God says be alert your death is coming

if you ignore this God’s message today

God is saying to you today hey there

kiddo someone up there in heaven is

calling out your name because they want

to warn you about a person who wants to

cause some serious money problems for

you and your family this person is

jealous of how well you all are doing

financially spiritually and emotionally

and they’re planning to mess things up

for you but don’t worry my dear you’re

protected I’ve sent some special angels

to watch over and guide you and your

family if you believe in this give this

video a thumbs up remember nothing bad

can really hurt you or your family God’s

got your back he says that any troubles

coming your way whether it’s about your

health time money or family won’t

succeed so today let’s say these words

together I’m open to love healing and

all the good stuff I deserve my family

and I will be okay and will see awesome

Financial Miracles when we need them in

jesus’ name amen type if you believe in

God dear child I want to tell you that

good things are coming your way like

money and surprises that will make you

happy I’ll also give you an unexpected

gifts to fill your life with love and

plenty just keep watching this video

Until the End to get these blessings

tomorrow will be a great day full of

nice surprises because God has heard

your prayers soon you’ll have lots of

Happiness laughter and money if you

believe in Jesus and accept him as your

savior good things will happen to you

just believe in your heart and say it

out loud in the next hours you’ll see

good things happen like love money and

health you’ll get new chances your debts

will go away and you’ll be able to pay

your bills you’ll be amazed by The

Miracles and blessings that come from

God’s love trust me and you’ll see

Amazing Things Music happen get ready

for lots of success love and plenty

remember the most important thing is to

have a good relationship with Jesus he’s

your savior and he’s always there for

you type amen if you believe in God we

really need your help to spread these

messages from God around the world but

we can’t do it without your support you

can be a superhero for our cause by

donating up to dolls today thank you so

much and we hope you’ll be blessed in

return Jesus says that soon you’ll have

success ESS in your money spirituality

and love life your grandma’s prayers are

still keeping you and your family safe

from bad things God will give you so

much good

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