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my beloved child let go of anger vanity

fear doubt and wavering Faith look not

to the Past for no joy that you’ve known

can compare to what awaits you from this

day forward cherish the small and

significant things in life for which you

can be grateful walk with a clear

conscience and hold my virtues in your

heart remember you and your family your

future are worth more than and money

cars houses careers employment fame or

popularity do not fear the loss of

material things nor mourn for them

prioritize what truly holds value love

me seek me with all your might for I am

your provider now I will fulfill your

needs shower you with true blessings

open many doors for you and present you

with abundant opportunities be mindful

of the world around you negative

circumstances can be reshaped for your

benefit so do not despair when You Face

initial obstacles that seem inscrutable

behind every problem and frustration I

am concealing prosperity and blessings

in abundance prepare yourself to manage

wisely what I bestow upon you seek

guidance in my word to grow the gifts

and talents I have placed in your life

but do not be ens snared by material

wealth do not surrender to fame nor be

concerned with debts for Vanity’s

sake focus on what is essential strive

to live lift your spiritual life to a

higher plane dedicate yourself to

learning from my word and knowing me

intimately I shall reveal many things to

you and desire for you to witness

miraculous wonders be diligent about

your health and Family Matters

procrastinate not I grant you the

strength and wisdom to tackle various

situations today do not wait until the

last moment when desperation strikes

because you did not heed my voice

leading to unnecessary frustration rise

and take action be bold your heart is

brave and from my vantage point I see no

cowardice in you no matter your feelings

do the good that needs to be done


fear you will receive much and you will

lose nothing and should you lose

something or others grow angry with your

wise decisions Place those people in my

hands pray for them but no longer heed

their advice or complaints those who

choose their path to destruction cannot

Aid you I am with you to assist in

everything put me first and I will not

only help you I will prosper you and

pour out blessings more precious than


even if you feel defeated and weary I

will revive your will to live Lift You

From the Ashes and all who surround you

along with generations to come we’ll see

how much I have blessed you I will

change your garments Crown you with

honor and clear your path your home will

be filled with my glory trust in me for

it shall be so I love you my child I

wish to enter your home to perform a

grand miracle I stand at your door and

knock will you let me in to do something

new wonderful powerful and Supernatural

in your life I have observed your plight

and I will never allow scarcity to

befall your household I will shower your

family with a deluge of blessings you

have been faithful to me for many years

praying fasting weeping and putting

putting me first in your every deed and

thought the time is near to reap what

you’ve sown I will fill your home with

abundance Joy Vigor and health rest your

heart on my word for all that I have

promised you I will fulfill do not cling

to the old ways of living where worry

and discouragement were your companions

with my blessing you receive not only

provision but wisdom power and the

capacity to make wise decisions to

nurture and multiply what I have

entrusted to you let it become a source

of blessing for others as well be

thankful and Trust for I am reshaping

your life I am ushering you into a

moment swiftly approaching a realm

teeming with opportunities your heart

has served as fertile soil where seeds

of Faith were planted I have witnessed

you bear burdens and confront trial

trials yet never wavering in doubt

regarding my power and presence your

triumphs were rooted in your belief in

me bringing me joy as I extended grace

and mercy upon

you now with my mighty hand I will cause

the seeds you seow to flourish

abundantly this growth will not be

exclusive to you but will radiate to

everyone around you the time is imminent

to harvest the fruits of your unwavering


what I am about to bring into your life

surpasses your imagination you deserve

the best and more as your precious faith

has not gone

unnoticed your humble spirit will Propel

you forward prepare for I am opening new

doors and introducing you to new places

ushering Prosperity into your life my

love for you my son my daughter remain

steadfast fear not for no problem shall

overcome you as long as you stand firm

in faith trusting that I hold your

future in my

hands all Provisions come from me in

times of anxiety seek refuge in my

presence do not be deceived by the enemy

your problems do not outweigh my power

trust in me alone for health joy and

peace turn to me in your needs and

provision will come come do not merely

wait rise and walk in faith toward your

destiny your strength comes from me the

only one in the universe who can truly

sustain and fortify you recall the times

in the past when you cried out to me in

pain and I lifted you up revealing the

depth of my love lay all your burdens on

me and let your soul be at

peace today I fill your heart with


you are on the brink of achieving much

do not halt or let doubt take hold the

missteps of the past occurred when you

acted impulsively seeking distance from

me however I never left your side lay

all your burdens on me and let your soul

be at peace I fill your heart with

courage so that you may go where you

need to go your dreams will be realized

for I am your almighty God you have

everything when you have me your trust

in me pleases me and your steadfast

unwavering Faith calms your spirit you

shall receive what you have asked for

and your family will not suffer from

these troubles again I grant you wisdom

growth and understanding have faith and

claim the blessings I have prepared for

you I will guide you to people you may

not have seen or spoken to in a long

time using them to bless you maintain

humility for pride May impair your

future open your Bible immerse yourself

in my word and strengthen your faith

listen to me each morning treasure my

words and hold my promises dear as I

walked on Earth I shared burdens felt

pain and offered the hope of eternal

life now I entrust you with the same

Mission be a vessel of my love and a

beacon of my light in this Dark World

remember how I the Lord Jesus was sent

by the father and in the same way I send

you the world is full of souls blind in

spirit stumbling in darkness you are

called to open their eyes to the truth

and a brilliant hope it is not by your

power but mine that you will pierce the

darkness let your life be a testimony to

my presence you carry a Divine spark

within you meant to shine forth do not

dim that light out of fear or doubt in

your kindness comfort and presence

reflect my love each Act of compassion

and Truth shared is like a candle flame

guiding the Lost back home to me as you

go about your days remember that I am

with you heal the sick and dine with

Sinners for through your actions my

light will shine shine brightly in the

world I urge you to look beneath the

surface recognizing the hidden

Brokenness in the world around you allow

my Healing Hand to reach out and touch

those wounds do not grow weary in doing

good for in due season you will reap a

harvest if you persevere the journey may

be challenging the burden heavy but I am

with you uniting my strength with yours

in every encounter let your word words

Echo mine your touch reflect mine and

your love embody mine every heart you

free and every life you touch with my

message becomes a thread in the great

tapestry of redemption that I am weaving

through history hear me for my presence

envelops you closer than the whisper of

your heartbeat I am your creator

Redeemer and steadfast comforter I

intimately know your struggles

acquainted with every facet of your

being do not live in bondage to sin

sorrow or the Relentless pressures of an

unkind world I came to this world out of

boundless love choosing the path of

sacrifice I walked among Humanity

sharing in every aspect of The Human

Experience I felt hunger weariness and

the sting of rejection my desire is not

for you to live in Chains but to

experience the ab Abundant Life I offer

I call you to come and drink from the

Wellspring of this life to let go of

heavy JS my yoke is easy and my burden

is light you will find rest for your

soul a rest that the world cannot give

or take away do not wait to cleanse

yourself I will cleanse you step out of

the Shadows reach out and I will meet

you there my words are not confined to

to history they are life and power

breaking the strongest of bonds they are

spirit and Truth transcending time and

Circumstance let them become a part of

you transforming and Renewing Your

Mind you are never alone I am with you

in the Stillness of the morning and the

chaos of the day let my love pour into

you and let it flow out to others be a

vessel of my love and Freedom bringing

life to desolate places hope to the

broken and light into the

darkness you are my Ambassador a bearer

of good news come to me with your fears

doubts and pain lay them at my feet and

I will give you rest trust in me lean on

me and watch as I work all things

together for your good I am your Shield

your strength your portion and your

exceedingly great reward in me you are

more than a conqueror nothing can

separate you from my love in moments of

Doubt remember my words through Solomon

For Whom the lord loves he corrects as a

father Delights in his son understand

that your journey is about realizing who

you can become in me your essence is my

craftsmanship a unique creation

fashioned with purpose and care

the process of refinement is ongoing a

continuous reshaping toward the image of

my son Jesus the road to change is

steeped in Grace an invitation to shed

old ways and embrace the new stepping

into the plans I have for you plans for

welfare not for evil to give you a

future and a hope this is not

condemnation but the gentle guidance of

a father’s hand as I walked among you

and now I come to you through the

whisper of the spirit and the echo of

the word extending my invitation to join

in my eternal work you fashioned in my

image are called to share in my mission

of redemption and Reconciliation do you

understand the weight of unseen chains

that bind the soul the Captivity that

sin imposes I have overcome the world

and my words alive and Powerful cut

through through the chains of those held

captive when I walked the earth I

encountered Mary Magdalene a woman

shrouded in darkness and Through My Love

She underwent a profound transformation

zachus a man ens snared by greed found

salvation when I called him by name the

Samaritan woman initially drawing water

from a well departed with a spring of

living water bubbling up from within

like many others they tasted the

sweetness of true Freedom now you stand

as a beacon of that same Freedom holding

the key that unlocks prison doors the

good news of the Gospel just as I

declared Liberty to those held in

bondage I Empower you to do the same

Speak life truth and love for in these

the chains Fall Away consider the thief

on the cross who in his final moments

found Redemption no heart is too

hardened no soul too far gone that

cannot be rescued by my grace I am the

god of thou are Miracles the God who

leaves the to seek out the one I

implore you beloved to look beyond the

surface recognizing the invisible chains

that people wear chains of Despair


Brokenness do not be daunted by the

depth of their bondage for there is no

Darkness too deep that my light cannot

penetrate be bold in proclaiming the

path to Freedom let your words be filled

with the same love and power that I have

imbued in them fear not the future for

marvelous plans await you walk with

faith and obedience witnessing wondrous

blessings I am your god father and

provider trust in me and prosper May

these words strengthen your faith

perceiving my love through blessings

believe in my

promises treasure them in your heart

maintain gratitude and witness abundance

stay Resolute despite

circumstances amen

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