God says ????}} do you know Jesus? listen and know him

hello my beloved child I’m Jesus your

savior here is a message from God to you

don’t close this video without listening

because it’s for you in fact if you love

God and his son Jesus Christ watch this

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video God bless you I love you my sons I

love you my daughters now we can hear

the message from God thank you

the greatest man in

history Jesus had no servants yet they

called him Master had no degree yet they

called him teacher had no medicines yet

they called him healer he had no Army

yet Kings feared him he won no military

battles yet he conquered the

world he did not live in a castle yet

they called him Lord he ruled no Nations

yet they called him King he committed no

crime yet They Crucified him he was

buried in a tomb yet he lives today his

kingdom is not of this world yet it lies

within the hearts of those who

believe he spoke of love and forgiveness

and his words have transformed Millions

he offers no material wealth yet we

consider him the treasure of Our Lives

he promises no earthly power yet in his

name the powerless have found

strength though he left no written words

his message has filled countless pages

in his weakness we find our strength in

his suffering our

Salvation Jesus the greatest man in

history continues to invite us into a

story of redemption love and eternal

life his name is Jesus

Christ if you believe in this message

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love God bless

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