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God says the threshold of your destiny

is poised to open yet you lead a worldly

existence unaware of its

significance should you desire you

possess the power to manifest a miracle


yourself listen attentively to my

message maintaining a calm mind and let

it resonate within you this

extraordinary message has the potential

to completely transform your life

however if you remain skeptical and

consider it a falsehood I urge you to

watch only half of the accompanying

video it may be enough to convince you

of its

authenticity remember just because you

presume to comprehend the messages from

a Divine entity does imply they will be

easy to

embrace God conveys a multitude of

truths and at times our comprehension


short nevertheless if you allocate time

to listen and exhibit faith in taking a

leap you will eventually realize the

immense significance of God’s words when

that moment arrives I assure you the

world will never be the same again God

is speaking to you today

proclaiming you are my beloved child

cherished with an enduring

love I have chosen you to be The Guiding

Light in my world Embrace a life

brimming with joy peace and

happiness in your daily Pursuit Endeavor

to exemplify the essence of Jesus so

That Others May witness his presence

within you when faced with life’s

challenge remember that I am Forever by

your side nothing can sever the bond

between us sustained by his

unconditional love every thought word

and action you undertake should aim to

please me and glorify my name if you

believe in these teachings show your

support by liking this video Jesus

affirms that God’s love for the world is

boundless as he sent his son to bestow

eternal life upon it we are loved by God

and this realization can be attained

through the gift of eternal life

unearned and freely given God’s love

extends to all without exception you are

cherished because you are his child just

as Jesus was God’s love for you is not

contingent upon your actions or

possessions but rather your identity in

Christ when you contemplate God your

perspective May differ from mine but I

suspect it involves around Notions such

as blessing mercy and hope perhaps your

perception of God is more traditional

believing in a single Creator who

governs the world and watches over

Humanity you may engage in daily prayers

expressing gratitude for the blessings

bestowed upon your life alternatively

your faith might adopt a more more

personal or spiritual character you

could acknowledge a single deity or even

multiple gods all of whom are concerned

with the individual needs and desires of

every person on the other hand you may

not believe in any Gods at all viewing

yourself as in spirit or Consciousness

connected to a grander universe that may

not exhibit specific concern for any

particular entity I hold an immense love

for you Desiring that your actions in

life serve as a testament to the depth

of my affection for all Heavenly Father

you embody love and goodness in

entirety I Express gratitude for your

unwavering love may my heart remain pure

emanating your love peace and joy

wherever I may be I am not here to bring

you fleeting happiness through a life of

ease and

simplicity instead I will present

challenges and difficulties to teach you

the true path to happiness

I am not inclined to offer immediate

answers and solutions to make your life

easier rather I will present you with

thought-provoking questions allowing you

to seek the answers within yourself you

are my beloved my love for you is so

profound that even in allowing certain

events to transpire I want you to

understand that it is okay I am equally

invested in your happiness and

well-being as I am in your sorrow and

grief I am here to assist you in any way

possible even if it means permitting

circumstances that might otherwise cause

me anger or sadness I am present for you

whenever you require me even when our

physical paths cannot intersect nor can

we engage in conversation on Earth you

are my child and I have chosen you you

hold Great Value in my eyes my desire is

for you to find happiness and Achieve

success in life

God desires for us to experience the

profound peace and joy that arises from

recognizing our belongingness to

him without this connection to God our

fulfillment will forever remain

incomplete God has a plan for your life

filled with blessings and

opportunities trust in his perfect

timing and have faith that he will lead

you along the right

path even in moments of uncertainty

remember that God’s plan always

surpasses our

own take a moment to reflect on the

message that God has for you

today open your heart to his guidance

and allow his love to fill your

soul embrace the journey ahead with

courage and unwavering conviction

knowing that God walks beside you every

step of the way may God’s grace and

peace be with you today and

always until we connect again remain

blessed and continue shining your light

in this world Amen

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