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God says anchor your faith on me God

message today God message for you today

God support my dearest beloved I beseech

you with unwavering sincerity to prepare

yourself for the Tranquil Embrace of the

night let it not merely be a time of

Slumber but a sanctuary for your weary

Soul a Haven where peace Reigns Supreme

know my cherished one that I have

dispatched an Angelic Emissary to hover

over your dwelling bearing a missive of

Love meticulously inscribed by my own

hand it is my Earnest desire that

through this Divine communication you

may find Solace Clarity and an

unshakable assurance that my unwavering

light shall banish any Shadows of doubt

that may assail you and that my promises

shall be indelibly etched upon the

canvas of your heart as you surrender

yourself to the gentle caress of sleep

may your dreams be adorned with the

sweet whisper ERS of Cherished Memories

Traverse the corridors of Hope once more

for it is when your spirit serenades me

with its unwavering devotion that fear

shall flee like Shadows before the dawn

and When The Morning

Sun Herald of a new day casts its

radiant glow upon the Horizon may you

confront any lingering vestages of

sorrow or trepidation with an unyielding

fortitude born of steadfast Faith rest

now my beloved child

secure in the knowledge that upon the

tomorrow you shall awaken to the tender

kiss of your loving father and embrace

that shall Adorn your countenance with

the blossom of Joy remember always that

I am a Vigilant Sentinel ever watchful

over the desires of your heart so close

your eyes and find solace in the

encompassing Embrace of your God as you

Embark upon the nocturnal Odyssey of

Dreams in the fullness of time you shall

witness the Abundant Blessings I have

ordained for you in your cherished kin

the dawn of your tomorrow beckons for

this day is the harbinger of your

salvation Rejoice for even the celestial

spheres ReSound with Jubilation at your

decision to surrender your heart to my

Divine will just as the sun ascends with

each new dawn so too shall your future

Blaze with an incandescent Brilliance

that outshines the shadows of your past

all that has been pilfered by the

minations of the adversary shall be

restored to you ah hundredfold

multiplied beyond measure the compassion

and sucker you have generously extended

to the downtrodden the firm and the

destitute shall be repaid manifold your

endeavors despite the assaults and

calmies of detractors shall flourish and

bear fruit

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