God says ????}} there is only 2hrs to pray ???? this is prayer for you ❤

if you have one minute for Jesus today

listen to this prayer and send it to

someone you love dear heavenly father in

the hustle and bustle of our daily lives

grant us just a moment a sacred minute

to turn our hearts towards you in this

fleeting moment Let Your Presence fill

us with peace love and understanding

Lord we thank you for the gift of this

day for the breath in our lungs and the

love that surrounds us as we pause to

pray may your grace overflow in our

lives and touch the hearts of those we


dear guide us oh Lord in the paths of

righteousness and lead us closer to your

Divine wisdom help us to spread your

message of love and compassion to those

around us may this prayer serve as a

Beacon of Hope and light for all who

hear it let it ignite a spark of faith

in the hearts of those who receive it

drawing them closer to you in jesus’

name we pray amen


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