Give Me Your 3 Minutes, Child l God Message l God Says Me l

dear child I’m reaching out to you from

a place filled with love and

understanding I want you to understand

the depth of my care for you and the joy

it brings me to shower you with

blessings however I ask one thing in

return receive these blessings with

gratitude but be prepared to relinquish

them when the time comes without


resentment in the unpredictable journey

of life you may encounter situations

that challenge your happiness losing

something significant be it your job

home health or a loved one can be

incredibly painful during such times

it’s natural to feel sorrow but I

implore you to seek the Silver Lining

and find joy in the constant presence of

those who care for you reflecting on the

Apostle Paul’s resilience through trials

learn that it’s possible to navigate

sadness while maintaining inner

happiness just as the Holy Spirit

empowered Paul be open to the

possibility of finding Joy amid

adversity trust me even in moments of

difficulty and the willing to release

anything I may take away trusting that I

will never abandon you in moments of

stress take a moment to listen to my

voice don’t be afraid find courage for

it is I trusting me and tuning into my

voice during challenging times may be

difficult but ask the holy spirit for

assistance in calming your mind remember

the Prince of Peace is always with you

understanding your struggles and

overseeing every aspect of your life I

do not cause hardships but I can rep

purpose them for your ultimate good

Embrace bravery during rough patches

recognizing that I the Prince of Peace

I’m with you seek signs of my constant

presence in your surroundings

acknowledging that your life can still

be fulfilling even when external

circumstances don’t align with your

desires you are not accountable for

uncontrollable aspects of your life

acknowledge your limitations and fix

your gaze upon me embrace the truth that

I am God urging you to trust me more and

view each day as as a gift release the

need to control everything and yield to

my sovereign guidance feel the warmth of

my loving presence capable of turning

even the worst days into something

better experience a profound sense of

Peace by relinquishing your need for

control and surrendering to my sovereign

guidance this peace Beyond understanding

is a gift born out of my immense love

for you in a world of uncertainties and

troubles I am your unwavering anchor

trust in me to guide you through life’s

highs and lows finding Solace and

strength in my constant presence there’s

no way you can go that I can’t reach and

nothing is too challenging for me to

handle trust in my unfailing love

allowing it to steady your soul always

remember that I am by your side leading

comforting and supporting you through

every trial and victory seek me and you

will discover a peace that surpasses all

understanding a piece derived from the

knowledge of my eternal love and

forgiveness if you cherish our

connection share this message with your

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eternal love

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