God Says : Believe In Me

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amen my beloved child I am here to remind you of the profound love I have

for you in the midst of your trials remember that I am with you always

guiding you towards a path of peace and fulfillment my love for you is eternal unchanging and ever

present when the world feels overwhelming take solace in my promise I

will never leave you nor forsake you in the depths of your heart you know that you are not alone my spirit dwells

within you providing comfort and strength I understand the burdens you carry and the struggles you face turn to

me in prayer and I will provide you with the courage and wisdom to overcome any obstacle trust in my plan for your life

for it is one of Hope and a future filled with purpose each day is a new opportunity to grow closer to me seek me

in The Quiet Moments in the beauty of creation and in the kindness of others I

am present in all things waiting for you to recognize my hand at work in your

life believe in my power to transform your heart and renew your spirit when

doubts arise remember the sacrifice I made for you on the cross my love is so

great that I willingly gave my life so that you might have eternal life this act of ultimate love and grace

is a testament to how deeply I care for you your sins are forgiven and you are

made new in me embrace the path of righteousness and let my teachings guide

your actions love your neighbors as yourself and show compassion to those in

Need by living out my teachings you become a beacon of my love and light in

the world your faith in me will inspire others and bring hope to the weary in moments of Despair call upon my

name I am your refuge and strength a very present help in times of trouble

lay your worries at my feet feet and I will carry them for you trust in my timing and have faith that I am working

all things for your good remember my child that you are wonderfully made in

my image your uniqueness is a gift and your life has a Divine Purpose do not

compare yourself to others for you are a precious creation loved beyond

measure Embrace who you are in the journey I have set before you in times of Joy give give thanks to me celebrate

the blessings and the beauty of Life a heart of gratitude opens you to more of my grace and favor recognize the moments

of joy as a reflection of my love and provision when faced with difficult

decisions seek my guidance I will lead you down the right path pray earnestly

and listen for my still Small Voice I will grant you discernment and Clarity

trust that I know what is best for you you even when the way seems uncertain have faith in my promises I am the way

the truth and the life through me you will find Everlasting peace and joy the

world may offer temporary Pleasures but my love is eternal anchor your heart in me and you

will never be shaken your faith journey is a testament to my work in your life share your testimony with others so they

too may come to know my love be bold in your faith and let your life be a living

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